Dogs survive


Wow. Mississippi State overcame both Alabama and tornadoes to claim a 69-67 victory. Now, the Bulldogs advance to the semifinals to face either Georgia or Kentucky.

Of course, there was drama with a half a second left, but Mykal Riley’s 3-point attempt rimmed out and State celebrated.


4 Responses to “Dogs survive”

  1. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    That last Three was in there. I think the ‘nader must have made bammers goal crooked.

    Stans said “We didn’t have a tornado on the scouting report”

  2. bishdawg Says:

    dude, that last 0.5 shot ALMOST…i am talking ALMOST…went in.

    i was thinking about last year’s shot against W.V. in the NIT semi!

  3. sportsratings Says:

    Can you tell me what’s up with Phil Turner? Is he hurt? He played so much in the middle of the season but now I see lately he isn’t in at all or for just a few minutes. Just curious! Congrats on the win, and surviving the weather.

  4. 2thdoc Says:

    Turner made a big shot at SC game but has really stuggled the second half of the season. With limited playing time already, struggling with his shot is not getting him anymore time latley. I don’t know how well he has been defending.

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