Stansbury speaks


Here’s what MSU coach Rick Stansbury had to say about tonight’s game with Georgia.

On playing Georgia tonight:
“Whoever you play it was going to be a difficult game. No question, Georgia is a very good basketball team. They’re huge on the inside, they’ve got really good, physical guards. We’ve got to be able to re-focus and put all that stuff behind that’s gone on since our game. We can’t let that be a distraction. We’ve got to come out here tonight and make sure we turn all that energy to things we can control between these lines, because it’s going to take one of those games to beat a very inspired Georgia team. And they’re good. They’re a very physical team, they’ve got everybody healthy now, they match up well with us because they’ve got the size and numbers on the inside.”

More on Georgia and the Georgia Tech gym:
“No question they’re used to playing in emptier gyms. So they’re very comfortable with the environment. And they play Georgia Tech here, so they’ve got some plusses. But we can’t let those things be distractions for us, we have to control what we can control.”

On the quick decisions the SEC was forced to make:
“They found a way to keep playing this tournament, to allow the kids to compete for a championship. Is it ideal? No. Is it ideal for the fans? Absolutely not. But with the situation what it is, they’ve done a great job getting it set up so quick and ready to go.”

On the MSU fans:
“Tell them all to sneak in the back door.”


35 Responses to “Stansbury speaks”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Playing in emptier arenas! Ha! Yeah they are used to that all right, but half the time they play in full ones, because when they play your team everybody comes to see a victory 🙂

  2. Gregg Ellis Says:

    That’s funny, ima.

  3. slydawgs Says:

    *** ALERT ***

    SEC championship game on Sunday has been moved to 3:30 EST and can be seen on ESPN2.

  4. slydawgs Says:

    Oooops! Sorry Gregg…

    Should caught up on reading first!!

  5. thespear Says:

    The ACC tournament is having problems with roof leaks in Charlotte. Funny stuff

    Who woulda thought the weather would play such a role in the postseason

  6. 2thdoc Says:

    spear, I think God is more of a football fan and likes the BCS instead of tournament style championships.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    they said the GT’s roof was leaking earlier this year. GG any reason why Meridian isnt getting tv coverage?

  8. thespear Says:

    Ha maybe so 2th. If thats the case, just wait till the Big Dance!

  9. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Looks like one of those “dog-eat-dog” affair today.

  10. fun2bmaroon Says:

    ima, r u in Meridian…I’m in Laurel……

  11. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    This Ole Johnny Reb rooting fur ya. Lost my teeth, hate ensure, rather have a little “stump juice” better fur ya, its a preservative.. Go Dawgs.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    that’s where I’m from, live in Memphis now, my dad was asking

  13. fun2bmaroon Says:

    Great ima !!! Hope your dad can get the game tonight……Jimmy, we’ll take a Reb anytime to help us help the Dawgs win another one !! Understand the wind is pretty rough out your way right now ….

  14. bishdawg Says:

    oh my gosh, is anyone else watching the TN-ARK game on Raycom?

    this is a horrible, HORRIBLE feed? what in the world is going on? it looks like the feed is being filmed with a light on top of the camera…

  15. tupelodent Says:

    switch to FSS, it looks better there
    Looks like a lot of UT fans got in

  16. bishdawg Says:

    what channel? i have direcTV…

  17. godllub Says:

    Looks fine in my hotel room in Jackson.

  18. bishdawg Says:

    ah, yes…you are CORRECT. i found it.

    the INFO says “Beyond the Glory” is on…

    🙂 sweet! and yes, it IS better!

  19. godllub Says:

    bishdawg, try 633 or 664. It was on one of those yesterday.

  20. farley662 Says:

    What is with so many UT? No way they are all family. That’s some BS!

  21. thespear Says:

    bishdawg its on 630, even tho the guide says Beyond the Glory is on.

  22. tupelodent Says:

    on the same subject , does anybody know when we will be able to get local channels in HD

  23. thespear Says:

    yeah farley, i could see all those Ark fans being related, but Tenn, no way

  24. tupelodent Says:

    on direct tv that is?

  25. 2thdoc Says:

    We need another shot at UT tomorrow. Gary Ervin and Arkansas need to join Big Blue Nation at the airport.

  26. 2thdoc Says:

    I don’t know tupdent, hope Dick Rice stays in lo-def

  27. thingreenline Says:

    Does anyone know if the baseball game was played today?
    I guess Polk is gonna play the young team card again this year. I understand it’s true this year, but hasn’t he done that practically every year since his return?

  28. bishdawg Says:

    you speak a popular question, TD.

    i seem to call and ask direcTV that about once a month.

    seems they have NO clue. Raycom makes me wanna punch my TV out though.

  29. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Whew! Made it.

    Guys, it make look like a large UT crowd on TV, but trust me, it isn’t. It’s just where they are placed. Go look at the pic on ESPN. You’ll get a better understanding.

  30. bishdawg Says:

    are there more folks there right now than at the UGA-UK game? it’s honestly so hard to tell on TV.

    and each school got about 400 tickets, right?

    can UK’s folks sell their’s outside or give them to someone else since they lost earlier? or are these tickets “one-time” tickets?

  31. farley662 Says:

    How do they decide which 400 get in?

  32. farley662 Says:

    The Arky coach just told the UT player to shut the eff up!

  33. 2thdoc Says:

    I wouldn’t dress as a male cheerleader to get in but I would sell the heck out of some nachos and coke in the stands to pass as a stadium staff worker.

  34. bishdawg Says:

    Mississippi State athletic director Larry Templeton said about 200 of his school’s allotted passes tonight will be issued to players’ and coaches’ families and the other half will be issued to Bulldog Club members based on their donor status.

    RC –

  35. Gregg Ellis Says:

    That’s not correct about 400 passes. Only family members and each school’s traveling party are allowed. Now, that traveling party is 100 for some and maybe 400 for others.

    And yes, there are some MSU people starting to arrive.

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