Daddy Hansbrough speaks


Did you all see this story on Ben Hansbrough in today’s St. Louis Dispatch?

Interesting comments from the father.


43 Responses to “Daddy Hansbrough speaks”

  1. cnd46 Says:

    What a loser

  2. jaybirdms Says:

    “Play in a competitive program”

    What an a**clown.

  3. luckydog20 Says:

    Well piss on him!

  4. shaunbbassin Says:

    If I wasnt good enough for Mizzou coming out then I sure wouldnt give them a 2nd chance later on. Oh well maybe they can finish as high as 8th place with him in 2 years.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    Put on the black and gold and trot down to starkville again next year- we’ll kick that butt like we did this year!

    Get you some black and gold diapers to match

  6. imabulldog Says:

    The only reason they were worth anything is because of Quin Snyder, where’s he at now?

    Stanz needs to keep him away from SEC possibilities

  7. goldendawg Says:

    exactly what say does stans have? does he have to approve any transfer request?

  8. jaybirdms Says:

    ima, I might be wrong, but I think Quin Snyder did pretty bad in his last year or so. Quit mid-season if I remember correctly.

  9. imabulldog Says:

    oh I know, but they were on the map to begin with because of him

  10. imabulldog Says:

    goldendawg, as former coach he can keep him from transferring to a SEC school

  11. carwwest Says:

    sounds like his dad is either way too cocky because what his eldest son has accomplished or he is sore about something….

  12. db33 Says:

    You’d think Coach Stansbury definitely learned his lesson, the hard way, with Ervin/ARK. I definitely remember last season losing to them late in the regular season which caused us to end up tied for the West title with UMIss. Then, they beat us in the semi’s of the SEC tourney, knocking us out of the Big Dance, and putting them in. I’ll never forget seeing Ervin running around pointing to the Arkansas on his jersey after beating us.

    I don’t care if Ben begs to go to Florida or wherever, you tell that punk the answer is NO.

  13. thespear Says:

    Hansbrough thinks he is an elite talent or something…… hahahahahahahahaha

    Ben will never be more than a complimentary player. He plays the wing well but will never be able to dominate a game. Have fun sitting on the bench elsewhere.

  14. getrealkid Says:

    Lets just say that Daddy H and Stansbury are on opposite ends of the spectrum on what kind of men they are and how they live their lives. Rick most likely told Ben the truth that Ben had reached the highest potential he would ever reach. Which would be starting on for a team in a major conference and receiving major minutes. He won’t get that chance again.

    Personally, I wish we had passed on Ben and let him go to Southern Illinois or Missouri. He isn’t really fit for the big stage like his brother is. He can hit wide open shots and free throws though. So thats something to be proud of.

  15. farley662 Says:

    threw me off with that email GG.

  16. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Sorry. Great stuff, though. I’m still laughing. Can you imagine?

  17. farley662 Says:

    The last name was different. That’s the 2nd player. There was another one somewhere here recently as well.

  18. thingreenline Says:

    The funniest thing about that article is how much daddy is getting involved. Ben is 20 yrs old now. And his dad is cold-calling the coaching staff?? I can understand Scotty Hopson’s bimbo mom being vocal, at least a little bit, b/c the kid is 17. But, Ben has been around enough that he doesn’t need daddy to hold his hand all the way through. Maybe that’s where the problem is. F**k both of ’em.

  19. imabulldog Says:

    on the bright side…..(crickets)

  20. theconquistador2 Says:

    I no longer care that he’s transferring. There is plenty of talent (if not more) that can easily take his place. Hell, we’ve had a lot of players transfer over the years and we keep on winning.

  21. dadwithpride Says:

    Don’t mind a kid leaving if he isn’t happy at shere he plays or works. But don’t throw stones while you are running out the door. All he had to say is, “i’m not happy here, thanks to MSU for giving me a chance, I wish them well in the future.”

  22. theconquistador2 Says:

    So what’s this thing on the front page of the Djournal about a bigfoot loose around Thomas Street Elementary?

  23. lollipopkid Says:

    “A competitive program…”

    Where exactly did Missouri finish last year? In fact, In the last 15 years, has Missouri been relevant in basketball for any period of time whatsoever? How is the move from MSU to Mizzou not a backward move competitively?

  24. judwe Says:


    In one universe Mr. Hansbrough is upset and thinks his son can’t be successful at Mississippi State. His son is upset about facilities, doesn’t think he could be “good enough” at MSU.

    In a parallel universe parents are getting the news that their child died serving our country in the alleys of Iraq.

    Ben, what about a 15 month deployment?


  25. lollipopkid Says:

    I just checked to make sure. In the last 7 years (i.e. since Ben’s been in Jr. High), Missouri has never had a better record than MSU and averaged 5.2 fewer wins per year. Missouri has never been to the Final Four in their 21 NCAA trips.

    Just throwing that out there.

  26. thespear Says:

    mizzou may just be his chance to get some pt in another major conference. and he will get to be closer to mommy and daddy. Aww, I bet Ben is homesick!

  27. bedgood Says:

    I posted a comment on this yesterday.

  28. judwe Says:

    Ben is the baby in that family.

    Anyone remember the knock on him in HS. He had a lot of run ins with his HS coach. Problems were gone by his Senior year (so was Tyler). Having the run of the team must have pacified him.

  29. bedgood Says:

    But I agree, piss on him and his two sons. But, only one of them is worth a crap and of course we get the one with less talent.

    We always get the cry-babies. And this one will go to a school that will be another thorn in our sides, like Mississippi or LSU, just like the last one. If it is true that a coach has say so where a transfer goes, then Stansbury should be fired for letting Ervin go to Arkie. He should be shown the door with Polk and Templeton. There is more to that story than we all know, just like there is more to this one that we all know. Stansbury is a great coach and a better person/father, somebody has something on him for this to keep happening.

  30. topdog58 Says:

    Dear Ben and Daddy,

    Your shipment is in the mail.



  31. thespear Says:

    bedgood, Stans has to release a player from their scholarship for them to be eligible for a scholarship at another SEC school. I think he was willing to do whatever it took to get Ervin out of Starkville.

  32. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I would say, sweet dreams and good ridance to daddy and son H. MSU is a predominately known and famed school with successful basketball and baseball programs; second to none. Football??? Next season the shoes of those that have departed Starsville will be filled with just as good competitors. The baseball coach, as well. Just try to hold down the “Gun Fights at OK Corral”.

    Please forgive my asking; but are there two identical twins posting on this blog? I see what appears to be twin pic in avatar.

  33. 2thdoc Says:

    Jimmy B, if I didn’t know any better, I would think this MSU thing is growing on you a little bit. There’s not much happening around Oxford these days so why don’t you come on over to the dark side and buy you a cowbell and a new grill for tailgating. You don’t seem like The Grove type anyway. Enjoy the free fall with us.

  34. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    2thdoc, the MSU thing is not really growing on me, but it does make me think and wonder, why this Institution of great Veterinary Science cannot control this outbreak of all this animal disbehaviour.
    That “cowbell” thing is just a hopeful signal to a lost herd that will never return.
    The march thru The Grove was some sort of mental thing that worked for The Vaught gang, but it will never return again. It been tried every since, but, no successful avail.

    I would appreciate your offer for the tailgating. Please don’t let farley serve one of those whole pig on a charger.

  35. nashdawg Says:

    “Gene Hansbrough said. “I think he wants to play in a competitive program and be able to excel as a team… “He doesn’t have his mind made up about anything except that he doesn’t want to play at Mississippi State next year.”

    Bless h-i-s heart!

    Oh, I believe Stans is a little past 40. He’s a man! Sounds like another man needs to grow up. Flaking out on a committment is a character trait Ben’s father does not want to give to his son.

  36. farley662 Says:

    But, he’s a man of his word and he prayed about it! Garrett sounding son of a bitch!

  37. tcfan Says:

    Players can give up on committments and it’s no big deal but coaches can and it’s all good unless your Bobby Petrino.

  38. bcdog Says:

    I hate to see him go because of his grittiness, but am not really worried. Is there anyone who doesn’t think Ravern Johnson can take up his slack next year? I think, given the chance this year, Ravern could have equal Ben’s point total.

  39. topdog58 Says:

    I agree, but in typical Stans fashion, Ravern got virtually no experience this year because he insisted on playing Pussybrough for 35 minutes a game despite his lack of production in a lot of games this year.

    Of the 28 starts (30 total played games) that Pussybrough made this year, he scored single digits in 16 games. That is not the type of production you want from your “shooter” that is playing 35 minutes a game. But, of course, I’m sure it’s all Jamont’s fault, right haters?

  40. Braves Dawg Says:

    At least he kept it groomed well. 🙂

  41. rebelnate Says:

    Must be well groomed it is an absolute must.

  42. dc31 Says:


    practice facility = Rick Stansbury

  43. fun2bmaroon Says:

    Being old, there’s an old saying…..If you think you are important, take this little test…

    Stick your finger in a glass of water, and when you pull the finger out, see how long it takes for the hole to fill back up …..

    that’s Ben, or any other player that thinks they’re THAT IMPORTANT to a team…..That’s why it’s called a team….it takes everybody pulling together. I wish Ben the best, but in the meantime….Let’s go Dawgs !!!!

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