Ron Polk announces resignation


Legendary Mississippi State baseball coach Ron Polk announced on Thursday afternoon he will retire at the end of the season.

The Bulldogs are currently 10-13 on the year and play host to Georgia this weekend.

“It goes without saying that we are m ost appreciative of the outstanding job Ron Polk has done for Mississippi State baseball,” Templeton said. “His decision does not come as a surprise because we had a conversation about this timeline even before the season started.”

Polk is in his 29th season at MSU and 35th as a college coach.

Templeton said one of the reasons the move was made now was to allow plenty of time to conduct a thorough search.


20 Responses to “Ron Polk announces resignation”

  1. thespear Says:

    Foglesong, Garrett, now Polk, anyone have a guess on who’s next?

    I liked Polk, after all he is a legend, but maybe a new coach will mean a rejuvination of the baseball team

  2. Gregg Ellis Says:


  3. theconquistador Says:

    Wow. I must say that I’m slightly shocked but strangely relieved. Thanks Coach for all you’ve done for MSU and college baseball.

  4. db33 Says:

    You resigning from the Journal Gregg???

  5. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    Nah, he’s moving to Baton Rouge to follow Garrett’s career πŸ™‚

    Bad move GG!


  6. farley662 Says:

    The Lawd told him to do it. He prayed and felt it was best for his family and his career.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    what did I say?! What did I say?!
    (refer to last blog topic, 2nd comment)

  8. tupelopixdotcom Says:

    As for the Polk situation, I think change is good. He’s a legend, but all good things must come to an end.

  9. imabulldog Says:

    I’m so happy!

  10. dawgbones Says:

    Good one Farley

  11. farley662 Says:

    Thanks. That would be Mayor Farley to you peasants πŸ™‚

  12. dawgbones Says:

    Yes sir Mayor! I still think I scooped Gregg and he called LT after my message but he would never admit it.

  13. farley662 Says:

    That massive head has to have a massive ego.

  14. nashdawg Says:

    I like Coach Polk and proud to have him for all these years as head skipper of the Diamond Dawgs. I hope Byrne puts him in position somewhere in the athletic Dept.
    Sometimes these coaches who live and breathe their job, find it hard to give up.

  15. raldy111 Says:

    I’m not real sure how well Garrett will fit in at LSU but Ellis will do just fine there.

    Coach Polk should be given the respect and admiration he has earned and deserves. After all he put Mississippi State Baseball (and to a large degree Mississippi State University) on the map. Naysayers can at last shut up.

  16. Gregg Ellis Says:

    raldy111, most people at least identify themselves first on this blog before they introduce the word, shut up. Quite a three sentences for your first post.

  17. dadawg Says:

    tsk, tsk

  18. fun2bmaroon Says:

    Absolutely a great career for coach Polk. Have you ever thought about retirement ? Think about it real hard….One day you have a career, every day is full of things to do….and suddenly, it is over….no more daily priorities, calls, meetings……Coach Polk, please accept my deepest congrats for all the super years that you led our school…..YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE……the naysayers be damned !!!!

  19. cajundawg Says:

    Polk is a legend at MSU and in the SEC… pity that the ’85 team couldn’t bring home the natn’l title they should have had… up on Texas in the semi’s and couldn’t hold the lead…sheesh

  20. bcdog Says:

    Polk coaches the right way. Don’t beat yourself. People gripe about conservative mgmt, but he always got it figured out by tournament time…always seems to go the other way in Oxford. I would rather start slow and ramp up that start at #2 and get beat again come trnment time. Coach Polk is a legend Dog Fans owe him a ton…don’t believe me…just recall the P McMahon years. Hope we look no further than John Cohen. If he can win at UK he can win anywhere.

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