Chris Garrett speaks


I just got off the telephone will Chris Garrett, who talked about his decision to commit to LSU earlier today.

Here’s what the Tupelo quarterback had to say.

(Was this one of the hardest decisions you’ve ever made?)
“By far. I’m always going to love Mississippi State. The hardest thing was telling Coach Croom, because we really had a good relationship. He handled it good, I thought. He didn’t act mad about it, so I thought that was really good.”

(You’ll be going to a program that’s not in short supply of quarterbacks. Did you weigh that into your decision?)
“Yes sir. But you have to be confident in your own abilities and confident in what you can do. I just feel if I go down there, work as hard as I can, I’ll start for them one day.”

(I’m sure you’ve had a few people already express an opinion or two about your decision)
“They have. But you know, I can’t worry about what other people think or say or how they react. I have to do what’s best for me. And what’s best for me is playing at LSU.”

(Why the change of mind?)
“It was hard. But I went down there for Junior Day, and they took us around and showed us the campus, academic center and football facilities, and I was really impressed. I met most of the coaches and something about the place just stuck with me. And I loved it when I went back a few weeks ago. I sat in on a quarterback meeting and was really impressed with the direction of the offense. I came back home, prayed about it and knew it was where I wanted to be.”


75 Responses to “Chris Garrett speaks”

  1. farley662 Says:

    Note to State fans, God hates MSU.

  2. Gregg Ellis Says:

    You just now figured that out. Heck, I realized it in 1983 on a cold November day in Jackson.

  3. farley662 Says:

    Well, the Garrett kid makes it official. The Man must be partial to drunk coeds and guys dressed up like pimps.

  4. judwe Says:

    “I’m always going to love Mississippi State”

    Chris, I don’t know if you have a future in the NFL but you’ll make a DARN good politician with a line like that. You just messed in the bowl that fed you.

    That line is insult to injury.

  5. farley662 Says:

    Sounds like Mr. Garrett has really thought about his deceptions and feels remorse because he might take some heat at high school. Poor misunderstood Chris. Not a liar. He’s a man of his word. Except when it concerns the team he “loves.” Daddy taught Chris well!

  6. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    No one has the right to question this young man and his petition to his God about a decision in which direction that he should take in his life. I am staying out of all this matter,its really none of my business, but I will stand by his right and his decision as to what His God has related to him. There’s no doubt that MSU wants the talent this young player has to bring to the football world. So that’s my say.

  7. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Actually, Farley, he did. I know the Garretts well. Fine, fine people. For a kid to change his mind shouldn’t be put on the shoulders of his dad. I mean, come on.

  8. dadawg Says:

    I would bet that the Garretts are in some ways very sad about this decision. It was Chris’s to make and he made it. I think those parents who try to make these decisions for their teenagers are not doing their teens any favors.
    Chris has made his decision and I hope it works out for him and his family. I think we have just got to move on and find a way to kick the Tigers butts, Chris or no Chris.

  9. farley662 Says:

    Not where I was going at all GG. I’m just playing off what his dad has been spewing today. Anyway you twist it, the boy played us. Dad has to defend his son, but he should expect people to get upset when he left for the SEC equivalent of the devil. The, “he was 16 years old defense” does not fly. If he was to naive to make the decision, daddy shouldn’t have let him.

  10. farley662 Says:

    And you are the front runner for next weeks award right now GG.

  11. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I’m always up for some award, Farley. LOL!

  12. imabulldog Says:

    Still don’t see how you go play for someone else besides your favorite school

  13. farley662 Says:

    This one is special. It comes from the Vanners!

  14. judwe Says:

    “Still don’t see how you go play for someone else besides your favorite school”


    ‘Still don’t see how you go play for someone else AGAINST your favorite school”

    Dwell for a moment on the historical figure Benedict Arnold.

  15. roastbeef1 Says:

    So when you were guys in high school, how many times did you change your mind about where you were going to school? You obviously knew where you were going your junior year. Give it a rest. If someone backed outta there commitment from a LSU or Bama and decided to come here, you’d be happy. But it happens to us and now you’re pissed. It’s not like he told us this a few days before signing day. The guy was respectful enough to give us months to find another quarterback of the future.

  16. judwe Says:

    When I was in high school?

    Oh, I changed my mind all the time… but when the recruiting services called I always pulled things together (as they complimented my rifle arm) and gave them the line… something about my childhood dreams ….


  17. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Roastbeef, I wasn’t even a colloege baseball fan but I wanted to play at State. I wasn w college fan at all for any sport. I like Georgetown hoops. Don’t give me the change your mind crap (respecting GG blog from the real word). Now I love State and I feel screwed.

  18. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Thanks for the respect, Double C

  19. bcdog Says:

    I think the sad thing is that this sounds suspiciously like the Blake Barnes story. Smell the big time, sit for two years, transfer to Delta State, forgotten by everyone. I can’t blame the kid. If the national champion came calling you have to listen…but LSU already has the number 2 quarterback committed (garret is 20) and you can bet Perriloux will be back in graces by early summer. You think the story is sad now…I fear that it is headed for a sadder ending.

  20. msfan20 Says:

    Mr. Garrett, The only advice that I can give you is give Blake Barnes a call before signing day. Getting that sunshine pump of his tail and going out of state really worked out well for him in regards to getting playing time.

  21. Tom Says:

    I would have been slightly more tolerable for me had he not had included the “I prayed about it” line. He should have just said “I liked what they had at LSU a whole lot better than what they had a MSU and I realized I made a poor decision. So, I changed my mind.”

    Gregg, according to your interview the young man changed his mind before he ever “prayed about it.” I’m not denying the fact that God may be leading the young man to LSU. In fact, I believe God is in control of everything and nothing happens outside of the umbrella of his will. However, from what this young man said, he simply did what he wanted to do then came back and asked God to bless his decision to break his commitment. I’ll not go down that lengthy road again.

  22. getrealkid Says:

    one can only ponder the ego of a young man, wondering how big time he might be at a big time program. we just saw a qb at lsu sit on his ass for all but his final year. no, the ego of a young teenager believes he will be the one qb that plays as a freshman/sophomore/junior at LSU and leads the team to another national title. because he is special. this coming from a program that lately has played QB’s closer to their 30’s than their 20’s. yes they will play the young kid at qb. totally. absolutely. the next eli in the making. abandon everything, go with your ego and trust the LSU coaches that are recruiting you. makes total sense.

    not saying MSU is the end all of be alls for QBs. But damn… “God” told you to go to LSU? God just spoke to me and told me to tell you that was your hormones talking young man.

    What would be great would be if MSU by the grace of God defeats the Bayou Bengals every year you are there, just like MSU did to another “great” QB named Shane Matthews when he went to a great program at Florida.

    this was a very bad decision and time will show that to be true.

  23. wiseolegobbler Says:

    I hate to see these kids commit too early. As his dad says, he was 16 when he made the decision. I just wish his dad would have suggested he simply decommit, wait until national signing day and give him almost another year to mature and evaluate things. Who knows…LSU could be investigated by the NCAA by then, MSU might have a breakout season, etc.

  24. newdawg Says:

    I have read the blog for some time but didn’t think I would be posting anything…until today. I am disappointed with CG’s decision as much as anyone, but I do understand it’s his decision and he has to do what he feels is in his best interest. Like many posters personally I don’t like the “I prayed about it….” stuff. I understand his dad taking up for his son.’s what troubles most about this and many similar recruiting “stories.” I often read people saying something like, “these are 16 or 17 year old kids and they change their minds,” or “well..they are just 17…” Yes, they are 16 or 17, BUT they are 16 or 17 and are being considered for a full scholarship to a major university AND they are supposed to be leaders….supposed to be able to understand things like commitment or leadership..or taking responsibility. I do realize they make mistakes and sometimes change their minds….but I just don’t believe they can have it both ways….being just a 17 year old AND the leader they are supposed to be. I know I am an idealist and just don’t understand.

  25. tatonkagold Says:

    We, as State fans need to move on.

    We are building something special in Starkville, MS and don’t need selfish, dishonest boys like this holding us back.

    Hey Chris, I think that’s why Coach Croom didn’t act so upset. At least he found out how flaky you are now instead of finding out down the road and letting you keep us from an SEC championship.

    Oh, and I’ve seen LSU fans that are mad because they wasted a scholarship on Chris, since they’re short on scholarships for this class.

  26. Braves Dawg Says:

    I thought you were taking off today GG.

  27. thespear Says:

    In a few years, his worries of no playing time will have come true, and the Garretts will be speechless!

  28. zonkmenow Says:

    Talk about a bunch of sour grapes? You guys are full of it. The kid has a right to go where he wants to go. State doesn’t own any rights to him at all, unless you guys still have slavery in Mississippi. Croom will find a replacement quarterback and what happens happens!

  29. idahobill Says:

    He sounds exactly like every other recruit. I wonder if Chris has ever seen Jarret Lee throw the football. Or Russell Shepard? How about anybody else on the team? Chris is currently one of the lowest rated LSU recruits. He is an afterthought in their recruiting class. He will not be a celebrated signee except in his own mind – I’m not being mean, that is just the way it is. He will not be in the top 15 LSU signees for 2009. He will most definitely be redshirted. In 2010 and 2011, LSU will certainly sign higher rated QB’s than Chris. He may never see the field. At most, it seems Chris would have one year or two, if he beat out everyone else.
    Croom didn’t sign a QB this year in part because of Garrett’s commitment. I guess it is another lesson learned for Sly when it comes to trusting kids commitments.

  30. bigdraws Says:

    Sad news about Kevin Cooper today. He was a REAL bulldog, and actually played football here. He played on some great teams for State. Coop you’ll be dearly missed.

  31. dadwithpride Says:

    a. Keep in mind this is a 16 year old.
    b. THis is his “career”. Who among us havent dissappointed an employer by leaving for greener pastures, or having an employee/prospect change their mind about coming to work for us.
    c. He was only a quarterback, not a new offense.
    d. From what I hear, he aint even the best quarterback of his class, that Russell from Meridian is a lot better, and has the results to show for it.

  32. 2thdoc Says:

    Zonk, Jesse Jackson called and wants his race card back. Even he knows that slavery has nothing to do with a white QB’s decommitment. Thanks for the opinion though and how you view Mississippi. Now, go ask mom to fix your cereal so you can get to school on time.

  33. Braves Dawg Says:

    If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.

  34. cowtowndawg Says:

    This is sad. Every last one of you would be praising Chris if he was a lifelong LSU (or Bama or Ole Miss) fan that was committed and changed his mind to come to MSU. Every last one of you would be praising him for praying about it & letting God lead him to the right decision if the situation were reversed. The bottom line is most here have their sense of well being wrapped up in the decision of a young man as to where he will play football. It is pathetic. Get over it. The sun will rise tomorrow and the next day and the day after and so on.

    Suppose he changes his mind again and decides his heart has always been with MSU? What if he transfers back to MSU after a year b/c he ends up not liking LSU? Will all of you villify him then for “going back on his word”? I doubt it. Chris has made his decision for now. Obviously it would be great to have him, but he wants LSU, so que sera sera.

    Most of you seriously need to calm down. Get a hobby outside of bashing a high schooler who did not choose MSU.

  35. bigdraws Says:

    It’s a blog. Blogs exist so people can bitch. I personally don’t have a problem with him going to LSU. But if you don’t like to read this stuff, it sounds like you are the one that needs to find something else to do.

  36. Braves Dawg Says:

    He wants to be heard so bad he posted basically the same thing in two topics; and we are the ones who need to calm down?

  37. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Draws, every time I think I’m going to take off a day, something happens. Never fails. This job is indeed 24/7.

  38. Braves Dawg Says:

    If the phone rings, it counts as a work day. Take Friday off.

  39. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Baseball game on Friday.

  40. farley662 Says:

    Might as well take the day off as bad as we suck right now!

  41. jcdawgman18 Says:

    I am going to put in my two cents on the “true Bulldog” idea. Chris Garrett is no true Bulldog, because true Bulldogs don’t even consider places like LSU and Alabama. I went through a recruiting process last year, not for football, but for academics. LSU has an enormous scholarship package. I never even sent in an application, even though I was guaranteed to receive this package. Alabama also has one of the same gigantic packages, and again I did not even apply. The only other school I even remotely considered was GA Tech, but that lasted all of ten seconds. I realized one Saturday afternoon in October as my Bulldogs gave the WV Mountaneers one heck of a game for 50 mins, that there was only one place where I would be happy. That is how a true Bulldog feels: Mississippi State is the ONLY place for me. So Chris can say all he wants how he will forever love Mississippi State, but he will never be considered a true Bulldog.

  42. cowtowndawg Says:

    Pathetic response draws & braves dawg. Both of you completely ignored the point of the post. I can’t say I’m surprised though based on the general tone of most of the replies to the blog. As such, since intelligence & common sense seem to be in short supply (except for Greg Ellis), I doubt I will post here with any frequency. I will return to just reading Greg’s stories & blog posts.

  43. Braves Dawg Says:

    Maybe you should pray about it.

  44. farley662 Says:

    He did and the Lord told him it was best for him and his family to only post on Veazey’s blog.

  45. db33 Says:

    So, do y’all really want to know the story behind the story? How did we screw this up?

    One word – OFFENSE. You think about it. He goes down to LSU, meets with Les Miles & Gary Crowton. They show him all about their offense, and how he’ll fit in. They show him video clips of himself spliced with Jamarcus Russell. They show him how fun and exciting their offensive scheme is.

    Then they compare all of that to what’s waiting for him in Starkville. Four straight years of offensive futility. A boring conservative system that won’t put up big numbers. And, then they show him their gigantic stadium and all their facilities.

    He told Gregg he was “really impressed with the direction of their offense.” How could he not be? Gary Crowton has orchestrated some of the most explosive college offenses around at places like Oregon, BYU, and now LSU. What the hell has Woody McCorvey EVER done other than field a bottom 10 nationally ranked offense? Croom either.

    But, come to MSU and play in our pitiful scheme? He’s willing to risk NOT EVEN PLAYING to avoid that. He’s not stupid, he knows LSU will have stiffer competition at QB to beat out. He probably even knows that more than likely he’s NEVER GOING TO PLAY. Yet, he is STILL turning his back on MSU.

    All those State fans out there that like to say, “I don’t care how our offense looks as long as we win.” Well, this whole situation is WHY you DO care about what style of offense you run, and how it LOOKS. If Croom was running a wide open fun style of offense that put up points & numbers, Garrett wouldn’t even THINK about going somewhere else. MSU would be the all around slam dunk.

  46. bigdraws Says:

    “greg” ellis. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If we missed the point of the post, what was the point. Maybe you missed the point of our post.

  47. farley662 Says:

    How did I miss that? Only one “G”. Ellis is gonna blow a gasket!

  48. Braves Dawg Says:

    db33, have you ever considered that we don’t have the personnel to open up the offense?

  49. bigdraws Says:

    Watch out db33 you’re going to disappoint cowtown.

  50. Braves Dawg Says:

    That’s G-R-E- double Gizzle fo shizzle!

  51. jaybirdms Says:

    cow, this subject is now past its prime. Both draws and braves have already said what they wanted to say. No need for them to re-hash their opinions just because you’re late to the party.

    We’re all here to state our opinions and have a little fun.

  52. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Gregg is very intelligent. And he has two g’s.

  53. Braves Dawg Says:

    What? Chris Garrett is going to LSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. db33 Says:

    Braves, I knew we had no clue regards to offense when they tried to make Omarr Conner a dropback QB, and kept running Jerioius Norwood up the gut. You put Conner in the SHOTGUN and take advantage of his FEET. You put Norwood OUT IN SPACE and run screens & draws. We had smallish WR’s like Tee Milons.

    Our talent then screamed SPREAD offense.

    But, bottom line is this. You run a conservative run first style offense when you DO have the talent to whip defenses now when you don’t. The less talent you have the more trickeration, misdirection, etc. You spread the field and try to get the defense going one way while you go the other.

    I’ve seen more than one wide open spread coach say the reason why they run the scheme they do is because they can’t stockpile the OL’s and RB’s like the big boys, so they run it to compete.

  55. rebelnate Says:

    You need to quit being a “cowpussydawg” and grow some thick skin

  56. Braves Dawg Says:

    Are you advocating we use the spread offense then?

    My point was, you can’t drop back and throw deep when the QB can’t hit the receiver, and when he does hit him, ol’ stone hands drops it. You run the ball and play possession style offense to keep the ball away from the other team. When the passing game lacks talent, the last thing you want to do is put it in the air 40 times a game. With the personnel we have/had, we needed to have manageable 3rd and shorts to play to our strengths, which wasn’t the long passing game by any means.

  57. db33 Says:

    Where did I say air it out 40 times a game?

    There are plenty of types of spread offenses, and many of them run it as much or more than they throw it.

    West Virginia & Texas Tech are both spread offense teams, and they are completely different types of attacks.

  58. Braves Dawg Says:

    40 times was an exaggeration, but you see what I’m saying.

    So you are advocating the spread for MSU then?

  59. db33 Says:

    Absolutely. We have no proven FB and no proven TE. I’d put Dixon & Elliot (if he’s the next best Back) in a split back spread with 3 WR’s, Riley, Smith, & Bell as our primary set. Take a back out and go 4 wides often.

    Let Carroll or Lee or Relf or whoever run some option out of it. All can run.

    LOTS of misdirectlion. LOTS of screens. LOTS of no huddle. Reverses. Bootlegs. And, the bread & butter zone read. Kansas’s offense, with a 5-11 QB at the helm. Missouri. Those are the teams to copy.

    Run some up the gut I-form. stuff EVERY NOW & THEN, but the shotgun spread would be the offense. Lots easier on the OL’s and their blocking schemes too.

    We have the personnel.

  60. Braves Dawg Says:

    I prefer the “Tecmo Bowl” style of offense myself.

  61. dhdawg Says:

    I have read all the blogs concerning the Garrett’s. Say what you wish, but
    you don’t “always love MS State,” commit to them and the renege unless there is $omething else involved. Just like when the “life long State fan” from Madison Central (offensive lineman) went to Uof M after an alum gave
    $100,000 to his dad’s church building fund. IMHO, this speaks volumes of
    the character and integrity (or lack thereof) of the Garrett family!

  62. db33 Says:

    He wasn’t bought. This is a simple matter of our offense vs. theirs.

  63. getrealkid Says:

    Look at Davidson playing in the sweet 16. Curry, whose dad was an NBA great, went to Davidson and is now getting 100% more attention than if he had gone to Duke.

    Little fish in a big pond, or big fish in a little pond?

    What happened to State pride? All a man has in this world is his name and his word. That should still mean something, even to a young man.

    Croom is glad the kid is gone, he found out his true colors. No love lost.

  64. carwwest Says:

    i agree with db33 to an extent…i have not been and more than likely never will be a woody mccorvey fan…..we have no imagination in our play calling….i do like that we run the ball because i think dixon, ducre, and the emergence elliott are the absolute strengths of our offense…..but the fact that even when we throw the ball, he calls stupid pass plays that either go for 5 yards on 3rd and ten or throws a fade pattern on first down on our own 20…and did anyone notice how many times the slant was open last year (which is an easy throw) and we rarely ran it…..and the thing that kills me the most is his lack of being able to make in game adjustments…..woody has no idea of what is going on…..if we have another year of $hitty offense and croom does not fire him, people are going to question croom’s ability to make decisions….

  65. db33 Says:

    FOUR YEARS IN A ROW carwwest. Think about it. The West Croom Offense helmed by Woody has finished either last or next to last every year.


  66. carrolldawg75 Says:

    I wonder if Chris realizes LSU is just using him as bait to get a playmaker (Bumphis). I would be willing to bet that if Bumphis signs with LSU, he will see more playing time in his first year than Chris sees in his entire LSU career. I wish he would reconsider, but part of me says I wish Croom would go ahead and offer his scholly to someone who believes in what Croom is doing at STATE and truely loves and dreams about playing here. And his dad statment about how hard it was for Chris to make this decision, lets see dreamed of playing for MSU all his life, visits LSU a couple weeks back and decommits, hmmmmm, not very hard IMO.

  67. fun2bmaroon Says:

    The kid made his decision and that is that…accept it and move on……we need a rearview mirror to look at this kid…..he’s behind us now….

  68. skydawg706 Says:

    Oh well—-how many days until kickoff.

    Looking forward to Satuday’s spring scrimmage….

  69. lollipopkid Says:

    BLAKE – freaking – BARNES. Does anyone not remember him? It’s ironic that young Mr. Garrett made his decision based on prayer. As far as I can tell, the only thing he’ll ever do at LSU is kneel (and possibly clasp his hands around the clipboard).

  70. geauxtigahs2005 Says:

    Not to rain on your parade getrealkid, but actually SHANE MATTHEWS BEAT
    STATE IN 90 AND 91. I know very little about this Garrett kid other than I
    thought State had him locked down. I hope he comes in and competes to his
    ability and maybe he will shine, but in reality a lot of you have said it he will
    probably sit for a few years. His decision baffles me as I thought he was a
    lock for you and State sure could use a quarterback that has some talent.
    Don’t get me wrong Carroll has proven he’s a winner, even if he doesn’t look
    like Montana doing it. Hopefully Coach Croom will find a talented qb and keep
    on winning at MSU. This sounds weird coming from a Tiger fan, but State is
    one of the few schools I want to see win in the SEC.
    P.S. Ron Polk will be missed…I know its off subject

  71. carwwest Says:

    db33, i was agreeing with you…..i think woody has to go…..

  72. pabgolf Says:

    You guys are too funny. You must let it go and know that MSU football is a doormat and will always be a doormat in the SEC. If your child was talented enough, you would encourage competition at schools like LSU, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

    LSU could send its third team to starktrash and pummel MSU.

  73. bigdraws Says:

    according to Jack Cristil that would only even the playing field. BTW, this topic is 2 days old.

  74. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    At least he didn’t choose Ole Miss.

    But seriously, as a diehard Dog alum and fan, I’m not crying over his de-committment or whatever its called. He’s a kid – give him a break! How many times as a teenager did we change our minds about something.

    And as others have pointed out, would YOU want to play in a Woody McCorvey offense? You can’t run a West Coast offense with Gulf Coast personnel, unless they’re the very, very best.

    And, go to hell Ole Miss, for good measure.

  75. thingreenline Says:

    pabgolf is a fag

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