Here’s a heads up for ya


ESPN has requested they get the live feed for the postgame press conference.

So you guys might want to tune in.


12 Responses to “Here’s a heads up for ya”

  1. godllub Says:

    Sure, NOW they want us. I guess the MWAC tourney must be between games.

  2. farley662 Says:

    You ok yet big guy?

  3. warbirdz44 Says:

    They showed the Bama conference but not ours typical ESPN. Watch them not show ours after the break.

  4. bdog13 Says:

    did they speak to our people before the bama people because all I saw was their coach

  5. warbirdz44 Says:

    Now they are showing the MSU press conference!

  6. slydawgs Says:

    If the house is a rockin… Jamont says c’mon in! GO DAWGS!!!

  7. bdog13 Says:

    Ok Gregg you have to let us know what they are going to do about the games tomorrow as soon as you find out something. It seems that they are still considering not finishing the tourny which is crazy. Just go to a gym somewhere and finish the tourny.

  8. dc31 Says:

    Bad decision to not play tonight…Play until 0400 am if you have to and push the start times back tomorrow…Unfair advantage for somebody; and not finishing the tourney is unfair to UK, Georgia, teams that could get in NCAAs by winning tourney

  9. bdog13 Says:

    I agree, but them making this decision and even the mention of possibly not finishing out the tourny makes me think they they building isnt as safe as they are saying it is, or possibly the area surrounding it.

  10. bdog13 Says:

    thats supposed to say makes me think that the, not they they, haha

  11. dc31 Says:

    Definitely safety first…Phillips Arena, the home of the Hawks had some damage too. They also have a concert booked for tomorrow night. I think the tourney could go on at say GTech’s gym

  12. thespear Says:

    There is also the gwinnett civic center i think its reasonably big

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