A blessed Easter to you all


I hope the morning finds everyone in a festive mood and that all the eggs are accounted for. And I hope the afternoon finds everyone in a basketball mood.

Here in Little Rock, make that North Little Rock, we get Miami and Texas first (sounds like a better football showdown), then after that’s it’s Mississippi State and Memphis.

From that point, the winners go to the Sweet 16 in Houston, and the losers call it a year.

Can the Bulldogs? Absolutely. Can the Bulldogs get blown out? Absolutely. The key is having a collective effort on both ends of the court and scoring from several players.

Your morning reading . . .

• Which team is more battle tested?
• It’s been awhile since Mississippi State and Memphis last played.


5 Responses to “A blessed Easter to you all”

  1. thespear Says:

    I think the game was the main topic of Sunday school this morning!
    Go Dawgs! If they pull this one off, I could see them gaining some momentum to maker a deep deep run!

  2. bulldoggirl Says:

    I wish it was the topic in my Sunday School class. I can’t carry on a conversation with all these stupid Alabama and Auburn fans where I live.

  3. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Bdg, you can ask them about getting enough rest in preparation for next year.

  4. bulldoggirl Says:

    LOL, Gregg. My husband has been saying all season how stupid basketball is. He’s so ready for football, he’s taking our three year old boy to Auburn’s A day game. I’m not complaining, but he’s going to have a time keeping up with that little monkey down there.

  5. Gregg Ellis Says:

    It will be good for him, bdg. Make him appreciate you a little more.

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