Great turnout in Tupelo for MSU tour stop


Just got back from the Road Dawgs Tour featuring Sylvester Croom and Greg Byrne, and it was quite the crowd.

Overflowing, you might say.

Organizers told me it was around 115 people in attendance, about about 30 more people than expected based on RSVPs. They were pleased.

Now for the highlights . . .
• Byrne said a new scoreboard and video board (JumbroTron) could be in place by the fall, but more than likely it will be ready for 2009.
• He also said Bulldog Club membership is up by nearly 950 in the last year.
• Croom talked about the progress the team made and the leadership of Wesley Carroll, and said Tyson Lee will get a lot of playing time.
• But of all that was said, it was Croom’s comments about the shooting incident back in March that drew the most attention. Mainly because for the first time he went on record saying Rodney Prince, Jamon Hughes and Anthony Johnson were somewhat involved, but would have to wait until the Grand Jury hearing to know just how involved they were. He also said Hughes had no chance of coming back and that he’ll transfer, but left the door open for Johnson and Prince to come back.
• Croom also made a reference to pillow gate involving Ole Miss, I think. He said if MSU had 24 players steal pillows and clocks, they wouldn’t be back. Of course, he was trying to make a funny. At least I hope he was, because I could call him out on several players with DUIs and other mishaps that are still on the team. Again, I’m going to assume it was joke since it was at an alumni event.

If any of you were there, I’d be interested in hearing what you had to say.

Oh, and Eric Butler signed with the New York Giants.


5 Responses to “Great turnout in Tupelo for MSU tour stop”

  1. cnd46 Says:

    Thanks GG for answering my question

  2. theconquistador2 Says:

    So, the Bulldog Club is up 950 in the past year. Is this a normal annual increase or could this be directly linked to the “retirement” of Larry Templeton and the displeasure many had with him?

  3. bigdraws Says:

    And winning football and basketball seasons.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    true draws, I never liked LT, appreciated what was accomplished under his ‘reign, but not the man. Hope Byrne can catch the big uns’ for our teams and school!

    Pillows…shootouts…pillows…shootouts ………..crickets 🙂

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