Interesting tidbits of the day


There are several, but lets start with baseball . . .

• Since 2004, only three SEC teams have had losing records – Georgia, Auburn and Kentucky.
But with the season more than half completed, Mississippi State is on the verge on joining that not-so-elite company. The Bulldogs, who host Tennessee this weekend at Dudy Noble Field, are currently 16-25 and 4-14 in league play without a series win this year. And note, losing seasons aren’t what MSU fans are accustomed too. The last time that happened? Try 1975, when MSU finished 16-24 overall and 6-16 in SEC play under skipper Jimmy Bragen.

• In an attempt to avoid USM’s hacklers, MSU coach Ron Polk decided to stay in the dugout rather than oversee third base. He turned those duties over to Tommy Raffo. If you recall, Polk didn’t have too many nice things to say about their fans following Tuesday’s game. And if you remember, two years ago he was escorted off the field by police after being ejected from the game. It’s always something at Southern.

• In football news, there will be no Liberty Bowl in 2008. No. The game is not being eliminated. Instead, it’s being moved to Jan. 2, 2009.

• Looking for more news on all of Mississippi sports, check out I think you’ll find it interesting. Bo Bounds of SuperSport 930 in Jackson is the man behind the site. Let me know what you think.

• And finally, if there are any Civitan members out there, I’ll speaking at their luncheon today in Tupelo. And if you want to heckle me, fine. I won’t pull a Polk. Well, maybe.


9 Responses to “Interesting tidbits of the day”

  1. jaybirdms Says:

    GG, I heard that USM was presenting some type of honor to Coach Polk last night. Seriously. Some kind of “Lifetime Acheivement” type award.

    You hear about that?

  2. Gregg Ellis Says:

    They gave him a plaque.

    He complains about the fans, then accepts a plaque for his Long-time service. Only Polk!

  3. thespear Says:

    bo has more attractive athletic pictures on his site lol

  4. Gregg Ellis Says:

    can’t argue that, spear.

  5. judwe Says:

    The fact that he’s paying attention to hecklers AT ALL clearly shows the man’s lack of focus on the task at hand. As if the constant and ongoing NCAA battles haven’t shown this already.

  6. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Maybe it’s a ploy to devert attention away from the losing. I just find it odd he’s now all of a sudden worried with heckers.

  7. bigdraws Says:

    It’s amazing how he’s suddenly become a crazy old man. This is just getting ridiculous. BTW GG, White sox are roaring back.

  8. dawgface52 Says:

    Well Gene has opened a ‘Thank you Ron Polk’ forum over on his board. Maybe that will help ole Ron get over the nasty USM fans. LOL

  9. jaybirdms Says:

    Gene’s such a sweetheart.

    Shouldn’t he know that RP doesn’t have a computer?

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