Beckham now a Bulldog


Antiquawn “Twanny” Beckham has officially signed his scholarship papers with Mississippi State.

The 6-foot-5 shooting guard and Louisville, Ky., averaged 15 points and eight boards for The New Hampton School, a prep school in New Hampshire.

He joins newcomers Dee Bost and Romero Osby, who signed back in November.


15 Responses to “Beckham now a Bulldog”

  1. jaybirdms Says:

    Has anybody heard if Scotty Hopson has officially signed with UT, now?

  2. 2thdoc Says:

    Scotty’s mom will tell us where his signing party will be when she is good and ready.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    he signed with UT two weeks ago I thought. Anyway, sounds good to me, I think we’ll need all the help we can get. He’ll be nice addition to the recruiting class

  4. 2thdoc Says:

    Gregg can you tell Croom to sign this kid for football?:

    Tory Shack(great football name) is an 11 year old kid that we see that was just in the office. He is a noseguard and OT for a little league team in Tupelo who is 5′8″ and 262 lbs. A FREAKING MONSTER 11yr old who will be at Tupelo High in a couple of years. He already wants to play at Ole Miss but a super nice and very mature kid. I would be shocked if he’s not going to end up in the NFL.

  5. jaybirdms Says:

    Hopson committed on 4/1, but he has not signed yet. Just wondering if he is going to jerk them around like he did MSU.

  6. lollipopkid Says:

    What about those juniors at THS right now? Croom needs to get on Payne, O’Neal and a couple of those offensive linemen as well. Those guys all look like they could mature into quality players.

  7. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Today was the first day a player could sign.

  8. farley662 Says:

    Where you been today head?

  9. imabulldog Says:

    he been chillin’

  10. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Sleeping and doing interviews. Didn’t make it back from J-Town until 2:30 this morning.

  11. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    It appears that young Tory Shack has the correct future target in mind.

  12. bigdraws Says:

    Better not be too good. Or Auburn’s defensive line might have to take him out.

  13. bigdraws Says:

    They were joking on Matt Wyatt’s radio show tonight. About how fun it will be to here Jack try to announce this guys name.

  14. 2thdoc Says:

    Hopson and Mom appear to be doing their thing again by not signing “yet” with UT.

    GG, delete this if you want to from The Tennessean:

  15. sbullie Says:

    Sounds like a whole bunch of Drama (Hopson) and maybe starving for attention (NBA). I think he has held out enough but I don’t pity Tennessee.

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