Baseball and golf . . . 2003 football similarities


The two go together like . . . well, nothing. But it is a big day for both sports.

First, it’s the final day of the Master’s. Will you be watching? Can Tiger roar back to win? Will Immelman realize the stage he’s on and choke? We shall see.

Then there’s baseball. Mississippi State baseball, that is. Will 1,500 be on hand for the series finale between MSU and Vandy? In two games, barely 4,000 have walked through the turnstiles. Well, make that the electronic scanner thingie. No more turnstiles at DNF.

And note, with the Commodores’ 16-0 drubbing of the Bulldogs on Saturday and 15-8 win on Friday, they’ll be going for their first SEC road sweep since 1993.

“The good thing about baseball is you get to play again tomorrow,” MSU lead-off hitter Grant Hogue said.

True, but the question begs: Does this team have any shot whatsoever of qualifying for the SEC tournament?

And on a cruel note, is this the 2003 version of MSU football with Jackie Sherrill on his last rodeo?

Thanks, Jackie.


4 Responses to “Baseball and golf . . . 2003 football similarities”

  1. 2thdoc Says:

    No shot to qualify for the tourney. Hitting might be good if not great a few games, but our pitching will not allow that to even factor in our chances. Too much lighter fluid on that staff for other teams to light up whenever they want to.

    I’ll be pulling for Tiger to pull off the improbable again. With so many young guys at the top of the leaderboard, I doubt that they will all pull a Greg Norman and let a great round by Tiger be enough. Golf will be be much more exciting than tuning in to listen to the aluminum pings coming from the radio when State is pitching.

  2. bulldog38 Says:

    Record wise maybe, but I don’t think this team has any resemblence of the Jackie’s last team. Jackie’s team was filled with trouble makers, this team is field with great kid’s having a run of bad luck.

  3. crosstowndawg Says:

    I think he means on the field, in that they coudn’t be any worse or appear any less interested.

  4. crosstowndawg Says:

    And that both teams completely mailed it in after the head coach announcing his resignation mid-season.

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