There may be 500 fans left at DNF


Not that there were a lot to begin with. The official attendance is 2,044.

It’s now a final, as Vanderbilt cruised to a 16-0 thumping.

Mississippi State has now lost all five SEC series this year. And going back to last season, the streak is seven.

Here’s a couple of notes for you to ponder, too.
• Vanderbilt hasn’t swept a series on the road since 1993 when it blanked Georgia.
• The Commodores last won a series at DNF in 1986.


23 Responses to “There may be 500 fans left at DNF”

  1. judwe Says:

    New slogan contest… I’ll lead off.

    – Mississippi State Baseball: But we have nice facilities.

  2. judwe Says:

    -Mississippi State Baseball: We invented College Baseball… then we forgot HOW.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    Mississippi State baseball… Old habits die hard, that’s why we make them retire 🙂

  4. imabulldog Says:

    I’m watching ole miss’s spring game and they are getting all the calls! I can’t stand it

  5. Gregg Ellis Says:

    LOL, ima

  6. cajundawg Says:

    Mississppi State Baseball… the Chicago Cubs of the SEC!

    But then again, “that’s baseball”

    [shaking his head in disbelief and shock as his beloved bulldogs have let him down yet again!]

  7. cajundawg Says:

    Ima… before you get angry… I am a Cub fan… DIE HARD! Just like I am a Bulldog fan to the core! I live in South Louisiana and pulling for MSU here puts me in some pretty awkward situations… LSU fans are so arrogant!

  8. imabulldog Says:

    cajundawg you exactly how to cut me down to the bone don’t you! 🙂

  9. cajundawg Says:

    Not a cut my brother… not a cut… just the hard truth! 🙂

  10. imabulldog Says:

    glad to hear you are a Cubby, I love em both too, they both seemed to disappoint most of the time

  11. cajundawg Says:

    you are so correct… being a cub and bulldog fan can be quite frustrating…

  12. cajundawg Says:

    How in the CRAP can we get beat 16-0? What the heck happened… 31 runs in 2 games? Sheeeeesh… I thought our pitching was going to be the strong point of this team? NOT!

  13. cajundawg Says:

    Greg… did it look that bad… was it THAT bad… errors… bad pitching… terrible hitting… what? Can you ‘splain?

  14. topdog58 Says:

    Dudy Noble Field, home of the shittiest baseball in the SEC.


  15. Gregg Ellis Says:

    cajun, it was the worst baseball I’ve seen MSU play.

  16. nashdawg Says:

    Playing baseball involves skill, puttng players in the right position, coaching, etc… A large factor also depends upon confidence! I would say our Diamond Dawgs are trying to play with about 5% confidence in themselves.I have been watching the Dawgs since Brantley, Raffy, Will Clark days. This team has very little left in them

  17. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Gregg, what is happening to this State baseball team? I cannot believe this is! Miss State baseball is a national power house. It mystifies me as to what is happening.

  18. dgnrshnx Says:

    Polk should have stayed retired the first time.

  19. 2thdoc Says:

    Gregg, you need to ask DJ for a raise or overtime pay for trips that you have to sit through State baseball games. Cruel and unusual punishment.

  20. bulldog38 Says:

    We havn’t been a National power in 10 or so years now.

    Jimmy Barbee Says:

    April 12, 2008 at 7:11 pm
    Miss State baseball is a national power house.

  21. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    blldog38, where have you been for the past 50 years? Under a rock; just last season the dawgs were the only SEC team to make it to Omaha. Thats places them somewhere in top 8.

  22. bulldog38 Says:

    We have a good tradition , but it’s hard to say National Power and have no National titles to back it up.

  23. imabulldog Says:

    You know I always thought Nutt looked a little ‘fem’, I use that to be PC in the message I’m trying to get across. But he looks even more fem in his straw ole miss hat he wore yesterday at the spring game. Looked like something an old woman would wear to church 🙂

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