Anyone listening to baseball . . .


If anyone hasn’t thrown their radio through the wall, can you explain what’s happening.

I hear the score is currently 10-0.


11 Responses to “Anyone listening to baseball . . .”

  1. theconquistador Says:

    Yeah it’s 10-0 Ole Miss in the third. What’s happening or what’s not happening? What’s not happening is our pitching. Moore got roped.

  2. gme22 Says:

    Yea we s!!! hard to win when you don’t have any pitching!

  3. theconquistador Says:

    We’ve had a few walks, a balk with a guy on third, stolen third base, singles, doubles, HR. Balls going in between the outfielders legs, wild pitches.

    This is a bad baseball team. After this weekend I look for the “fire Polk” talk to start back up.

  4. Gregg Ellis Says:

    If you all don’t mind, keep a running score going, and feel free to offer some commentary so those of us in Atlanta can get a feel for what’s going down.

  5. dqdawg Says:

    Unfortunately (for me), my radio’s in the car and too firmly attached to throw it. But if I could, I might be more effective pitching the radio than State’s pitching is throwing a baseball. Two in the first and eight in the second and not a cheap run in the bunch. Closest thing to success for a State pitcher was an (almost) pick off that got called a balk. Instead of two our and one on, the result was one out and two in scoring position. Of course,, the batter ended up doubling down the line and the rout was on.
    Tough day in Starkville, but OM definitely brought their hitting shoes.

  6. theconquistador Says:

    Carver seems to be doing an okay job. Two runners left in the top of the 4th. 10-0

  7. theconquistador Says:

    We’ve got two on with one out. Connor Powers is at the plate.

  8. theconquistador Says:

    Base hit. Bases loaded withe one out.

    Gotta go. Work day is over.

  9. boonevilledawg Says:

    heading into the 5th still 10-0, we stranded the bases loaded in the btm of 4th

  10. South Panola Dawg Says:

    It’s quite simple, Gregg. Our “great” “pitching” is getting abused by a real baseball team. And our bats can’t hit when it matters. Too much pressure from the home crowd I guess. Bless their hearts. 15-3 heading into the 9th.

  11. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Thanks for the updates everyone. I got angry when Word Press folded. If someone doesn’t mind, please post the final and some vitals from the game.

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