Rainy day specials in Atlanta


Went out for a walk and breakfast with a friend from Tupelo this morning, only to encounter rain. Yucky!

Well, with the Rebels losing on Thursday night, it’s now just me. Parrish has bolted back to Tupelo to take care of baseball and ready himself for an NIT run.

So to keep from getting bored, I’m up for a blog chat during the game if you all are. Let’s shoot for 300 comments, which would be a new blog record.

As for Mississippi State, it’s Alabama Day at the Georgia Dome, thanks to the Crimson Tide’s win against Florida. Think about it. It’s been quite the year for MSU against the Tiders.

First, in case you have forgotten, there was that football win. Then the sweep in basketball, not to mention the Lady Bulldogs took care of business too.

Now the question is, can the men go for the trifecta with a win today. If they do, I expect Jarvis Varnado to make a major impact.

Also there is a big baseball series between Ole Miss and Mississippi State starting today at Dudy Noble Field to open SEC play.

If you are a sports fan, today will be as good as it gets. Unless, of course . . .

Predictions anyone?


33 Responses to “Rainy day specials in Atlanta”

  1. rebelnate Says:

    Bama had a great game last night but I think the a wall with a bi 32 on it

    MSU- 80

  2. bishdawg Says:

    BAMA -68

    it will be close, and a hard-fought one, but STATE’s D is going to be a little too much.

    now this will ONLY stand if we play well against the THREE point shooting of Riley.

    looks like TN is blowing USC completely out of the G-DOME!

  3. warbirdz44 Says:

    I hope you mean big instead of bi! 😀

    Unless you know something about Jarvis Varnado that we don’t!

  4. bdog13 Says:

    I kinda wish we were playing TN right now because I think we would put them out while they are playing like this.

  5. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Tennessee hasn’t exactly done well in this tournament over the years.

  6. bdog13 Says:

    I honestly could see SC beating them today. That really wouldnt hurt my feelings at all either.

  7. bigdraws Says:

    SC just pulled ahead.

  8. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I don’t want Tennessee to lose, because I’m an SEC homer and I’d like to see the Vols get a No. 1 seed.

  9. bdog13 Says:

    Good point Gregg, I do want to see them get a 1 seed and I also want to see us beat them in the in the championship game so that we get about a four or five seed. Do you think that is possible?

  10. bigdraws Says:

    I don’t think UT is one of the best 4 teams in the country.

  11. theconquistador Says:

    MSU: 79
    UA: 68

    Ole Miss: 7
    MSU: 3

  12. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I think if UT gets to the finals, the Vols are a No. 1 seed.

  13. tebmsu97 Says:

    State by 9 over the Tide and we get blown out by OM in baseball.

  14. bdog13 Says:

    What about State if they win the tourny?

  15. bigdraws Says:

    Getting a little heated in there huh GE?

  16. msu4me Says:

    Could someone please remind the Tiders that they haven’t beaten us in anything this year? The crap I am hearing from them…..You’d think they were vying for a number 1 seed.
    Please oh please shut them down tonight!!!!!!

    Prediction: They will be either over-confident (elephants don’t learn very quickly) or hung over from last night.
    MSU 85
    idiots from the east 73

  17. bigdraws Says:

    It don’t matter if you beat them 50 times in a row. They’ll still act like that.

  18. msu4me Says:

    good point. I just keep expecting them to act like rational people.

  19. bigdraws Says:

    Give up. Auburn is the class of that State.

  20. Gregg Ellis Says:

    If State wins the tournament, 4-5 seed. Win today, lose tomorrow, 5-6 seed. Lose today 7-8 seed.

  21. bigdraws Says:

    The dreaded 5 seed!!!

  22. thespear Says:

    Dawgs 77
    Laundry Detergent 65

    Hope USC pulls out the win over UT

    BTW, Direct TV is airing the tournament today on channel 664

  23. nashdawg Says:

    MSU 79
    Bama 67

    Diamond Dawgs 5
    Ole Bessy 4
    — in a close one!

  24. Gregg Ellis Says:

    For you Comcast subscribers in Tupelo, all four games will be on Channel 33 today. That’ s from the Tupelo Comcast folks.

  25. bigdraws Says:

    That means no hockey? Damn!

  26. jaybirdms Says:

    Gregg, I heard Jim Ellis on the baseball pre-game. Is Jack calling the basketball game alone?

  27. theconquistador Says:

    Not a good start for the dawgs. 2-0 Ole Miss in the first.

  28. theconquistador Says:

    This is pathetic. Just balked with a guy on third. 5-0 Ole Miss, runner on second with one out.

  29. theconquistador Says:

    scratch that he just stole third.

  30. imabulldog Says:

    Yeah baseball team sucks, don’t think Ill have to recant later…

    Dawgs on a Roll!

    Theres you a title for tomorrows paper GG

    Maroon 78
    Tide 69

  31. theconquistador Says:

    FINALLY POLK!!!!!!!!!!!! 8-0 and he finally pulls Moore in the TOP OF THE SECOND.

    How is this pitching staff so bad?

  32. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Bart Gregory is helping Jack this weekend.

  33. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Always looking for a title, ima.

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