Gordon talks . . .


Time for your daily Jamont Gordon update . . .

He told me, by text message, he’s still not sure what he’s going to do.

This message was brought to you by my Blackberry.


15 Responses to “Gordon talks . . .”

  1. judwe Says:

    Ok guys rumor is we have a visit from a 6’6″ wing man out of Houston Texas/ Tyler JC coming in for a visit. Only played AAU ball AFTER his senior year of high school. Sounds like a REAL find for the staff. Apparently we recruited him last year but didn’t have a scholarship for him. According to those involved he has the handle of a PG but the athleticism to post up.

    Jimmy Butler !!!!


  2. judwe Says:


    looks like it’s between Marquette, Iowa State and US… signing day is Wednsday and we get the last visit this weekend according to an Iowa State Website.

    Lookin’ good. No wonder Stan’s wished Ben well….

  3. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I’m always leery of JUCO transfers. It usually takes ’em a full year to make the adjustment.

  4. judwe Says:

    Yeah but what about Dontae’ Jones, Horatio Webster and Detrick White?

    It’s all about the timing and the right fit.

    Marquette thinks he’s committed already but even they say he’s still visiting State.

    He’ll have 3 years of eligibility remaining.

  5. db33 Says:

    I like a juco at this point. We cannot keep having green, lightly recruited, freshmen in key backup roles. We need someone to come in and really contribute. One reason we weren’t a much better team this year was that Stansbury had nobody behind Ben & Barry. Freshmen Turner & Benock simply weren’t good enough, experienced enough, to be solid backups. Why? That’s what the Delks leaving did to us.

    At this late stage in the game, there isn’t going to be any stud HS recruit out there that can really step in and go. It’s going to take finding a good juco.

    Butler sounds like a good one. Juco AA, good size at 6-6. Sounds like a good player to go with Ravern Johnson on the wing.

  6. judwe Says:

    Last night recruit Nick Williams (Mobile/ 6’4″ guard has been released from his scholarship with Marquette.

    I wonder if we have called yet?

  7. nearlynormalized Says:

    Is Mississippi State and intellectuall challenged school? Why is it when I listen to the male athletes it sounds like a foreign language? Do you have English as a second language taught at Mississippi State? Why not have some of you not so well spoken athletes take the class, even though they were born and raised in the good old U S of A.

  8. judwe Says:

    Weeze just ignunt peeple…. Oh, by the way… come again with you’re last sentence Captain Correction.

  9. dc31 Says:


  10. goldendawg Says:

    Nearlynormalized, your post is written in very poor english. Maybe, you should take a refresher in English. For now, these corrections will suffice. It should be “an intellectually challenged school” not “and intellectual challenged school.” Next, “Why is THAT when I listen…” And your last sentence is impossible to correct.
    So why don’t you learn to write properly before you criticize others for not speaking properly.

  11. dawgbones Says:


    Coaching staff says he is gone.

  12. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I think he is too, dawgbones. But until he tells me . . .

  13. judwe Says:

    Gregg, I expect the next time you speak to Jamont you should ask him to answer in German, Spanish, French, Russian or Yiddish as one of those is what the journalists will be speaking to him next year.

    I don’t blame him for leaving. He wants to be a professional basketball player. You only have about a 10 year window that can happen in once you hit 21. He can make very good coin over there and by leaving now he gives himself one more year of earning power. I only hope he banks his money well… if so… he will be RETIRED in about 10-15 years. Lucky Dawg.

    Best wishes Jamont… thanks for the memories.

  14. Gregg Ellis Says:

    LOL, judwe.

  15. nearlynormalized Says:

    Stuff happens, do your athletes graduate or just fill up space?

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