Good morning, er, afternoon


Well, I’m still alive, and today that means more than it ever has in my 37 years of existence. 

Quite a day that Friday. Surreal, you might say..

Anyway, I’m sure you all know by now the rest of the tournament will be played in front of just friends, family and the media at Georgia Tech. I know a lot of people here who have tickets, some making their first trip, that aren’t exactly thrilled. But in the end, what option did the SEC really have to be fair to everyone? Tough call, but it had to be made.

It will be interesting to see how the Kentucky-Georgia winner will handle playing two games in 12 hours. Let’s be honest, Mississippi State caught a huge break with that.

I hope to catch up with Larry Templeton today, who was a part of the committee that made the decision to move the tournament to the 9,200-seat Alexander Memorial Coliseum. I’ll blog what he had to say later.

And yes, the games will be on WCBI today. With only a handful of fans allowed to be in attendance, television is going to play quite the role today.


22 Responses to “Good morning, er, afternoon”

  1. 2thdoc Says:

    Big Blue is already calling it a bogus title and if they were allowed to get there huge crowd in they would have “obviously” beaten UT. I guess they can also blame tornadoes on their early exit from the NCAA tourney. Come on Gawga!

  2. mmsdawg Says:

    glad you are safe…you will have good stories to tell for years

  3. thespear Says:

    The Dogs outhustling the Cats!

  4. 2thdoc Says:

    Kudos to Raycom who I have not been a fan of in the past. I don’t know anything about TV but I’m sure they worked nonstop to get set up again at GT.

  5. warbirdz44 Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has Shane Power as a friend on Facebook but his status right now says that the storm blew all the windows out of his new black Jaguar. Sucks for him, but nice to see he’s doing well money-wise! 😀

  6. statefanatolemiss Says:

    There are still many more kentucky fans than georgia. methinks we need to investigate just who is family and who lied. Kentucky fans are liars!

  7. 2thdoc Says:

    For those of you that can’t get the game or “working” here is the feed from yahoo:

  8. thespear Says:

    statefanatolemiss, i agree.
    Plus all the sec guru’s root for kentucky! It is their “favorite son”

  9. statefanatolemiss Says:

    im sure it broke their heart that uk might have t play 2 games in a row today

  10. 2thdoc Says:

    I root for Ashley Judd to be on TV but that is as far as my cheering goes for UK basketball

  11. imabulldog Says:

    GG, they gotta let more people in there, that’s terrible. They would have to let me in if I was there!!!

  12. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I’d gotten you in, ima. That’s for sure.

  13. statefanatolemiss Says:

    gg was your rental car damaged?

  14. imabulldog Says:

    Is it just me or does billy gillespie not look like an idiot on the sideline?

    He’s like coach O, just happens to be there.

    I know his resume’ but really!

  15. imabulldog Says:

    Thanks GG, cuz it woulda took about 8 security guys after I woulda saw the crowd on tv at the hotel- and I’d been fight to get in. Nots just fans but families are getting screwed because of this

  16. South Panola Dawg Says:

    I’m calling bullsh!t on the SEC’s attendance decision. Give family & friends first priority, but then let ticket holders fill up the rest of the seats until there aren’t any more on a first come, first serve basis. That’s more fair than just saying friends, family, and media. Plus it gives those with tickets, not cheap by the way, a chance to attend if they get there soon enough. Terrible decision by the SEC.

  17. Gregg Ellis Says:

    SPD, if that was the case. then the arena would be filled with UK fans. Then how fair would that have been? I think it was the absolute right decision to make.

    Statefanatolemiss, I drove here in my own car. Fortunately, it’s tucked away safely in the parking garage of the Marriott Marquise. The SEC provides a shuttle from the hotel in an attempt to control the traffic.

  18. warbirdz44 Says:

    Then that would open the possibility of having a huge fracas outside the stadium with people fighting to get into the building. I think the decision they made was the best one possible.

  19. farley662 Says:

    Uh oh, the sheep are agreeing with Ellis again!

  20. ripleyreb Says:

    XM radio guys said there were about 500 Kentucky fans at arena three hours before tip and were able to get in???? Tom Eades and Doug Sirmons have to be two of the worst officials in the country. Good luck Bulldogs.

  21. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    On TV the ol’ media section looks like a bunch of nerds sittin’ up there with all theor laptops GG 🙂

  22. nashdawg Says:

    What did single G say about the tourney being moved to the Georgia Tech gym and fans being shut out?

    (Greg Byrne, “single G”)

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