Roll call


Doing a little research today. I’d like to know where all you guys are from. So if you have some spare time today, feel free to pass along that info.


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  1. luckydog20 Says:

    Nettleton, MS

  2. dawgfaninva Says:

    I’m from Iuka, MS…currently live in Newport News, VA

  3. oxfordrebel Says:

    Originally from the middle of nowhere, little community called Houston (not the town or city), stuck between Baldwyn and Mantachie, both of which are 20 minutes east of Tupelo. Live in Oxford now, but not much longer.

    I don’t know if you wanted to here from a lowly Rebel but I couldn’t resist 🙂

  4. dadwithpride Says:

    Downtown Meridian

  5. 2thdoc Says:

    Tupelo- Right in the middle of a bunch of Rebel Fans. They are everywhere.

  6. jcdawgman18 Says:

    From Meridian, but currently enrolled at THE Mississippi State University, also known as God’s Country.

  7. thingreenline Says:

    New Albany, MS

  8. cnd46 Says:

    From Birmingham, AL went to school with all Bama fans, now at State

  9. cnd46 Says:

    From Birmingham,AL now go to State

  10. cnd46 Says:

    Sorry I posted twice

  11. coldleftovers Says:

    Originally from Amory, USA but currently residing in Provo, Utah.

  12. msudog25 Says:

    West Lafayette, IN…even though the SEC gets little love in big ten country, I’m here with my big mouth–GO STATE!

  13. joekstewart Says:

    from Columbus but live in Knoxville.

  14. Gregg Ellis Says:

    hey, msudog25, I came here from Indy. Made several trips to Purdue for football games. Saw them play Penn State in the snow in 97, I think

  15. bleedmaroon Says:

    Well its official, one Nutt replaces another at Ole Miss. Oh and I’m from Louisville, living in Birmingham but moving to Meridian in March.

  16. imabulldog Says:

    Origionally from Meridian, live in Memphis now

  17. farley662 Says:

    Originally from Columbus, now in Oxford, Ms! Pray for me brothers and sisters!

  18. imabulldog Says:

    BTW I have not been shot at yet, and Im campus twice a week at U of Memphis

  19. msurwl Says:

    Grew up in Columbus, MS…but currently in Memphis

  20. moorebs Says:

    I am originally from Philadelphia, MS, currently live in Mobile, AL and work in Pascagoula, MS. How confusing is that?

  21. Gregg Ellis Says:

    don’t jinx yourself, imabulldog

  22. quark20 Says:

    Originally from Plaquemine, LA. Moved to Meridian, MS but currently at school at MSU.

  23. southpanoladawg Says:

    Originally from Batesville (never would have guessed, huh?), currently in Oxford for law school, then who knows. Maybe, hopefully back to Starkville.

  24. theconquistador Says:

    I’m a Tupelo transplant here in Madison

  25. maroondog Says:

    Fulton, MS all my life

  26. bdog13 Says:

    From middle of nowhere New Site, MS outside of Booneville, but in Tupelo everyday for work. Just moved back from Starkville last December.

  27. bookerdawg Says:

    Originally from Iuka. Moved to State for college…then to Houston, TX for 6 years. Now living in Northport, AL….just outside of Tuscaloosa.

    Dawgfaninva…I would like to find out who you are since we are from the same home town. E-mail me…

  28. jaybirdms Says:

    life long Tupelo resident

  29. imabulldog Says:

    I bet some of us Meridian people know eachother

  30. msu4me Says:

    born and raised in Tupelo after some years in Tallahassee, Back home

  31. oxfordrebel Says:

    Looks like I got something in common with maroondog and bdog13. My wife was born and raised in Fulton and that’s where we met, and I grew up within 10 minutes of New Site.

  32. 1dogfan Says:

    From Winfield AL, raised too close to bama fans became a state man

  33. bulldoggirl Says:

    I rarely post anything. I’m stuck at home with kids all day in Jasper, Alabama, but you guys are my favorite source of entertainment. Jasper is about an hour from Tuscaloosa. I’m originally from Huntsville, AL. My parents are from New Albany, MS, and I lived there for a couple of years.

  34. Gregg Ellis Says:

    bulldoggirl, feel free to post more. We need a female perspective.

  35. goldendawg Says:

    From Tupelo, went to State, live in Tulsa, OK now for grad school.

  36. bulldoggirl Says:

    thanks, Gregg. might do that on the rare occasion my hands are free. not much fun trying to talk MSU football with my husband. he’s an Auburn fan.

  37. bigdraws Says:

    city of Tupelo for me. hey, bdog13 my coworker in the office next to me is also from New Site. Your not the only one making the commute.

  38. leeearl Says:

    Originally from Amory, MS moved in 1989 to P’cola, FL then London, England, then Baltimore, MD then Misawa, Japan, then Washington, DC and presently Huntsville, AL

    Go Dogs!!!

  39. knoxvilledog Says:

    From Knoxville, TN.

  40. dawgfaninva Says:

    hey bookerdawg…
    My email is…yeah I would like to know who you are too. Shoot me an email and we will talk.

  41. gregzillahyun Says:

    Oxford MS next to Campus.

  42. leeearl Says:

    Props from ESPN writer…#5

  43. bully4prez Says:

    Born, bred, and cornbread fed in Corinth, MS.

  44. rwriffe Says:

    Originally from Amory, Ms now residing in Tri Cities (Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City) Tennessee.

  45. bully4prez Says:

    Sorry, i always wanted to say that.

  46. farley662 Says:

    Poor gregzillahyun! You are in the pit of hell as well!

  47. Gregg Ellis Says:

    bless you, bulldoggirl. My brother-in-law is too.

  48. Gregg Ellis Says:

    well played, bully4prez

  49. leeearl Says:

    rwriffe and coldleftovers,

    Did ya’ll go to Amory High?

  50. rwriffe Says:

    Yes leeearl, graduated in ’75

  51. carwwest Says:

    martin, TN (absolute northwest corner of the state)

  52. leeearl Says:

    rwriffe, cool, go Panthers, I graduated in 89′ ….my Dad still lives there by McAlpine Lake

  53. rwriffe Says:

    Know it well. Fished there many times. You probably won’t remember when the old elementary school was just over from McAlpine lake.

  54. jeremyflint Says:

    Grew up in Meridian, MS, now living in Birmingham (Hoover).

  55. warbirdz44 Says:

    I live in Booneville, MS

  56. themaroonandwhite Says:

    Right here in Starkville…for now at least.

  57. farley662 Says:

    So, how many are making the trip to whatever bowl game we get?

  58. bigdraws Says:

    Count me in Farley. I can’t wait. We’re making a vacation out of it. Unless it’s in Memphis.

  59. farley662 Says:

    We have 5 confirmed. Maybe 6. Memphis is close to home. Day trip. Nashville is nicer and they serve adult beverages in the game! So, if we are getting tomahawk chopped by Bowden’s boys, I will be happy either way! Might chop with em with my cowbell if I’m tipsy enough!

  60. leeearl Says:

    rwriffe Says:
    November 27, 2007 at 1:28 pm

    “Know it well. Fished there many times. You probably won’t remember when the old elementary school was just over from McAlpine lake.”

    Yep, we still have a brick when they tore it down, my sister was the last class to go to it and now it’s a walking course. That is right across the street from my house that my Dad still lives in. Small world…

  61. 2thdoc Says:

    farley, I booked everything for Nashville today. It’s Gregg’s fault if it doesn’t work out. I’m sure the Daily Journal will reimburse me.

  62. 86dawg Says:

    Yazoo City, MS native but now live in Madison/Gluckstadt

  63. imabulldog Says:

    Me and the wife are going, Id love to meet up with yall

  64. farley662 Says:

    I’m most certainly game for all of us meeting up. A nice little tailgate before the game at either place would be very cool!

  65. dawgbones Says:

    Grew up in Fulton. Graduated MSU and then moved all over the U.S. and overseas (moved more than military folks though never been in the military). Back home in Fulton as of year and half ago. Who says you can’t go home? Good to be back to a slower pace of life, no traffic, my kids in a school that the community supports, people call you by name (sometimes a problem because I recognize the face etc. but after 25 years I sometimes can’t remember their name), you can charge gas at Dulaney’s grocery without even getting out of your car as they still pump it for you but you have to remember to go by and pay every now and then as he writes it down but doesn’t send out bills, yep I’ve been all over the world but that you will see only in a small town that you can call home. Only problem is I have retired early and after 25 years of traveling my wife don’t know what to do with me. Hey BulldogGirl, I lived in N. Alabama 3 years and S. Alabama a year, I will take Auburn fans over Bama fans anytime — Be thankful for that at least.

  66. bulldoggirl Says:

    I agree, dawgbones. glad I married an auburn fan and not an alabama fan. at least he always cheers for MSU except when they’re playing auburn.

  67. dawgbones Says:

    I’m sure that he is happy after Saturday night but if he gets too cocky, remind him that we are the real Iron Bowl champs.

  68. jaybirdms Says:

    Gregg, there have been 65 commetns so far. That has got to be some kind of record!!!

  69. bulldoggirl Says:

    I remind him often, dawgbones. By the way, I like your description of Fulton. My grandparents live there on the waterway. Nice town.

  70. oxfordrebel Says:

    dawgbones, i know what you mean about Dulaney’s, the place looks like it shouldn’t even be open for business it’s so old, but it’s the best place in N. Mississippi to get gas and whatever else you need. It’s kinda like looking back in time at some 1950’s gas station, and the funny thing is, they still do business there like they did back then! You know you got a special place when people can still trust each other like that.

  71. dawgbones Says:

    You would think that Doyce (son of the original owner Doc Dulaney) couldn’t find anything in the place with it so junky, but just ask him for something and he will find it. Need a fuse for an old 65 Ford pickup that you are refurbishing, ask Doyce and he will walk right to the spot and dig one out for you. Has to be stuff in there that hasn’t been moved in 20 years since it was shelved. Locals call it Haney’s like in Green Acres. I will say this, the old men that hang out there called every local political race in the recent election and were very close to calling the winning margins.

  72. warbirdz44 Says:

    I’ll be going to the bowl game if it’s in Nashville or Memphis. I really hope it’s in Nashville. I go to Memphis all the time. Haven’t been to Nashville in a while.

  73. Gregg Ellis Says:

    jaybirds, we’ve hit a 100 several times, including last week. My goal is 200 comments and 5,000 hits in a day. The most hits I’ve had is 3,500. Parrish blew that record out of the water today with nearly 14,000. Normally, I average around 2,000 and his 800. I guess a coaching change draws a few visits.

  74. dawgbones Says:

    Gregg, I bet PA’s comments the last 10 days total more than he’s had since the 3rd game.

  75. skydawg706 Says:

    COLUMBUS, MS. Stationed at Columbus AFB 1973 up on return to States from Nam. Returned to Columbus 1985 job relocation. Call Columbus home now—settled in for good.

    Became Bulldog fan 86 (prior USM).

    Home town: Lumberton, MS (class of 69). Go Panthers!!

  76. skydawg706 Says:

    DULANEY’S GROCERY — sounds like Mr. Pigford’s in my home town (Lumberton). I think he had parts for a model T. For years, he would delivered groceries to ur house. He always fell for the “Prince Albert” joke.

    When he passed away I’m sure there was a fortuane in antiques in his store ( u name it – he most likley had it, a-z).

  77. statefanatolemiss Says:

    From Carthage, MS currently in Oxford to aquire some expensive toliet paper aka a degree from olemiss

  78. dc31 Says:

    Born and raised in Aberdeen, MS…also lived in Starkville, Knoxville, and currently live in St. Louis

    I was proud to see the Aberdeen Bulldogs finally beat Amory and take their show to the playoffs after going 0-10. I’m a Dawg through and through

  79. jcdawgman18 Says:

    I’ll definitely be in attendance either place that we go bowling.

    I think the reason PA’s blog numbers are usually lower is that it takes those poor Webels so much longer to complete a thought than it takes us over here…: )

  80. rwriffe Says:

    man! you guys make me miss home. I’ve been here in Northeast Tennessee for 20 years but my mom still lives in Amory and sister in Columbus. dc31 congratulations to Aberdeen on their season. Makes me long for the ’90’s when Amory was rock solid for many years.

  81. oxfordrebel Says:

    Yeah jcdawgman, you know how hard it is to find a literate pharmacist, doctor, or lawyer. 😉

  82. roastbeef1 Says:

    Fulton, MS

  83. dc31 Says:

    Rwiffe, Amory has been a thorn in Aberdeen’s side for many years. During my playing days from 92-95, we didn’t beat you guys once. We had some success in 90 and 91 with Dwayne Chandler and company, but that’s about it. I think the only reason we won the ’90 game was because during pregame, the Panthers met at midfield on our Bulldog and commenced to stomping. After that, our guys were so jacked up that they probably could have taken out the Cowboys that night. I have nothing but respect for what Amory has accomplished through the years. Bobby Hall has to be one of the top 5 High School coaches to every come through the Magnolia State. Cheers!

  84. dc31 Says:


  85. thingreenline Says:

    goldendawg, my brother lives in Owasso, OK. He’s been there about two years.

    I’m gonna make it to the bowl game, no doubt.

  86. Tom Says:

    Born and raise in Moss Point.

    Been in P’cola since the early 90’s.

    USMC carried me to P’cola. I love it.

    Surrounded by FSU, UF, Auburn and Bama Fans.

  87. statefanatolemiss Says:

    Gregg is coach croom’s name being thrown around in any of these coaching vacancies? the rumor mill has said ark may be interested. doesnt he have a clause in his contract that prevents him from going to another sec school?

  88. maroondog Says:

    I don’t see Croom going anywhere else. He seems pretty loyal too me. I do wish they would hurry up and extend his contract.

  89. Gregg Ellis Says:

    So far, this has been my favorite blog. I feel like I know you all now. Hey, I’m all for a tailgate at the bowl. I’d like to meet you guys. At Little Rock, I was down on the field prior to kickoff and a girl yelled at me and said how much she liked the blog. I never did get her name. So, if you’re that girl, please identify yourself. That happens a lot. A lot of you see my pic in the paper at least twice a week and you can easily identify me. People will come up and say hello, but never tell me their name. I’ve gotten better at asking, but I always feel awkward asking a person their name.

    Anyway, I’m glad I did this. To be honest, it was at the request of skydawg.

    Finally, where is Dulaney’s in Fulton. I’ve got to go now. That sounds like a little store I grew up with in little ol’ Lambert. Where is Lambert, you ask? Highway 3, just outside of Marks and inbetween Clarksdale and Batesville. SouthPanolaDawg, I know you’ve heard of it.

  90. Gregg Ellis Says:

    statefanatolemiss, no. Remember, he has a no-compete clause as far as SEC schools are concerned.

    Now, here are my crazy predictions . . .
    Tommy Tuberville goes to Arkansas (sorry bulldoggirl). Les Miles goes to Michigan and Nick Saban returns to LSU after realizing just how crazy those Tiders are. Muschamp takes over at Auburn and it’s not until late January when Alabama hires a coach. After a horrid search of Ed Orgeron proportions, Chan Gailey gets the job.

    There, you heard it here first.

  91. bulldoggirl Says:

    Those are pretty good, Gregg. But I don’t really think my husband will be devastated if Tubby leaves. Funny stuff, though.

  92. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Is he not a Tubby fan?

  93. msu4me Says:


    I know Lambert I graduated from DSU in 91. It was on my way from Tupelo to Cleveland.

  94. bulldoggirl Says:

    Not really. Doesn’t hate him, but thinks Auburn would be okay without him.

  95. Gregg Ellis Says:

    msu4me, you drove right past my house, about three miles south of Lambert, just before you get to the big curve close to Vance. I almost went to DSU, but that would have been like the 13th grade.

  96. msu4me Says:

    Next time I make my pilgrimage to the delta I’ll pay attention. I understand the 13th grade deal. Most of my sorority felt the same way. I didn’t go to State because all my aunts and uncles and cousins were there and I had 2 grandfathers and a great uncle Starkville police and MSU security. I watched my sister go and have my grandpa stake out her house. I knew no one in the Delta 🙂

  97. bulldogcl27 Says:

    I’m from Meridian, but go to State in Starkville.

  98. 74goldenwave Says:

    Tupelo – lifelong resident – 74 Tupelo Grad

  99. mrc188 Says:

    MSU Student from Tupelo

  100. goldendawg Says:

    Thingreenline– that’s cool, I actually work in Owasso. Small world– your brother a bulldog? I would love to find another State fan in this world of Sooners and Cowboys.

  101. oxfordrebel Says:

    Gregg, I’m gonna try to tell you where Dulaney’s is w/o getting you lost.

    Take HWY 78 South (or east, whichever, it runs southeast and northwest) towards Birmingham.

    Get off on Hwy 25 exit. It’s the first exit after crossing the big Tenn-Tom waterway bridge.

    Go North, or take a left at the first light, it’s the same thing.

    That turns into South Adams and just stay on that road until it T’s into another.

    Take a right at that light at the T. That puts you on hwy 178

    Go about 1 mile down hwy 178

    Dulaney’s is on the corner of hwy 178 and Old Hwy 25. It’s right across the street from Rebel gas and the National Guard armory.

    Once you get to 178, the easiest way to remember it is just look for the military tank on your left, and Dulaneys is the old, run down mom and pop gas station directly across the street.

    You don’t see many places like it anymore, it really would take you back in time to stop in and let the young pump man fill up your tank while you go inside to get a coke! Good luck getting to the coolers though, there is so much junk in that place you can hardly move.

  102. maroondog Says:

    Yeah Dulaney’s is great. The older guys in town always go there for lunch and make ham and bologna sandwichs and tell stories. And he does have everything. I can get parts from him quicker than the local Autozone and NAPA stores.

  103. nashdawg Says:

    I am from Hamilton…home of Don Smith, #15. Any one remember the ’86 UT game in Knoxville? Any one still have Don’s “For Heisman” poster?

  104. skydawg706 Says:

    Gregg, have to admit it is interesting to see where all the Bulldogs fans are located.

    You reach to a lot of areas…… help bring one part of home a lot closer to them I am sure.

    Make note of the Bulldog fan that lives the farthest away.

    How about youngest and oldest?

  105. farley662 Says:

    29 here. Got a baby on the way that will be 100% Bulldog! 11 weeks!

  106. dadawg Says:

    My wife and I both are MSU grads, and live in Tupelo. Our only son came in last week to say he was considering Ole Miss as his chosen school. We were very quiet and said that he could attend any school of his choice. Privately, my wife and I were scared to death.

    We all went to the Eggbowl last Friday and my son took my heirloom cowbell to the game with us.(That cowbell is 35 years old and I only bring it out to special games) He rang that bell the entire game. Yesterday, he came in from school (THS) and stated he had made up his mind to attend MSU. I hope he does make it a third generation MSU graduate. I don’t think the game had anything to do with his decision but you never know.

  107. texdawg Says:

    Raised in Fulton, live in Marble FAlls, TX.

  108. texdawg Says:

    Used to deliver milk to Doyce’s with my big bro.

  109. Auswertung der Google Analytics | Liebesreise Says:

    […] gute Idee, welche Ron hier hat. Mich würde auch einmal interessieren woher unsere Leser kommen. Also fühlt euch frei, […]

  110. oxfordrebel Says:


  111. oxfordrebel Says:

    Since all of these folks from Fulton visit frequently, how bout IAHS QB Jeffcoat getting the scholarhip to that Louisiana school (LA Tech or LA Monroe, can’t remember which). I can’t remember the last time a Fulton boy went to play college ball, can y’all?

    I might know more if I was from Fulton, I grew up across the river and attended good ol’ Mantachie High School, class of 2003, any of you Fultoners know that place 🙂 ?

  112. aladawg Says:

    The big city of Phil Campbell Alabama, on most weekends. I have seen all but 13 of the united states and 5 foreign countries in the past 3 years.
    I live Amongst all the bammers and Tubby fans. Grew up in Vardaman,Many figgered I would never make it out of the tater patch much less get a degree from MSU. Just as many were my silent supporters.
    I’m the one who posted from Denmark the day we beat Alabama. My forearms have just lost their soreness from ringing my antique bell(with the flying M decal) on Friday. THE university in MS helped me get where I am today. My bosses wanted someone from a cow college who was not afraid to spend 1/3 of his working life in a metal tube 30,000 feet above the ground. I do not work for the military or govmint . I take the stink out of animal waste. Have had several calls from 93 miles north of Starkville. The technology to help them does not exist.

  113. bigdraws Says:

    aladawg, I love going to Dismal and camping. Cool place.

  114. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Welcome, Liebesreise. I used to have just one rule. Now I have two. We only speak english. You are welcome to join in our conversations, but just do so in a language we understand. Thanks. Oh, the other rule is to keep it civil.

  115. bigdraws Says:

    check this out. The locker room after the Egg Bowl.

  116. dawgfaninva Says:

    Oxfordrebel….you graduated from Mantachie HS in ’03. I’m graduated from Tish. County in ’03 we played yall that year in football. Just wondering if you played. I really cant remember who won that game. Actually I think yall did, I think we only won 2 games that year. I just remember one of my good friends getting knocked out in that game and getting a concussion.

  117. dawgbones Says:

    Gregg, Guten Morgen
    Don’t know how the German guy landed on this but he said that “Ron had a good idea, I would also be interested to know where Leser is from, You guys feel free (apparently to comment). Will be glad to translate any more German messages, I lived there two years and grew to be fluent in Deutsch. Europe was a blast.

  118. dawgbones Says:

    Yeah, I know where Manscratchie is oxford rebel. We used to play them in football when I was in junior high. Mantachie’s linemen always had full beards and appeared two years older than us, but then again we all looked pretty scruffy back in the 70’s.

  119. dawgbones Says:

    Oh yeah Oxford rebel. Bo Russell played safety for State in the 90’s. Jamie Rock played left field for the baseball Dawgs. Bo is a lawyer in Tupelo now (lawyer like his daddy and smart like his mother). His daddy taught business law at ICC (Stacy Russell) in whose class you usually ended going out to herd cattle up to give them a shot, etc. He did just about anything not to have class. Jamie selling insurance for State Farm in Tupelo. Got arm and ligaments torn up in double AA ball at freak play at first, his mom is still teaching at Itawamba Middle School. I had her for history the first year she taught. Jeffcoat has some talent but smarts??? I don’t know. A DUI didn’t help him in State’s eyes, you know how Croom is.

  120. gregzillahyun Says:

    It is great when my Razorbacks win against the Rebels. I may go and see the Houston Nutt conference at noon.

  121. bigdraws Says:

    How many nutt’s can you fit in a pillow case?

  122. dawgfaninva Says:

    Hey gregg,
    What about putting a “back to top” button on here for blogs like this one so you dont have to scroll so long just to get back to the top? Just a thought.

  123. thingreenline Says:

    goldendawg, my brother used to be a Dawg, until he went to Southern and married his beast wife (who was a Rebel). Now he roots for the Sooners and she pulls for LSU. I don’t know why.
    But it’s nice out there. You can always tell when you’re back near home when you get on Lamar in Memphis.

  124. oxfordrebel Says:

    LOL dawgbones, yeah, I know stacy russell, he taught the best class I ever took at ICC. Met 3 days per week, and we only did or talked about the material in 1/2 of 1 of those meetings. I didn’t know he had a son that played college ball though, you’d think he’d mention that.

  125. oxfordrebel Says:

    dawgfaninva, nah, i didn’t have play back fb, i was strictly a basketball guy. But if it way played at Mantachie, I’m sure I was at the game. y’all have had some good teams the past couple of years now.

  126. butchbailey Says:

    Hattiesburg, MS, USA … more info at my blog.

  127. bb67 Says:

    grew up in Raymond (outside of Jackson, home of Hinds Comm. College). Now live in Tupelo. My daughter goes to DSU so I get to go through the big city of Lambert every once in a while.

  128. bigdraws Says:

    Also home of former Ole Miss Yankee Stephen Head (if I’m not mistaken).

  129. dogcollar Says:

    Gregg, dc31 and i are brothers. so of course i was born and raised in Aberdeen, lived in Starkville, England, and now i’m living in North Dakota. Man, let tell you, its cold as #### up here! And yes, i was also glad to see those Aberdeen Bulldogs thump Amory 42-18 this season. I also remember the game my brother was refering to. I was in the 5th grade. Man, i’m getting old. LOL!

  130. leeearl Says:

    Man, it’s weird to see my Amory Panthers team not have a descent football team, congrats to Aberdeen, I played for Bobby Hall and he was a great coach….my grandma used to live in Aberdeen and growing up I dated most of the girls from there and Oak Hill Academy…

  131. dawgbones Says:

    Dogcollar, where in N. Dakota?

  132. dwr4msu Says:

    San Diego

  133. plantdoc Says:

    Living in Murfreesboro,TN near Nashville; originally from Crystal Springs,MS; hoping that State lands at the Music City Bowl

  134. Gregg Ellis Says:

    dw4mau, San Diego may be one of the more beautiful places I’ve been in the USA>

  135. msudog25 Says:

    Greg, then you know what it’s like living in the middle of Big Ten country…they think they are superior to everyone–at least I’ve made a state of fan of my husband (a Purdue grad)…he even proposed on the softball field at state (that’s what I played when I was there), so he’s got me convinced that he’s a fan.

  136. dogcollar Says:

    Dawgbones, i’m stationed at Minot Airforce Base in Minot, ND.

  137. Blake Says:

    Wow…lots of comments.

    Grew up in Amory. Worked there for quite a while, then moved to Clinton. Love it here, but about to move to the enemy’s camp: Oxford.

  138. imagirlbulldog Says:

    Hey Gregg-

    That girl at the Arkansas game was me. My hubby pointed you out and I told him I was going to go tell you how much I like your blog! He says I am crazy because I will just go up and talk to anyone! I prefer the term outgoing!

  139. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I”m glad you did. I always like to know who’s reading and I like putting names with faces.

    Feel free to post regularly. We need another female perspective on here.

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    Roll call « Inside Mississippi State Sports with Brad Locke…

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