Great game. Great finish


Memphis advances to the Sweet 16 next week in Houston with a 77-74 victory against Mississippi State.

The Bulldogs had a chance to tie the game at the buzzer, but Jamont Gordon’s 3-pointer hit the rim and bounced off the backboard.

MSU’s season ends at 23-11, while the Tigers improve to 35-1.

Great game by both teams.


26 Responses to “Great game. Great finish”

  1. dadawg Says:

    Thanks for the blog, Gregg, I enjoyed it. And, Happy Easter to you, and be careful driving back. It has been a fun season. I do appreciate your hard work covering the DAWGS.

  2. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Well, now it’s on to the final week of spring football and baseball.

  3. thingreenline Says:

    Gordon’s shot wouldn’t have counted if it had gone in would it? I thought he still had the ball in his hands when the horn sounded.

  4. hailstate Says:

    They played hard, but those three turnovers in the last 4 minutes or so hurt, not even a shot on the goal.

  5. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Referee put up his hands. Of course, they might have reviewed it had he made it.

  6. dawgbones Says:

    Stansbury should have had them fouling with 2 1/2 minutes left just like the announcers said and we would have won that game. Stansbury needs to go to a coaching camp. That team deserves better and with a tournament coach would have advanced even further. I give the players credit for making it close but I place the loss on Stansbury.

  7. thespear Says:

    I thought we could have done a few things different but bottom line is we just couldnt finish this one off. They have a great team but I think our Dawgs showed they are top notch as well.
    Hey we would be in the 30 win column in the conference USA

  8. magnoliams Says:

    Did y’all hear that Red Stroud had died? He was a former State basketball star in the 1960’s.

  9. Tom Says:

    An outstanding game. Both teams brought there best. The best team came out on top… no doubt about it.

  10. db33 Says:

    We should’ve started fouling sooner. But, that’s not what lost it. We weren’t aggressive rebounding the ball in the zone, espeically the first half. They had 12 more boards than we did. 12!

    That plus Barry was 1-12 from the field, 0-6 from 3. We really needed his shot to fall.

    Still, a shot to tie at the end against the #2 overall team in the land.

    Best part of all? We only lose Charles, 4 starters will be back, and Scotty Hop is on the way!

  11. 2thdoc Says:

    I’ll have to take up for Stans on the game plan and defense. We missed some critical shots and would have liked to see Ravern more when Barry was obviously not shooting well. Barry played hard and played good defense so I can’t complain.

    Rebounds off of missed FT’s by Memphis and offensive boards for Memphis killed us in the end so I’d say Stans did what he could do. Great game though with plenty of effort by State and Memphis just gutted it out.

  12. theconquistador Says:

    Well played and well coached. The better team won.

  13. farley662 Says:

    But, Stans can’t coach, Jamont ain’t worth a dang, and someone said our uniforms were purple!

  14. sbullie Says:

    Well I just want to say I see no reason for anyone for State fans to complain. These guys and coaching staff gave their all today!!! I did say coaching staff beause I think Rick Stansbury and company gave us state fans something to look forward to game after game. I just hope State can be as good next year. I will miss you Charles Rhodes!

  15. db33 Says:

    We’ll miss C-Rhodes, that’s for sure. But, look at it like this. 1 out, 3 in.

    Out – Charles Rhodes

    SG/SF – Scotty Hopson, 5-star recruit, rated #3 overall player in the nation. A scoring machine at 6-6 around 200 lbs. Scotty Hop is that player we really haven’t had, someone with his ability at that height.

    PG – Dee Bost, a 4-star recruit, just led his prep school to the prep nat’l championship where he was the MVP. He scored NINETY points (in just 3 games) in Hargrave’s run to the title.

    PF – Romero Osby, 4-star recruit, at 6-8 230, he’s got a great shot to take over for Charles. Osby is rated one of the top 15 PF’s nationally. Physical with a good offensive game.

    Varnado will be better on offense. Brian Johnson will be better. Put Osby & Elgin Bailey in the mix, and we’ll have a strong frontline even without Charles. Jamont, Ben, Barry, Scotty, Ravern, the options are nearly endless in the backcourt.

    Next year we’re going to be a lot higher seed than an 8!

  16. sbullie Says:

    So what’s the deal? Is Scotty coming or not? I keep hearing he is but where is the proof? These additions will be nice but I still love State no matter what. Just a loyal fan.

  17. thingreenline Says:

    Nobody has said Scotty H. is coming to State for sure. That decision is up to his mother, and she’s milkin’ it for all it’s worth.

    And it’s not a done deal that Jamont is coming back.

    This may piss some people off (over-sensitive db33), but everyone thought before the season started that State would be fighting for a freaking NCAA championship. As usual, we didn’t make it past the second round. I wouldn’t get my hopes up so much about next year. Stans can bring em to Starkville, but what happens after that is up in the air.

  18. sbullie Says:

    Well we could have been some of those teams who had to settle for an NIT bid or sit home. I must say once again say I am proud of the team and coaching staff. They left it all on the floor (Great job) and we can reload for next year.

  19. warbirdz44 Says:

    A good recruiting class doesn’t mean much. Here’s a look at our 05 class.

    Reggie Delk (4 star)
    Richard Delk (4 star)
    Monta Ellis (5 star)
    Vernon Goodridge (4 star)
    Jamont Gordon (5 star)
    Bernard Rimmer (3 star)

    Exactly one of those players panned out for us. The rest transferred or went to the NBA. Just goes to show that it’s nice to have a great recruiting class but you gotta make em stay and develop them to their full potential.

  20. carwwest Says:

    im not going to say stans lost the game for us but he did hinder our opportunity to win….he should have fouled dorsey everytime he was in the game in the last 4 minutes….then fouled anybody with 2:30 left….

  21. db33 Says:

    Under the current rules, Monta would’ve come to MSU. You can’t go pro straight out of HS any more.

    You are off on your star ratings as well. Rimmer was a 2-star. Not sure why Rick took him in the first place. He was a victim of numbers from the get go.

    Reggie Delk & Gordon were 4-stars. Richard was a 3-star, and thought to be a package deal with Reggie. I hate that the Delks left, they could’ve been a big help to us. Notice though, that Louisville only took Reggie not Richard.

    Goodridge was a 4-star bust. No doubt about it.

  22. warbirdz44 Says:

    I got my star ratings from

  23. rebelnate Says:

    You are a 12 year old girl warbirdz44

  24. warbirdz44 Says:

    What, do you have a thing for 12 year old girls or something?

  25. farley662 Says:

    Little girl.

  26. Braves Dawg Says:

    Somebody cut off one of your pigtails?

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