Civil rights advancements


Sports blog, I know. But when has that ever stopped us from stepping outside the box to explore sensitive topics.

Well, today is that day again.

Forty years ago on this very day, Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated in Memphis. Times were obviously different, then and race relations were always on the verge of a riot.

Today, our society is much, much different in that area. And that’s a good thin.

But as you look back, where have the biggest strides been made, and what’s the biggest concern that needs to be addressed.

Please, let’s be civil and respectful here. We can disagree, but disagree in a tasteful manner.


130 Responses to “Civil rights advancements”

  1. rebelnate Says:

    Won’t touch this with a ten foot poll?

  2. dadawg Says:

    Great post to leave town on…heh

  3. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I’m not leaving until tonight.

  4. jaybirdms Says:

    Too many folks (black and white) just don’t want to move on. That’s what’s unfortunate.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    Give me that ten foot pole-I would say we are too advanced in civil rights. Double standards have abused our govt. I hate talking about civil rights, I hate this time of year- talking about and bringing it up only stirs the emotions of the past and keeps us in this viscious stupid cycle.

    MOVE ON!

    God created us equally, no man deserves to be mistreated, but that’s over with now. Stop making gods of men.

  6. bigdraws Says:

    Sports seem to bring them together. If even for a short time.

  7. goldendawg Says:

    first time in a long time that i’m going to agree with a webel.. won’t touch this one

  8. bigdraws Says:

    (crickets chirping)

  9. farley662 Says:


  10. farley662 Says:

    Sure is raining alot huh?

  11. Braves Dawg Says:


  12. Gregg Ellis Says:


  13. themaroonandwhite Says:

    i think the distrust is still there…rightfully so. but, when people like myself try to bridge the gap and get beaten back by it shows we are still a long ways away.

  14. Braves Dawg Says:

    How ’bout them Braves?

  15. farley662 Says:

    Gregg’s head sure is large.

  16. rebelnate Says:

    The Dawgs and Rebs baseball teams may have to play 2 tomorrow

  17. rebelnate Says:

    What the hell is he thinking with this topic?

  18. Gregg Ellis Says:


  19. imabulldog Says:

    my cubbies won yesterday!

  20. bigdraws Says:

    Is it supposed to rain in Lexington?

  21. Gregg Ellis Says:

    SO did the Yankees.

    OK. I get it. You guys have tightened up on me with this subject. I’ll create a new post and go back to sports.

  22. imabulldog Says:

    I can’t believe I’m still all along on the limb here guys- show some Onions about the topic 🙂

  23. farley662 Says:

    I like Germans. Make good chocolate. Ich kann ein wenig Deutsch sprechen.

  24. lollipopkid Says:

    Assinated? Do you mean assassinated (as in killed)? Or do you mean that somebody put their rear end on him?

  25. imabulldog Says:

    you have no onions!!!:)

  26. dadwithpride Says:

    Too touchy a subject. Say anything in the lest bit negative, and you’re labeled a redneck racist. I will say that the black / white issue is quickly being forgotten, replaced by the fear of being taken over by Mexican speaking illegal immigrants, who are going to do us all in. Ask people from out West, such as in Houston, El Paso, etc. . Led by a government that seems afraid to protect its own citizens , in fear of alienating big businesses and a bunch of Mexicans.

  27. farley662 Says:

    Marbles? Huevos?

  28. imabulldog Says:


  29. bigdraws Says:

    Good catch kid. He’s prolly just got the skrip kub in Jackson on his mind.

  30. lollipopkid Says:

    Maybe I’ll become a pro wrestler and make my finishing move the assinator, that way Gregg can scream out to Jim Ross, “Holy MLK! He just got assinated!”

  31. rebelnate Says:

    He probably was assinated at one time I guess that is better that “teabagged”

  32. imabulldog Says:

    En espanol por favor?

  33. bigdraws Says:

    Or chicken-hearted, Nate.

  34. lollipopkid Says:

    Greggs just being rebellion about that skrip club. Period point blank.

  35. rebelnate Says:

    No Doubt draws!

  36. rebelnate Says:

    Had a buddy that got teabagged one time.

  37. bigdraws Says:

    LOL, kid!!

  38. imabulldog Says:

    chick-on scrips

  39. rebelnate Says:

    I am talking about down to the tonsils

  40. bigdraws Says:

    You should post a picture on the van, ima.

  41. bigdraws Says:

    sorry, I mean Nate.

  42. rebelnate Says:

    Hey GG go to babes leave danny’s alone pretty rough in there.

  43. rebelnate Says:

    He did not know till he woke up and had that musty taste in his mouth.

  44. Gregg Ellis Says:

    OK. This is getting out of hand.

    Thanks for the catch, lollipopkid.

  45. nabhi Says:

    Move on? Forget about it?
    How about forgetting about and/or moving on from Dec. 7, 1941?
    How about forgtetting about/moving on from Sept. 11, 2001?
    (Or, God forbid, someone in Texas forgetting the Alamo?)
    I did not think so.
    I remember the Jim Crow days. They were neither good nor were they just. The same ignorance that led some to impose such discrimination can not and should not be forgotten. Nor should the apathy that allowed it to continue as long as it did. And we all can become parts of such groups if we fail to remember and keep a close watch on what we think, do, allow, etc.
    The issue is not “making gods of men” any more than do Veterans Day and Memorial Day. They are all opportunities for reflection and for learning from the good that people do as well as the evil that is opposed.
    Are there differences between then and now? IMHO — some. It seems to me that, unfortunately, most of the blatant racism that existed back then has simply gone underground and/or has become more implicit and hidden. That is, today things are often said in provate conversations that would have been said publicly back then but would not today.

  46. rebelnate Says:

    How come it is only racist when a white man says it and it is not when a black man says it?

  47. farley662 Says:

    Or, you could be like Obama’s pastor and bash the white man for everything from 9/11 to AIDS and it’s alright because you are a “proud African American.” But, if I say I’m a proud Irish American, then I am a racist. Actually, I’m not even allowed to have that privilege of claiming my ancestry. An entire race of people who have never set foot on a continent can and it’s accepted and encouraged. I get tired of seeing black TV shows saying honkey and cracker, and no one says anything, but if the N word is spoken, heaven forbid! The same goes with the Imus deal. If he was a black guy and called a white team a bunch of skanky ass crackers, no one would have said a word. I’m calling BS on this one!

  48. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Good points. See, we can have this discussion.

  49. fun2bmaroon Says:

    Greg, you’re right….probably need to go back to sports……this could get ugly, unfortunately…..

  50. farley662 Says:

    hey fun2b. You still hating on me for no reason this morning?

  51. fun2bmaroon Says:

    Nope, Farley….today’s a new day, and I like you today….I’m mostly just sitting and reading today…..I’ve chuckled a little bit, I must admit, at Mr. Gazaway’s entries……Can’t wait to get back on your site, though……so WE can talk together……

  52. farley662 Says:

    your good to go. Go a new post up just for you buddy.

  53. lollipopkid Says:

    When African Americans move into a neighborhood, the housing prices start to fall. That’s a fact. Until that changes, and white people stop fleeing every time a person of color moves into the house down the street, there’s no point in saying move on. In fact, that’s the problem. When white people see black people they “move on” to a different community. If you’d like to help curb the racial problems that still exist in our state, I’d encourage you to investigate Mission Mississippi.

  54. farley662 Says:

    I do get tired of being blamed for everything because I’m white. My family wasn’t even over here until after the turn of the century, but because I’m white, I’m keeping the black man down. I’ve had to work for everything I have and I’m tired of lazy ass people not taking responsibility for them not working. Everyone has the same chances to succeed, if you don’t it’s your fault, not anyone else’s!

  55. fun2bmaroon Says:

    Thank you, sir…..

  56. farley662 Says:

    No problem buddy.

  57. 2thdoc Says:

    Farley, are you sure you are voting democrat this year? That was Bill O Reillyesque.

  58. Gregg Ellis Says:

    2thdoc, you off today?

  59. 2thdoc Says:

    yup, off on Fridays. Had to catch up on some sleep.

  60. 2thdoc Says:

    Is it not soaked wherever they are playing soccer?

  61. Gregg Ellis Says:

    It’s in Jackson. Fields are usually raised to allow for better drainage.

  62. bigdraws Says:

    Why didn’t I become a dentist???

  63. farley662 Says:

    Unlike Republicans, I want everyone to have the same opportunities. Just don’t blame someone else for you being a lazy bastard!

  64. imabulldog Says:

    unlike liberals, I believe in everyone pulling their own weight 🙂

    Nabhi got a little mad, his panties are in a bunch.

    Yes people do make gods out of men, but MLK did great things.

    How come Jesse Jackson and Sharpton don’t show up when blacks kill blacks?

  65. rebelnate Says:

    Preach Ima one reason is they can’t be at 472,812 places at one time

  66. imabulldog Says:

    The only reason they showed up here in Memphis is because the news posted the mugshots of the family killed in the Lester St murders, instead of family pictures.

    If they really cared- they’d clean the hoods up, preach the gospel, build unity.

    Instead its white peoples fault, for some reason, its always that way

  67. 2thdoc Says:

    That’s right. Republicans don’t want equal opportunity just like we also don’t want a tax break every now and then.

    Lazy would be if I didn’t work and asked someone else to pay my bills.

    The reason I don’t work on Fridays is the ones who schedule to come on Fridays never show up. Why waste both of our times when we could be sitting here shooting the bull on a rainy day.

  68. bigdraws Says:

    I can’t speak for blacks, but most of the ones I know don’t want JJ speaking for them. They know he’s just in it for the publicity.

  69. imabulldog Says:

    Fo Sho’

  70. imabulldog Says:

    Well the powers that be, in the black organizations and NAACP, pick the people they want to represent their race and issues. I feel sorry for blacks who don’t want them representing for them, because they have to put up with it too.

    I hope its ok to say black, if its racist than I’d like to be Caucasian from now on

  71. farley662 Says:

    I want to be Irish American damn it!

  72. getrealkid Says:

    Even as a white male in his late 30’s, I can say that MLK was, in my opinion, the greatest leader of our generation. More than even the presidents or other church leaders.

    Not just for black people. His holiday is not just a “holiday for the blacks” like so many people think. It is a holiday for all races. MLK spoke for all races and spoke for America to be who it should be. How could America be founded for freedom for all men but slavery was allowed? MLK simply told America to be who it claimed to be.

    MLK was not perfect but was truly special and annointed and he responded to a very, very tough calling in life. He new he would eventually be killed for what he stood up for.

    If you think differently, please take the time to get to know who this man was. Listen/read his sermons below. Bet you a million dollars your opinion of him will be changed. If you dont, as MLK would say to you today, “I am sorry you don’t know me better”.

  73. nabhi Says:

    imabulldog — Sorry, after your post about my “being mad”, I re-read my post and fail to find where I gave any indication of being angry. It was simply — as I stated — my opinion.
    No people were named.
    No specific, personal accusations.
    Please, show me where there was the anger?

  74. lollipopkid Says:

    I think it’s funny that farley thinks everyone has the same opportunities. What a short-sighted idea. It must be fun to be that ignorant.

  75. 2thdoc Says:

    Farley said he WANTED everyone to have the same opportunities.

  76. rebelnate Says:

    Lollipop kids don’t have as many opportunities as everyone else because ya’ll so damn short unless you put a beer on there head.

  77. Gregg Ellis Says:

    2thdoc, I’m taking today off too. And it feels pretty good. I’ve never understood why anyone would schedule a dentist appointment on a Friday. What a terrible start to the weekend.

  78. 2thdoc Says:

    I’ve never understood why people call me on Saturday with a toothache and said they couldn’t make it to their appointment on Wed. because they had to work. I should just open about 5 pm on the weekends?

  79. bigdraws Says:

    They ran out of loritabs.

  80. Braves Dawg Says:

    The customer is always wrong!!!!

  81. Gregg Ellis Says:

    That’s why pain pills are for.

  82. 2thdoc Says:

    I ran out of appointments for toothache when they didn’t show up. The ER would gladly see them at 2 am for $450. Too bad that a $50 exam won’t cover my pay to an assistant.

  83. Braves Dawg Says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a bad week 2th.

  84. bigdraws Says:

    GE too bad your editor doesn’t follow you along on this blog.

  85. 2thdoc Says:

    Not until someone calls at 2am

  86. Braves Dawg Says:

    That sucks!

  87. bigdraws Says:

    Tell em Wal-Mart sells ambasol.

  88. Braves Dawg Says:

    Teething Tabs!

  89. bigdraws Says:

    Tell em to suck it up, and rub some dirt on it. Vans acting weird so it’s chicken time.

  90. 2thdoc Says:

    Dentists kicking someone when they are down. Where’s the fairness in this world for those who have tripped and fallen into a pile of Crystal Meth.

  91. bigdraws Says:

    People call you at 2am on meth? Bwahahahahaaaaa!!!

  92. Braves Dawg Says:

    LMAO 2th!

  93. farley662 Says:

    Man, the idgits just keep showing up around here.

  94. farley662 Says:

    Oh I forgot, I’m white, it’s all my fault that someone didn’t kill the wicked witch sooner.

  95. Braves Dawg Says:

    The yellow brick road is paved with gold to the Farley household.

  96. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    farley, you are lucky, i’am one of those Hienz 57, Scotch, Irish, and German, the other 54 unknown

  97. farley662 Says:

    First of all , I didn’t say everyone has he same opportunities. I grew up poor as hell. I made good grades, but because I’m whitey, and a male, no one wanted to help me out. If I was black, I could get scholarships for that. If I was a woman, I could get scholarships for that. If I was Native American, that too. But, because I’m a male honkey whose parents didn’t have money, no one gave a damn about me. Still don’t. I get to pay taxes to pay for women in the hood and in trailers to sit on their asses and be baby making machines so they don’t have to work. Yeah, I got it made! I owe $1700 in taxes because I don’t have any kids I claim and I make just enough to put me in a higher tax bracket. But, the McDonalds workers who are on welfare and get HUD housing get $3000 back each year for having children. Man, if only I wasn’t a middle class cracker! People like you make everyday Democrats like myself seem like jackasses! I’m pro-choice, hate conservatives, and love everyone for the content of their character and not the color of their skin. I think affirmative action is complete BS. If I’m ore qualified then you, why should it matter if you are black or not? Same the other way around. Stop blaming other people and get off your lazy ass and work!

  98. farley662 Says:

    Sorry GG. Was lengthy, but I’m not gonna have words put in my mouth when they don’t represent who I am.

  99. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    farley is getting his feeling aired, how many of us feel the same way but just hold it back, afraid of offending someone. Farley, my brother it must be the Irish blood. Let it all hang out.

  100. thespear Says:

    farley, right on man. I myself am morally a conservative, but not always a fiscal Republican. I know Republicans have not always held hands with the middle class(which includes me). But may I kindly point out the Republicans have the better tax mindset. Taxes will skyrocket if a Dem is elected President. And as JB will probably tell you, three Democratic Presidents, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton, ruined the Social Security System. They “borrowed” from the system and failed to pay it back. But every election year they go around blaming the Republicans for the situation ss is today. I agree with you that our welfare system is screwed up to the max. FDR started this system to help those who were poverty stricken during the Great Depression. Those were people who helped themselves all they could, but couldn’t put food on the table from the economic situation and the dustbowl drought. Welfare was never designed to pay ppl who dont work. I wish we would get a president who would clean things up in the welfare sector and tackle our economic situation. But everything is so out of control that they are all a bunch of pansies, afraid if they try they will fail.

  101. Braves Dawg Says:

    Good post JB.

  102. thespear Says:

    And may i point out that its not a racial thing. I have many successful african american friends. Ppl play the race card when you go after ppl not working, just living off welfare. But there are many whites in MS who do the exact same thing. But because the government is ran by mostly white men, they are considered racist if they oppose spending millions on welfare. And granted, there are some ppl who really need welfare, those that try all they can and still cant support their family. Our gov. needs to do a better job investigating ppl before they grant automatic welfare. THen, wouldnt we all feel better about where our taxes go? But who I kiddng, this problem isnt gonna be solved for a long time, if ever. And ppl that play the race card dont help the situation.

  103. fun2bmaroon Says:

    Taking my hat off and placing it over my heart for Farley…..Man, couldn’t have said it any better than it was said… As a fellow Irish-American, I can identify with Farley, from his earliest days up until now. Thank you for cutting through the CRAP and exposing the things that are hurting the middle-class working Americans……thanks again !!!!

  104. imabulldog Says:

    Nabhi, I figured with all the question marks and tone you were upset. Sorry for assuming, just assumed.

    While we are talking pro-choice, those of you who are Christians listen please, please: you know what the first lie that Satan told man, the first lie that lead to the first sin, the one that brought sin into the world- is that “you can be God”, don’t worry about what God said, do what you want, its ok, eat from that tree.

    And there are many who are calling me an idiot right now, but if you abide by the bible, and you believe it is the inherent word of God, you need to run as fast as you can from the idea of pro-choice.

    Proverbs 14:12 there is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.

    Gregg, this is for Christians not directed to offend

  105. thespear Says:

    One of you ought to start a blog that touches on government and moral issues.

  106. farley662 Says:

    A know a place down by the River………..

  107. thespear Says:

    Didnt realize that was your main focus over there, farley?

  108. farley662 Says:

    It’s pretty much a hodge podge of whatever pops into my sick mind.

  109. farley662 Says:

    Bird has some good stuff on his blog spear. You should check it out. It’s linked on my blog. He touches on religion and politics a good deal.

  110. thespear Says:

    Will do! I gonna have to become more involved in the other blogs!

  111. fun2bmaroon Says:

    ima, after that post above, I will NEVER label you as an idiot. Thank you for putting ” LIFE ” into perspective…’ve not offended me. I respect you very much……Thanks for your post…..

  112. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Sorry folks, I must leave this very interesting dialogue that is taking place here, but I must join my Rebels via “gamewatcher” in their game with Vandy. One thing tho, should the Rebs spot Vandy with a 4 run lead in the 1st ending, I would like to use some of the language at them that I have heard here today. That is provided that no copyright provisions are in effect. A good day to all. Enjoy. Remember this the day in which The Lord has provided, be glad in it.

  113. imabulldog Says:

    thanks fun2b

  114. nabhi Says:

    imabulldog — The tone was simply one of asking what I still think are legitimate questions. My point was that to ask blacks (or, arguably, any of us) to forget the evils and injusticesof the past — whether we be the victims or the perpetrators — asks of us the same regarding those two pivotal dates in U.S. history.
    By the way, the term is “inerrant” not “inherent.” Two dramatically different words and meanings. And, even though I consider my self “pro-life”, there is Biblical evidence on both sides of the issue.
    Uh oh — there is another can of worms.
    Speaking of the Bible and on an issue on which more of us on this blog would agree — I have always appreciated the way “The Living Bible” paraphrased (it is not a translation) Proverbs regarding the word “fool”.
    Rather than “fool,” it reads “rebel.” Hence and for example, Proverbs 18:2 reads: “A rebel doesn’t care about the facts. All he wants to do is yell.”
    See also Proverbs 17:7 and 21; 19:29; 22:5; 26:4-6. There are many more.

  115. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Whose idea was it to post this blog? LOL!

    Whew! I’m off. I’ll see you all on Sunday night. Have a great weekend. Again, I can’t say how much I enjoy checking in seeing brilliant minds at work. That’s why I’m addicted to this blog. And your’s, too, farley.

  116. judwe Says:

    If MLK were here today he’d be all over two things…

    1) African Slavery (Darfur, just one example)

    2) African American pop culture, in particular the Rap/Hip-Hop scene. which has done more to damage the perception of Black Men and Women than anything, ANYTHING.

  117. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Back again Rebels game delayed.

    judwe, thanks for sharing this info. I din’t know this!!! Then, us honkies should be relieved that we are not guilty after all.

  118. cajundawg Says:

    i believe if MLK Jr was alive… he would be aghast at the current Hip Hop culture that is prevelant in our society! i also believe he would think Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and “Minnnissssterrrrr” Farakhan are frauds and a detriment to the furthing of black americans!

    I also think his non-violent nature would have been ripped apart during the ’68 riots and the riots after the Rodney King verdict! but honestly, i don’t know if any of the current ‘so called’ black leaders would be listening to him today… they praise his work BUT advocate programs that are counter to what he was working toward! I believe MLK would be fundementally opposed to affirmative action programs…

    I am an advocate of what his dream that … ALL men are created equal and one day white, black, and any other ethnic culture would be able to co-exist and respect each other… The current state of race relations in our nation today does not lend itself to that mutual respect… and the animosity comes from ALL directions!

  119. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    What about the murder
    trial in LA? OJ in the murder of his wife and her friend.

    “The current state of race relations in our nation today does not lend itself to that mutual respect… and the animosity comes from ALL directions!”

    What is your solution to this and how do you suggest what should be done in this case?

    mutual respect…: In your opinion what is mutual respect and can we achieve this?

  120. willn1 Says:

    “When African Americans move into a neighborhood, the housing prices start to fall. That’s a fact.”

    WOW!!! That’s part of our problem….generalizations!!!

    A black couple moved into my neighborhood in 1999. Since then my house has increase over $100K. Somehow it doesn’t always apply. I think if people who don’t take care of their property move in the prices fall. They could be any color.

    The thing that we must remember is that we are all basically the same. We all basically want the same things. There are some good and bad in all races. We can make a generalization that all whites who live in trailers are bad people. That’s just simply not the case. We could say that all blacks who live in the ghetto are bad people. Not true either.

    Some people want to blame others for their problems. Black….If I can’t get a job, it’s the man keeping me down. White…If I can’t get a job, it’s because of quota’s giving my job to blacks.

    We must acknowledge the fact that life isn’t fair. If it was I’d golf like Tiger Woods, play basketball like Jordan, or play baseball like Derek Jeter. I don’t. I had a knack for math and got an engineering degree. That is my gift. It is my job to take the gifts that were given to me and overcome the obstacles that were put in my way. It is not my job to sit back and blame the next guy for my situation. If I am not where I want to be I can either complain and blame or work harder. I choose to work harder.

    When we all figure this out, this will be a better world.

  121. imabulldog Says:

    Nabhi, long day ole friend. Killing babies is not in the Bible, I’d love to see scripture of that one please, atleast the scriptures that condone it.

    You do ask valid questions, and no I don’t ask people to forget the sacrifices made by others, or the mistreatment of people in the past, I say its time to stop dwelling on the negative mindsets that are ripping our country apart.

    And sorry for the typo, you can thank the predictive text on the iPhone for that one.

    Hope we are done here, btw I’m not one to argue bible versions, but you might want to grab the NSAB version, a lot closer to real translation than that watered down bedtime story you are reading.

    I’m done with this conversation. Good night to all

  122. 2thdoc Says:

    willn1, I don’t know if you have posted here before but if not that was the best first post that I can remember. I couldn’t agree more.

  123. 2thdoc Says:

    Gregg, this topic reminds me of the good ole days when Tom and Farley used to argue until midnight about religion. One of these non-sports topics needs to be in here at least once a month.

  124. cajundawg Says:

    One avenue of CHANGE is to remove all race related indicators… on applications, drivers license, and the like… I know that is not much but its a start! Mutual respect… hmmmm… I don’t really think that is possible, not for humanity! Hasn’t been so far… and the hate didn’t originate with Americans!

    I am with imabulldog… it really all goes back to the core of who you are, regardless of the pigmentation of your skin… the core of who you are reveals itself in your character! That core is flawed from birth, flawed to selfishness and a self-centered viewpoint… the Bible has a word for that flaw… SIN. Now we don’t like to hear that we are ALL bad… we are ALL sinners and that we cannot fix our problem… but that is what the Bible tells us! Only through a God-changing relationship with Jesus can we have mutual respect for each other… and even Christians don’t act Christian! I am a Christian and try to live according to Scripture BUT I fail miserably and only by the grace of God I am forgiven… grace that only comes thru that life changing relationship with Christ! I only wish ALL Christians lived as they should, b/c the ones who are NOT living as they should give Christ a bad name and Christianity a black eye! I almost agree with Muhatma Ghandi when he said, “Christianity is a great thing, if I could only meet one of these Christians…”

    In a long, roundabout way, my answer to your question about ‘mutual respect’ is this… Christ is the ONLY answer… but we humans are defective and broken and we misrepresent Him constantly! Only through Scripture can we see the TRUE Christ… don’t place your faith in a man/woman (to be PC) but in the Creator!

    Now, enough preaching, let’s get back to sports! 🙂

  125. farley662 Says:

    When do I get my cut or the collection plate that’s about to be passed around? My leg is starting to twitch like Steve Martin in “The Jerk.” And I’m a sprinkler, not a dunker! The peace of the Lord boys!

  126. willn1 Says:


    “One avenue of CHANGE is to remove all race related indicators”…..I could not agree more. I have friend that is black and I asked why does he call himself African-American instead of American. He told me that America makes him choose to be called something instead of just American. I thought about it and it’s very true. Very few countries force their citizens to choose a sub-category. We should get rid of the boxes that say Caucasian, Black, Asian, etc, and replace it with a box that say Citizen….Yes or No.

    If we want one America, our government can take the lead by removing these little check boxes that have become outdated. We have millions of Americans that are multi-racial yet they are forced to pick a box. Maybe a compromise would be to keep the black, white, asian boxes and simply add another one that say, “Just plain ole American” and let us choose to more than a race. We could be Americans.

    2thdoc, yes that was my first post and thank you for the compliment.

  127. nabhi Says:

    imabulldog — Again, you misread. I never wrote that the Bible ok’d killing babies. However, Exodus 21:22 does say that if a fetus that is aborted due to the mother being struck, the guilty is not guilty of a life. In other instances in the Mosaic Law, if a person accidentally killed another, that one remained guilty of taking a life, though the openalty was much less than if it were intentional.
    (By the way, I do not need your advice regarding translations. I did study Hebrew and Greek — when they were new languages — on the way to my Ph.D. years ago. NASB is good and I use it, but really prefer the NIV. Nor do I recommend the Living Bible as a study Bible. But I do like the way it uses the term “rebel”. Read the context of my post. Man, try to inject some humor . . .!)

  128. 2thdoc Says:

    I like it…a little Bible translation smack. I can barely understand English much less Hebrew

  129. farley662 Says:

    Well, my God would whip your God’s butt!

  130. thespear Says:

    nabhi, that verse, going by your description, is irrelevant to today’s abortions. As you describe, that verse deals with someone striking the woman, causing premature birth. THIS VERSE DOES NOT DEAL WITH ABORTION. Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo. If you want to be technical and suggest a miscarriage is under the abortion category, then we have to look at intentional and unintentional abortions. Your verse would deal with unintentional abortion, not intentional. I don’t know your full opinion on the matter but any person who follows the Bible and believes it to be the Word of God, should have difficulty considering themselves pro-choice. And lets all remember what God says in Jeremiah 1:5, Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Abortion is murder, there is no way around it!

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