My many thanks to you guys


This blog hit an exciting new high today, as we made it to the top of the list at Word Press. Check it out for yourself.

Considering WP manages 3 million blogs, I say being No. 1 isn’t all that bad.

Just so you’ll know, we’re now at 600,000 hits and 18,000 comments. And each day, the number of registered readers grows. But the stat I really like is that since January, we are averaging 3,500 hits a day. In January alone, the average was 4,100.

I can’t express enough how much I value your loyalty and readership.

All I ask is that you keep it up.


24 Responses to “My many thanks to you guys”

  1. themaroonandwhite Says:

    and my claim to fame now…i created the header to the most popular site on wordpress! i saw earlier that some people wanted to take the legend off of it. that’s ok. if someone makes a better one…then use it gregg! you won’t be stepping on my toes or anythign like that. i’m just glad i could help when you were getting the site started!

  2. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Nope. Not going to change. Only if you want to change. I know how hard you worked. If you want to update or do another, I’m game.

  3. bigdraws Says:

    GG, if you had more pictures available Jerrell Powe might visit too.

  4. 2thdoc Says:

    I don’t think so Draws. You have to find the site on the internet or type it in. After that if he comments, he would have to register and sign in each day. Impossible.

  5. bigdraws Says:

    Man, if there were such things as crayons for the internet……

  6. Gregg Ellis Says:

    2thdoc, are you having to register every day?

  7. cnd46 Says:

    GG, that is great. Congratulations

  8. hailstate Says:

    That’s quite an accomplishment, congrats Gregg. Off subject, sounds like we already have a blue chip reciever in O’neil Wilder (Track Team), 6′-4″ and a 4.48 40. Heard anything about him getting any playing time on the gridiron?

  9. 2thdoc Says:

    Gregg, just kidding. But he would have to register at least once.

  10. bigdraws Says:

    GG, have you heard the rumor we may be getting Oregan State’s head coach? He won the CWS two years in a row. Now that would make me happy.

  11. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Well, 2thdoc, I asked that because there have been a few people having problems. I was worried.

    Draws, I’ve heard that rumor and every other one there is. Now, Greg Byrne was at Oregon State, so, that’s why I don’t totally dismiss it.

  12. nabhi Says:

    Congratulations. “Keep it up”? At my age I would like to.

  13. nabhi Says:

    Wait, I didn’t mean . . . well, you see, I am very busy and just cannot . . . oh, dang it!

  14. methuselah1933 Says:


  15. db33 Says:

    Out of curiosity, how many registered users do you have now?

  16. cnd46 Says:

    Hey Double G, with all of the talk with Ole Miss’ jumbotron, what is the status on our new one.

  17. cnd46 Says:

    And I would love it if Oregon State’s coach became our coach, the west coast is a hotbed of pitching talent and frankly that’s what we need.

  18. sanfordrjones Says:

    You should probably thank the Six Pack for some of your readership. I never read your blog until they put a link to it at the top of the message board.

  19. thespear Says:

    Daily Journal staff listen up! For this blogs brilliant success, Gregg should get a raise, and the rest of us should be compensated in some way for all our hard work.

  20. 2thdoc Says:

    sanford, I think Gregg thanked Dawgstudent personally by email for the link. It was a good gesture on DS’s part to link to them all.

  21. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I am very grateful for Six Pack linking the blog. That accounts for probably 33 percent of my hits.

    As for registered users, I’m not sure the total. I just know when the new ones come on board, I have to approve them.

    CND46, hopefully I answered your question on the new post on the tour stop in Tupelo.

  22. themaroonandwhite Says:

    gregg, if you ever have anything in mind that you would like…just let me know. i can’t do everything but i can probably handle some requests if you want to make it mo betta or fit your wants mo betta…perhaps a djbulldogs wallpaper or something too! ha

  23. 2thdoc Says:

    maroonandwhite, could you add some guns, bullets, and corndogs in the background? At least until football season is over?

    Just kidding, looks good…you got some skillz on the keyboard.

  24. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Thanks to you Gregg and maroonandwhite. This is an exciting web site. Good work that you are doing.

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