In the stands at Alexander Memorial Coliseum


I’ve made it here after three check points and an ID check. A little different media row for the press in that we’re in the stands. It’s the norm here. And considering the circumstances, I’m not about to complain. Not that I would, because I actually like the setup.

The atmosphere, though, is rather strange. I feel like I’m at a high school state tournament with so many seats and so few fans. Different. But at least the games are being played.

Right now, Arkansas is up on Tennessee 47-45 at the half. “Heck of game,” my good friend and Biloxi Sun Herald writer Jim Mashek just turned to me and astutely said.

If Mississippi State wins tonight against Georgia, would you guys rather face the Vols or the Razorbacks? And why?

I’ll have another blog before the MSU-UGA game and if you all want to chat, we will.


31 Responses to “In the stands at Alexander Memorial Coliseum”

  1. 2thdoc Says:

    UT… so we get another shot at them. That and I hate Gary Ervin

  2. farley662 Says:

    I could care less which one it is. Gonna spank that arse either way!

  3. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Careful, Farley. You’re going to get me into trouble. LOL!

  4. db33 Says:

    gregg, what’s the deal with so many ut fans? Are they letting them in? What happened to family only & do you see any MSU fans?

  5. farley662 Says:

    Sorry GG. Just a little excited. I HATE ORANGE AND INBRED RED!

  6. farley662 Says:

    Hello Gregg’s boss. Don’t be such a whiny little girl.

  7. bishdawg Says:


    i believe the expression is “you couldn’t care less”

    sorry, that’s just something that bothers me everytime i hear it!

    HA! 🙂

  8. farley662 Says:

    Hey, why don’t you……… Oh never mind. I could care less about that as well! 🙂

  9. farley662 Says:

    Columbus Falcon I’m assuming?

  10. bishdawg Says:

    yeah, i actually COULD care less about columbus!

    HA! 😛

  11. farley662 Says:

    I graduated from there. Class of ’98. Played a little baseball. Got in trouble alot.

  12. farley662 Says:

    The wife does not like the “Hogs” on the players butts.

  13. tupelodent Says:

    I would like another shot at UT, plus it would help our seeding more to beat them.

  14. warbirdz44 Says:

    I would rather the Hogs win. I think we will have a better shot at beating them and we also have a chance to give Gary Ervin a career losing record against us! He is 2-2 as it is.

  15. farley662 Says:

    UT now. I HATES me some Chris Lofton!

  16. 2thdoc Says:

    What’s with the Iverson-Carmello armbands now? Everyone is wearing them now.

    After janking on Florida’s Vanilla Ice hair stripes, I can’t say anything after seeing Charles Rhodes jumbo midnight star on the side of his head.

  17. tupelodent Says:

    2th, you know Rhodes is a star.

  18. farley662 Says:

    You’d be sporting a fade with a headband, arm sleeve, finger sleeve, and knee socks if you were playing 2th. You got that bling feel about ya.

  19. 2thdoc Says:

    Maybe he should put “NBA Bound…PLEASE” on the other side

  20. 2thdoc Says:

    I would have a Jackie Moon fro and tighty shorts.

  21. farley662 Says:

    That’s what you should wear to The Grill.

  22. 2thdoc Says:

    I don’t know. My head is almost as big as Gregg’s. Add the fro and I won’t make it in the door.

  23. tupelodent Says:

    It’s not the head 2th, it’s the hair.

  24. tupelodent Says:

    I’m really jealous

  25. farley662 Says:

    I want brick hair too. Mine kind of goes everywhere.

  26. tupelodent Says:

    mine stays put

  27. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I have very little hair now. Makes my mornings a little faster.

  28. hailstate Says:

    I’d rather play UT, they won the season title so it would be great to beat them. Seems to me you should always want to play the “better” team. Great snag with LT interview Greg, was Byrne shadowing him?

  29. tupelodent Says:

    Wow, great game

  30. hailstate Says:

    Well, forget UT, just concentrate on Georgia.

  31. 2thdoc Says:

    Arkansas it is. What’s wrong with Chia Pet hair?

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