At the half, Bama leads 36-29


Despite bolting out to a 10-0 lead in less than three minutes, MSU finds itself trailing to Alabama 36-29 at intermission.

The Bulldogs 10 of 29 shooting while Alabama is 12 of 30. And eight of those made shots are from 3-point range. Mykal Riley has three treys, while Alonzo Gee and Brandon Hollinger each have two. Riley leads the Tide with 12 points.

Charles Rhodes, who has State’s lone 3-pointer, has scored a team-high 13 points. MSU has won the battle of the boards, 24-16. The Bulldogs also have 10 turnovers, while the Tide has just three.


458 Responses to “At the half, Bama leads 36-29”

  1. godllub Says:

    Oh please, get in the game guys.

  2. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    We still look cold. Time to build some momentum.

  3. godllub Says:

    “Charles Rhodes, who has State’s lone 3-pointer” is a phrase that should be heard only slightly less often than “Jarvis Vanardo hits a three”.

  4. bdog13 Says:

    Ok my steak was really good but dang it was hard watching the end of the first half, they better pick it up in a hurry

  5. dadawg Says:

    Keep shooting the three if it is open.

  6. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Look who is back on a man defense.

  7. dadawg Says:

    Looks like rugby…

  8. mmsdawg Says:

    dang…we can not get a loose ball

  9. Gregg Ellis Says:

    It does seem like Bama is getting all the loose balls, then scores.

  10. ericintupelo Says:

    What about a 3-2 zone or some sort of press to just change things up if things don’t change?

  11. godllub Says:

    It doesn’t sounds like our fans are in the game now either.

  12. warbirdz44 Says:

    If we keep this up, this tourney will be over for us just as soon as it started.

  13. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    This what I get for laughing at Ole Miss last night.

  14. thespear Says:

    this is frustrating me to the extreme! We dont hustle, we dont hit shots, we foul, and we turn the ball over!!!
    If we would just play our game!

    ericintupelo, i agree we need to switch up the d, but if we dont execute it doesnt matter what we are in!
    come on dawgs!

  15. Gregg Ellis Says:

    There’s nothing there for the fans to get into, godllub.

  16. ericintupelo Says:

    It hurts me to watch this and elgin can’t play defense. He can’t jump

  17. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Since the Bulldogs can’t buy a 3-pointer, they’ll get it the old fashion way thanks to a layup and free throw by Jamont Gordon.

  18. ericintupelo Says:

    Is it just me or is our offense running in slow mo. They’re not moving around, they’re just standing and watching

  19. godllub Says:

    I guess that’s true, but when the Bama fans start getting this into it, it starts to feel like a road game.

  20. Gregg Ellis Says:

    The good news is that the Tide’s 3-point shooting has cooled drastically.

  21. bdog13 Says:

    Wow thats sad

  22. warbirdz44 Says:

    This team seems to be a perfect example of a team that hit it’s peak too early. We have not played as well as of late.

  23. godllub Says:

    Yeah, but our 3’s are non-existent

  24. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    It’s simple we’re being out-hustled.

  25. dadawg Says:

    Well, I guess this is that other team that shows up occasionally…

  26. thespear Says:

    JG and CR have to put the team on their backs and roll! 8 pts is a big deficit when you can’t buy a basket

  27. ericintupelo Says:

    We pull within 6 and then defensive meltdowns kill us. How can we win when we’re not playing with any energy on both ends of the court? We pride ourselves in rebounding and defense and neither are there

  28. bdog13 Says:

    We need someone to come off the bench and hit a few threes to stir things up a bit. I think that will get the others going.

  29. judwe Says:


    We are tanking this game as an effort to preserve Mark Gotfried’s job.

    That or mass Alien abduction at about the 10 minute mark in the first half.

    That’s all I got…

  30. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Guys, if State just hits three more of its 3-points, it’s winning. they are just cold.

  31. tupelopixdotcom Says:


  32. dadawg Says:

    Was that a three?

  33. mmsdawg Says:


  34. dc31 Says:


  35. ericintupelo Says:

    thats one here we go

  36. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    we’re back

  37. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Finally, a 3-pointer a guard – Barry Stewart.

  38. dc31 Says:

    Here We Come

  39. warbirdz44 Says:

    Bout time Stewart!

  40. bdog13 Says:

    We might be on to something here

  41. mmsdawg Says:


  42. thespear Says:

    A Sign of LIFE !!!!!!!

    That is gonna really give us some confidence

  43. godllub Says:

    All hail our prophet, Double-G.

  44. msu4me Says:

    ok, so we score twice and the announcers are back on our side. I love they way they hedge their bets

  45. ericintupelo Says:

    HERE WE COME!!!! Let’s get another stop. Look for Bama to drop up a set for Riley or someone else outside. Gotta watch the ball screen.

  46. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I’m like the 3-point shooting tonight. I’m right 2 out of 15 times, which the Bulldogs are right now beyond the arc.

  47. judwe Says:

    The aliens who abducted our team at around the 10 minute mark have returned them.

    Thank you aliens, in return we would like to offer you the Clinton and Obama Campaigns.

  48. Gregg Ellis Says:

    and now, the crowd is back into it.

  49. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    If somebody hits from halfcourt, what can you do?

  50. ericintupelo Says:

    Could’ve called it o wait I did

  51. warbirdz44 Says:

    And so goes the momentum.

  52. godllub Says:

    guard him at half-court!

  53. judwe Says:

    WHAT !!!!

  54. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    We just can’t get the shots to fall

  55. Gregg Ellis Says:

    No one is hitting the boards offensively.

  56. judwe Says:

    Riley is making me nervous… SWEEP THE LEGS !!!

  57. ericintupelo Says:

    Man I wish he would have hit that

  58. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Complete BS

  59. mmsdawg Says:


  60. msu4me Says:

    Haven’t seen Rick that red in the face in a while

  61. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Defender never set up

  62. dc31 Says:

    I told you guys about that officiating crew

  63. bdog13 Says:

    Bull crap, terrible call

  64. ericintupelo Says:

    That’s bullsh*t! NO way that was offensive

  65. judwe Says:

    NO !!!! HORRIBLE CALL !!!! HORRIBLE !!!!

  66. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Bammer has the refs on payroll

  67. warbirdz44 Says:

    BS call

  68. godllub Says:

    Maybe we should put Benock in.

  69. dadawg Says:

    They missed that call….

  70. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    We’re playing two teams, Bammer & the refs

  71. judwe Says:


  72. ericintupelo Says:

    Benock can hit but has no handles at all. They press or double him, he’ll turn it over every time. Hell of a shooter though

  73. warbirdz44 Says:

    What a horrible call. That’s the kind of call that can swing the momentum in the game. Instead of having a chance to cut the lead to 1, they have a chance to go up 6 or 7.

  74. judwe Says:

    Oh that was HORRIBLE !!!

  75. godllub Says:

    Yeah, but a shooter is what we need right now.

  76. mmsdawg Says:

    even the announcers said he was late setting up

  77. bdog13 Says:

    I am surprised they didnt call something on that play

  78. warbirdz44 Says:

    Great play by Gordon!

  79. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Gordon use your head on the three’s

  80. judwe Says:

    Come ON DAWGS !!!

  81. dadawg Says:

    Our shooters have lost their confidence totally…

  82. Gregg Ellis Says:

    interesting call to say the least.

  83. Gregg Ellis Says:

    So was that last call. Both could have gone either way.

  84. ericintupelo Says:

    Barry with another turnover. Use your heads!!

  85. dadawg Says:

    Come on Gregg, just interesting…?

  86. warbirdz44 Says:

    These refs are killing us.

  87. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    This reffin is giving me heartburn

  88. thespear Says:

    the charge was a horrible call, but we throw the ball away way too often!

  89. Gregg Ellis Says:

    If the Bulldogs are going to make a run, now is the time to start thinking about it.

  90. judwe Says:

    We have about 6 3’s in us !!! We’ve got to find them !!

  91. ericintupelo Says:

    Need a score

  92. bdog13 Says:

    Oh dear lord we cant buy a shot at times and I have given up on them calling a foul on Bama unless they kill one of our players

  93. ericintupelo Says:

    Way to hustle Jamont. You’re right Gregg, we need a run and a couple of stops would help

  94. dadawg Says:

    JG has decided he is going to take this one on his back…

  95. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Someboby is def. gonna get mangled under our goal

  96. dadawg Says:

    JG is trying to do too much…

  97. judwe Says:

    DEFENSE NOW !!!!

  98. ericintupelo Says:

    Jamont has team mates

  99. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Dumb play by jamont

  100. bdog13 Says:

    I am not sure if thats a good thing right now

  101. dadawg Says:

    We need a time out to slow JG down…

  102. ericintupelo Says:

    That is why Jamont is not ready for the NBA and will never get drafted if he leaves

  103. judwe Says:

    C’Mon JAMONT !!!!

  104. mmsdawg Says:

    jamont is playing like he did las tyear….he has got to play smarter

  105. judwe Says:

    GOOD D !

  106. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    I’m not gonna have any fingernails left

  107. judwe Says:


  108. warbirdz44 Says:

    I didn’t know this was Jamont State University. He seems to think it is! 😀

  109. judwe Says:

    Every State fan must have a defribulator

  110. msu4me Says:

    who wants to chip in and buy a 3?

  111. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Can you say crunch time.

    Guys, I’ll say this. Everyone is standing around looking for Jamont to do something. I can’t blame him for trying to take over.

    The inside game has disappeared.

  112. judwe Says:

    Oh to beat Bama Thrice in a year.

  113. ericintupelo Says:

    Smartest play I’ve seen all year is when he hit Ben for three against south carolina. Just needs to be unselfish at times. We know he’s good but he seems like he has no confidence in his team mates

  114. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    They just had to play an Ole Miss ad

  115. bdog13 Says:

    I do not have a good feeling about this game right now. The bad calls are going to catch up with us I am afraid.

  116. godllub Says:

    Yeah, he may be making mistakes, but at least he’s trying to make things happen, it just seems like the others are just standing around.

  117. slydawgs Says:

    FINALLY… a pass to wide open, all day, Hansbrough. He’s been waving for the ball the entire second half.

  118. dc31 Says:

    I know shouldas and couldas are out, but we should have been developing that bench all year. Our guys are sucking wind and he doesn’t trust anyone sitting over there (Augustus, Johnson etc)

  119. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    1 point game 3 to go

  120. judwe Says:

    I agree Greg. Our other guys are “deer in the headlights” today.

    Barry has done all the little things though

  121. ericintupelo Says:

    Yeah he’s trying.

  122. dadawg Says:

    C’mon Dawgs

  123. judwe Says:

    There you go Ben

  124. 2thdoc Says:

    alright enough of this crap… Here come the 3’s!!!!!!!

  125. godllub Says:


  126. dadawg Says:

    Keep shooting Ben

  127. tupelopixdotcom Says:


  128. bdog13 Says:


  129. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Ben Hansbrough = Mr. Clutch

  130. mmsdawg Says:


  131. judwe Says:

    BENNNNN !!!!

  132. ericintupelo Says:

    About damn time

  133. warbirdz44 Says:

    LITTLE BEN with the 3!

  134. judwe Says:


  135. bdog13 Says:

    Rhodes just ripped the rim off in anger

  136. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    OMG that was one HARD basketball play

  137. godllub Says:

    I think Rhodes just joined the team.

  138. judwe Says:


  139. mmsdawg Says:

    the announcers are loving Meo…she has to wife/cheerleader of the year

  140. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    You gotta love Rhodes intensity

  141. warbirdz44 Says:

    Charles does not want to lose this one!

  142. ericintupelo Says:

    I just scared the hell out of all my customers at work. My bad! Great finish Charles

  143. judwe Says:

    C’MON DAWGS !!!

  144. dadawg Says:

    JG dunks

  145. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    R u kiding me was that Mike Jourdan

  146. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Who is griping about JG now?

  147. bdog13 Says:

    nice block that might save the game

  148. judwe Says:

    YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. godllub Says:

    gotta score now

  150. godllub Says:


  151. judwe Says:

    MY …. GOSH !!!! J’Money !!!

  152. bdog13 Says:

    oh crap, now I am worried

  153. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    That last turnover really sucked

  154. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Oops! Bad time for a turnover.

    OK. 20.8 seconds. What’s Bama gonna do?

    Wow! Another thrilling finish in this tournament.

  155. mmsdawg Says:


  156. warbirdz44 Says:

    BAD time for a turnover!

  157. godllub Says:

    I’m kind of tired of thrilling finishes right now

  158. judwe Says:

    that turnover blew

  159. ericintupelo Says:

    I won’t change my opinion on Jamont. He’s a great player but not NBA ready. Think they’ll go for the win?

  160. judwe Says:

    GUARD RILEY !!!!

  161. thespear Says:

    JG is a beast

    but we coulda finished it off, but we committ a to

  162. mmsdawg Says:

    he walked

  163. dadawg Says:

    I am…He is a great player but he has got to remember this is a team sport. This ain’t shot put..

  164. ericintupelo Says:

    Reminds me of Vandy

  165. bdog13 Says:

    I think we have to foul

  166. ericintupelo Says:

    Where was the travel???????

  167. msu4me Says:

    somebody call the paramedics. I’m having a stroke

  168. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I hope there aren’t any heart patients on here.

    All I can say is don’t give up the 3. And REBOUND!!!!!

  169. judwe Says:


  170. 2thdoc Says:

    Defend Riley!!!

  171. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Why not foul em’ here? They’ll probably bust a three.

  172. slydawgs Says:

    How can you not call travel??????????????????

  173. judwe Says:

    I think the SEC wants BAMA.

  174. dadawg Says:

    Don’t foul the 3 shooter…

  175. ericintupelo Says:

    Called a weak travel call on Rhodes in the first half and Riley just slid to the ground. BS refs!!!

  176. bdog13 Says:

    yeah he walked with it but I gave up on them giving us a call, well here goes nothing

  177. tupelopixdotcom Says:


  178. godllub Says:

    Go Swat!

  179. bdog13 Says:

    yes yes yes yes yes, thank you lord

  180. ericintupelo Says:

    Gonna die young with games like this

  181. judwe Says:

    This game came down FAST !!!

  182. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Swat is a shot blocking MACK DADDY

  183. mmsdawg Says:


  184. bdog13 Says:

    Swat may have just given us another game in the tourny with that block

  185. judwe Says:

    147 -8 blocked shots… none have been bigger.

  186. ericintupelo Says:

    Why is Ben on the line? I would love it but Stewart was the one who got foulded

  187. slydawgs Says:


  188. warbirdz44 Says:

    Swat with the PLAY of the game!

  189. msu4me Says:

    I think they are back to being the “cardiac kids”

  190. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Sir Swat comes through again.

    And note, in the two regular season games against Alabama, he only two total.

  191. bdog13 Says:

    I am still not ok unless he makes his free throws and we all know how that has gone for us

  192. judwe Says:

    That was a bullcrap foul call to save Bama another possession

  193. ericintupelo Says:

    from 98?

  194. dadawg Says:

    Let Ben shoot it…Thank you Swat!

  195. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Come on Barry

  196. mmsdawg Says:

    one more

  197. godllub Says:


  198. ericintupelo Says:

    These are huge. Come on Barry.

  199. bdog13 Says:

    And one more before I breathe

  200. judwe Says:

    That was a MASSIVE block… and he only got his pinky on it.

    It helps to have a 8″ pinky.

  201. warbirdz44 Says:

    One clutch FT from Stew!

  202. 2thdoc Says:

    if he makes the second get off the court

  203. Gregg Ellis Says:

    One out of two aint bad, I guess. Stewart hits both and it’s over.

  204. bdog13 Says:

    oh lord, they are killing me

  205. slydawgs Says:

    Smart coaching Stans….

  206. judwe Says:

    FOUL if he misses !!!

  207. Gregg Ellis Says:

    OK. Should MSU foul to avoid giving up the 3-pointer.

  208. godllub Says:

    I don’t think I’d foul here.

  209. dadawg Says:

    Let them catch and shoot….no foul

  210. judwe Says:

    Stewart fouled him and they didn’t call it

  211. bdog13 Says:

    I am still not ok with this score

  212. godllub Says:

    we have the mo, I’d rather play ’em and risk OT.

  213. dadawg Says:

    No 3’s

  214. warbirdz44 Says:


  215. Gregg Ellis Says:

    OK. Enough of the timeouts.

  216. mmsdawg Says:

    dang….come on dawgs!!!!

  217. ericintupelo Says:

    I say foul but we’ve struggled on the defensive boards on free throws

  218. slydawgs Says:

    Stewart is like Gordon…. good and bad this year. Love the guy though…

  219. bdog13 Says:

    You have to foul I think, threes at the end of games have been killing us

  220. godllub Says:

    You always risk founing, he makes it, and we lose.

  221. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    r u kidding

  222. bdog13 Says:

    See what I mean

  223. godllub Says:

    Like I said, we should foul them

  224. dadawg Says:

    Can u believe it

  225. judwe Says:


  226. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Teams are pretty good at throwing up prayers against MSU in recent weeks.

  227. slydawgs Says:

    FOUL HIM DANGIT!!!!!!!


  228. ericintupelo Says:

    Like I said before. You foul, you foul, and foul again. Good call godllub, and bdog13, and Gregg. I swear

  229. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Oh well. OT will be good to us. I gotta believe.

  230. judwe Says:


    BEAT BAMA !!!

  231. 2thdoc Says:


  232. godllub Says:

    I still like our chances in OT.

  233. bdog13 Says:

    I can, thats why I was saying foul. Well I guess we have a chance to get up on them big in OT and put it away

  234. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    If only BS could shoot free throws?

  235. dadawg Says:

    They are all looking at the floor, we’ve got to get our heads in to this overtime…

  236. slydawgs Says:


    2 IS LESS THAN 3…………

  237. bdog13 Says:

    I hope they get all of this out of their system before the big tourny.

  238. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    4 on Varnardo

  239. mmsdawg Says:

    come on…..looked like all ball

  240. judwe Says:

    got him with the body

  241. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    3 on Varnardo. Nice shot Ben.

  242. 2thdoc Says:


  243. bdog13 Says:

    Thank you Ben

  244. mmsdawg Says:

    yes…Ben needed that for his confidence

  245. judwe Says:

    BEN !!

  246. warbirdz44 Says:


  247. bdog13 Says:

    Dang we have had plenty of chances to get it under the goal for a lay up but we seem to overlook that

  248. dadawg Says:

    Well, they had to call that foul

  249. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Our achiles heel: FREETHROWS

  250. bdog13 Says:

    Free throws once again may kill us.

  251. judwe Says:

    D FENSE !!!

  252. bdog13 Says:

    Another big three may give us the boost that we need to take this game and run

  253. judwe Says:

    Nado’ was just spent that time

  254. judwe Says:

    WHAT A GAME !!!

  255. dadawg Says:

    Waiting to exhale…

  256. judwe Says:

    Who say’s tournaments are all hype now?

  257. bdog13 Says:

    Gregg is it loud in there? Are the State fans alive or are they all layed out in the floor receiving medical attention?

  258. judwe Says:

    Defribulator charged…. check

  259. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Yeah I have a stress headache to go with my ref induced heartburn

  260. thespear Says:

    how many timeouts do we have left, we been calling them very often

  261. ericintupelo Says:

    I think it’s harder to be a State fan than be a fan of anybody else. I love them buy they’re ruining my health.

  262. judwe Says:

    STEW !!!

  263. bdog13 Says:

    I am with you on that one, my head and heartburn are killing me

  264. godllub Says:

    What the heck?

  265. mmsdawg Says:

    what on earth???

  266. thespear Says:

    Now a tornado, we have no luck

  267. dadawg Says:

    The building is rocking…???

  268. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Tornado Warning? WHAT. Gregg, cover your head!!

  269. ericintupelo Says:

    Gregg whats going on. Tornado?

  270. judwe Says:

    What a cheap foul on Stewart

    God didn’t like it either

  271. dadawg Says:

    This is serious…

  272. warbirdz44 Says:

    Freakin tornado warning

  273. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Total Chaos

  274. bdog13 Says:

    Gregg whats going on. Tornado hit the stadium

  275. godllub Says:

    We just lost TV signal

  276. msu4me Says:

    did the Ga dome just get blown away?

  277. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Then the signal went Kapooey

  278. slydawgs Says:

    If the building is rockin…. don’t bother knockin… SRV!!!

  279. thespear Says:

    Stay safe Gregg, maybe you will get hazard pay!

  280. slydawgs Says:

    If the house is a rockin… don’t bother come on in…. !!!!!

  281. judwe Says:

    Tornado AMAZING !!!

  282. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Geez. My life just passed in front of my eyes. I looked up and the roof was caving in. Stuff flying everywhere. And my heart is about to jump out of my chest.

    And now they are telling us to remain calm. Holy cow.

    Let’s just say I got right with God really quick.

  283. bdog13 Says:

    Wow I would hate to be a player shooting free throws with that happening, Update us fearless leader

  284. judwe Says:

    wow…. just…. wow

  285. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Talk about rockin’ the house!

  286. godllub Says:

    NWS is reporting a tornado warning for Central Fulton County, at 9:26, it was 6 mi west of Atlanta moving southeast at 35mph

  287. slydawgs Says:

    Rest up Varnado!! It’s the Jamont Gordon tornado!!!

  288. judwe Says:

    This game will go down as being quite memorable

  289. dadawg Says:

    Gregg, take care, the DAWGS have blown the roof off

  290. ericintupelo Says:

    For my first ever blog experience today, this has been unreal.

  291. judwe Says:

    I’m amazed people stayed as calm as they did.

  292. bdog13 Says:

    Now this would have to be a first in tourny history. God must not have been happy with Bamas kid making that shot to force overtime

  293. dadawg Says:

    Who ever is ahead wins…isn’t that the rule?

  294. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    And God shouted, “NO WAY BAMMER IS GONNA WIN ANOTHER!” Boom.

  295. slydawgs Says:

    Talked to God and he said you’re doing a helluva great job! Hang in there. Seriously.. you’ve got thoughts and prayers from here.

  296. msu4me Says:

    I think this proves it, God is a BULLDOG. This gives our guys a chance to rest and plan.

  297. bdog13 Says:

    Either that or the big man is really pissed about us not fouling to end the game

  298. godllub Says:

    Is Rick out to check on the family?

  299. msu4me Says:

    good point.

  300. bdog13 Says:

    Hey Gregg I know you arent worried about this but we have the record for post on a blog now after the stadium being destroyed and us almost throwing this game away

  301. msu4me Says:

    Are these guys frustrated weather men wanna be’s?

  302. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    10-6 niner we need DICK RICE, stat!

  303. warbirdz44 Says:

    Maybe they will end the game and give us the win! 😀

  304. slydawgs Says:

    God is ticked that we didn’t foul Bama! God has heart problems just like us!! He feeeels the pain…. (c:

  305. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Amazingly, people have remained calm.

    The strange thing was the noise. I thought an airplane was going to come through the roof. Let’s just say I checked my pants to make sure all was clean. Fortunately, it was.

  306. dadawg Says:

    It is a miracle that there was no panic in the Dome… I almost panicked watching and hearing it here on TV in Tupelo

  307. msu4me Says:

    BTW Gregg, you got your 300 comments in just the second half. Did we make you proud?

  308. farley662 Says:

    Pix you told Gregg to cover his head! How the hell is he going to do that? It barely fits in the dome!

  309. 2thdoc Says:

    Welcome to the final game of the day at the Georgia Dome. Hotdogs half price and free beer

  310. dadawg Says:

    Who ever is ahead wins, isn’t that the rule?

  311. mmsdawg Says:

    it reminded me of watching the world series when the earthquake hit

  312. godllub Says:

    Has a basketball game ever been called for weather?

  313. msu4me Says:

    welcome back Farley

  314. bdog13 Says:

    Please let us know what you are hearing is going to happen.

  315. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    I knew the head was vulnurable, big target and all.

  316. nashdawg Says:

    Double G, you are hilarious! Man, stay safe and watch out for any more wind “bombs” coming your way.

  317. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    10 min. then finish the game.

  318. judwe Says:

    “The safest place you can possibly be is in the Dome”

    That got James Cameron’s attention.

  319. dadawg Says:

    My heart rate is about normal now…

  320. msu4me Says:

    if we come out like we did at the beginning of the game, it’s a done deal.

  321. warbirdz44 Says:

    I sure hope so dadawg!

  322. thespear Says:

    gotta love the instant replay of the weather

  323. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    This delay means everybody is cold, and it’s anybodys game.

  324. bdog13 Says:

    hurry up and sweep the floor and let them warm up so we can beat Bama

  325. bulldoggirl Says:

    Wow! Couldn’t believe what I was seeing when that place started shaking.

  326. imabulldog Says:

    GG this is nuts man

  327. thespear Says:

    gotta love the instant replay of the weather

  328. godllub Says:

    Not a word about this yet on the news sites, not even ESPN.

  329. ericintupelo Says:

    Yeah this should be on SportsCenter tonight

  330. ericintupelo Says:

    Should be doesn’t mean it will though

  331. godllub Says:

    Probably not, ESPN is probably too busy with the Sun Belt Conference or something.

  332. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Sounded like an F-16, I bet Gregg thought he was Maverick in Top Gun there for a minute

  333. farley662 Says:

    I thought the Miller Lite had caught up to me! Cover his head! LOL! Quote of the day!

  334. imabulldog Says:

    how funny was it that Brando did the John Madden with screen art

  335. ericintupelo Says:

    Thats true. State could win the National Championship and they would do a bigger story on the team that lost

  336. judwe Says:

    If UNC or Duke was involved in this they’d already have the script for an “Outside the Lines” or “SportsCentury”

  337. bdog13 Says:

    I can see the headlines, Bama forces overtime, pisses God and Charles Rhodes off, Dogs win by 5 after thirty minutes off.

  338. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Yeah his Ripple drawing looked Nice

  339. godllub Says:

    Thanks, Judwe, I was trying to add something clever, and nothing would come to me, that was the finish I was looking for.

  340. slydawgs Says:

    Well, the house is a rockin’ don’t bother knockin’
    Yeah, the house is a rockin’ don’t bother knockin’
    Yeah, the house is a rockin’ don’t bother come on in

    Kick off your shoes start losin’ the blues
    This old house ain’t got nothin’ to lose
    Seen it all for years start spreadin’ the news
    We got room on the floor come on baby shake sumpin’ loose

    Well, the Dawgs is a rockin’ don’t bother knockin’
    Yeah, the Dawgs is a rockin’ don’t bother knockin’
    Yeah, the Dawgs is a rockin’ don’t bother come on in

    Walkin’ up the street you can hear the sound,
    of some bad A Bulldogs really layin’ it down
    They’ve seen it all for years and got nothin’ to lose,
    so get down on the floor shimmy ’til you shake sumpin’ loose!!


    Thank you SRV

  341. godllub Says:

    At least we didn’t have a Texas Flood.

  342. judwe Says:

    Talkin’ about killin’ time … interviewing the cameraman…

    Who repeats what they’ve been saying for half an hour… classic !!

  343. farley662 Says:

    Yeah, tell the camera man to go out and smoke a joint.

  344. judwe Says:

    Do you think GEE is sufficiently “iced” on his free throws ? LOL! I hope !!

  345. judwe Says:

    Kentucky is going to be TIRED Tommorow !!!

  346. farley662 Says:

    IF I was Stans, I’d call a TO as soon as he stepped up for the first one.

  347. warbirdz44 Says:

    Gee is at the line? I thought that last foul was on them.

  348. judwe Says:

    Bully shoots free-throws just like a bulldog …unfortunately

  349. judwe Says:

    No. there was a crappy call on Barry… and God didn’t like it either… ring a bell?

  350. Gregg Ellis Says:

    It’s easy to say the Dome is the safest place until you look up and the scoreboards are shaking, glass from light bulbs is falling and the roof is actually shaking and shedding. Yeah, real safe.

  351. farley662 Says:

    Well, at least you could go take a pee break. To bad PA wasn’t there with. I would have loved to have seen John Candy trying to get out of the Dome!

  352. judwe Says:

    Official ESPN report…

    Atlanta (ESPN)- During overtime of a hotly contested SEC tournament game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Mississippi State Rebels a Tornado struck the Georgia Dome facility… could you imagin if this was a Duke/UNC game or a Ohio State/ Michigan Football game?

    end report

  353. slydawgs Says:

    Robertagsr wrote:
    wonder if God was opening a hole to watch the game?


  354. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    I for one am real happy you’re safe. God forbid if we had to suffice for reading the GARBAGE on Farley’s blog, should you have been killed 🙂

  355. farley662 Says:

    OK, your no longer a dirty bastard pix!

  356. slydawgs Says:

    Anyone remember the game situation when this started? Other than 2:11 on clock. Possesion? FTs?

  357. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    When they showed that “ripple effect” shot for the 4th time, my four year old said “Daddy did you see that sh*t” I couldn’t get mad…

  358. judwe Says:

    Alabama’s Gee will be going to the foul line for two, cheap call on Barry, Tim Brando mumbling incoherently.

    That’s about it.

  359. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Gee is up to shoot FT’s with 2:11 after a foul by Rhodes

  360. judwe Says:

    I thought the call was on Barry

  361. judwe Says:

    Does anyone remember when Lee Corso’s rental car got hit by lightning during a thursday night game at VA Teck… talking about poetic justice.

  362. judwe Says:

    tech, sorry

  363. farley662 Says:

    Why couldn’t something have fell on that bald headed bastard?

  364. godllub Says:

    The closest thing I could find to mention of this on ESPN’s main page was “Stewart Apologizes to Tire Workers”. Stewart might need to apologize to the front edge of the rim, but I can’t understand what tire workers have to do with anything.

  365. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    judwe, that was great. I almost sharted when I read that.

  366. msu4me Says:

    Gregg, can’t wait to read your articles tomorrow. Or will it be Sunday?

  367. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    He’s had plenty of time to write during this break

  368. msu4me Says:

    true, I wondered about deadline

  369. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Color Photo deadline is 10:20 at the Djournal, not sure about story deadlines, I just take pix.

  370. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I’m hearing there is a lot of damage outside. Trees down, cars destroyed and the roof severely damaged the roof on the Phillips Center, where the Hawks and Thrashers play. Heck, you guys probably know more than me.

    Anyone see CNN or Headline News.

  371. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    YAY warmups

  372. msu4me Says:

    hallelujah…let’s get this done

  373. judwe Says:


  374. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    The damage outside that they showed looked like strong winds. CNN is saying anything.

  375. judwe Says:

    Dave Baker now informs us it “Might have been a Tornado”

    Ya’ think?

  376. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    isn’t saying anything rather

  377. ericintupelo Says:

    At least Jarvis won’t be so winded so that’s a good thing

  378. judwe Says:

    I’m disappointed but not surprised.

    The RayCom crew totally BLEW any chance it had at an EMMY.

  379. judwe Says:

    Does Jarvis have 3 or 4 fouls… back in the day…?

  380. ericintupelo Says:


  381. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    3 on jarvis

  382. judwe Says:

    This just in…. There is damage to the Dome.

  383. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    LOL, Roll that ripple footage, Dave.

  384. judwe Says:

    LOL !!!!

  385. msu4me Says:

    Gregg if your article says anything like “I’ve been in this business a long time and seen a lot of things, but nothing like this” Or, “It sounded like a tornado, I’ve heard a tornado” I will have to hurt you.

  386. bdog13 Says:

    At least my body has had time to calm down a little and I am not throwing stuff around in my house. My living room was starting to look like the parking lot over there. My wife had the same look on her face as the players when it all went down.

  387. ericintupelo Says:

    Lets get started on the right foot. I’m so freakin nervous and sick to my stomach

  388. judwe Says:

    ICE BABY !!!

  389. godllub Says:

    Just think, if Hansbrough had fouled Riley, we would have missed all the fun!

  390. judwe Says:

    In all that time I forgot to go PEE !!! ^&(*%(%*

  391. judwe Says:

    ICE LOL !!!

  392. ericintupelo Says:

    Ben was wide open

  393. judwe Says:

    drive and get’em in the paint everyones cold

  394. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Good work Jamont

  395. judwe Says:

    J’MONEY !!!!!!!!

  396. ericintupelo Says:

    way to go jamont

  397. bdog13 Says:

    I would rather have a win than all this fun

  398. judwe Says:

    L A R G E !!!!!

  399. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Dumb foul

  400. judwe Says:


  401. mmsdawg Says:

    that was a bogus foul

  402. ericintupelo Says:

    weak foul

  403. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    This 33 sec will last 5 min.

  404. bdog13 Says:

    here we go, free throws will either win it for us or send us home early

  405. ericintupelo Says:

    Big free throws

  406. judwe Says:

    sigh…. how long is it til I get to pee?

  407. judwe Says:


  408. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    here we go again

  409. judwe Says:

    BLOCK OUT !!!

  410. farley662 Says:

    DAMN What a dunk!

  411. mmsdawg Says:

    come on Dawgs

  412. ericintupelo Says:

    No block out!!!

  413. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    I hate this part of Basketball, all the fouls and timeouts in the last seconds

  414. dadawg Says:

    Free throws…

  415. 2thdoc Says:

    Ice this thing.

  416. judwe Says:

    Hit’em both Money

  417. mmsdawg Says:


  418. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Can nobody block out hendrix, I mean DANG

  419. ericintupelo Says:

    Where is Rhodes and Varnado on the boards???

  420. bdog13 Says:

    two free throws and I think we have it, one and good lord its going to be a long night

  421. judwe Says:


  422. farley662 Says:

    Oh hell!

  423. mmsdawg Says:

    Come on ben…..

  424. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Varnardo is a great shot blocker, but not a great blocker-outer

  425. ericintupelo Says:

    Come on Big Ben!!!

  426. judwe Says:

    Alright Ben WAX ON WAX OFF

  427. 2thdoc Says:

    And I sayeth unto you, Thou shalt “Wrap this thing in Maroon and White”

  428. judwe Says:

    CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  429. godllub Says:

    Varnado saves the day?

  430. mmsdawg Says:


  431. ericintupelo Says:

    o my gosh

  432. farley662 Says:

    We’re gonna lose!

  433. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    I sho nuff hope so toothy

  434. judwe Says:

    BLOCK THE FLIP OUT !!!!!!!!!!

  435. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Barring a miracle

  436. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Mr. Clutch just missed two huge free throws.

  437. judwe Says:

    BEN? What is up ?

  438. ericintupelo Says:

    not another west virginia please

  439. mmsdawg Says:


  440. bdog13 Says:

    here we go, we are going to give them the game

  441. dadawg Says:

    This is nuts!!!!!

  442. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    BAMMER SUX. Even a tornado can’t stop the DAWGS BABY

  443. judwe Says:

    ARGHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!

  444. godllub Says:


  445. farley662 Says:

    Oh hell! I think I just pulled a GG and pooped my pants!

  446. judwe Says:

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  447. bdog13 Says:

    ok my heart really did stop

  448. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Boy we dodged a bullet there. And a ‘Nader.

  449. ericintupelo Says:

    Holy Sh*t that was too close!! We almost blew it

  450. godllub Says:

    I think just witnessed a game that will be talked about for years.

  451. msu4me Says:

    I hope my heart rate gets back to normal before our next game

  452. mmsdawg Says:

    My heart stopped for 10 seconds…at least

  453. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Headline Gregg “Tornado Can’t stop the Dawgs”

  454. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    One for the records. Enjoyed it guys. Let’s do it again tomorrow.

  455. dadawg Says:

    DAWGS Storm GA Dome

  456. ericintupelo Says:

    Well guys I enjoyed my first ever blog experience with you and I hope we can do it again Saturday

  457. ericintupelo Says:

    Well guys I enjoyed my first ever blog experience with you and I hope we can do it again tomorrow

  458. msu4me Says:

    Let’s do the win but skip all the other…weather, drama, OT

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