Ryan Collins could play this weekend


Despite a torn labrum he suffered last Friday against Tennessee sliding into third on a triple, MSU coach Ron Polk said Ryan Collins could play this weekend at Auburn. He was able to practice Wednesday night without pain. Polk said he’s not sure if he can play, but he’ll take him just in case.

At first, the staff feared Collins was lost for the year, at the least.

Brandon Turner and Connor Powers won’t play, while Cody Freeman will stay at DH.

Also, the pitching rotation of Chad Crosswhite, Ricky Bowen and Justin Pigott will remain the same.


12 Responses to “Ryan Collins could play this weekend”

  1. cnd46 Says:

    Good to hear.

  2. cajundawg Says:

    That’s baseball! 🙂

  3. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Finally, the Bulldogs catch a break.

  4. maroon3 Says:

    Off topic–does Chris Garrett look like a genius now or what? With Perriloux out at LSU, the depth chart has changed significantly. I did not think they’d cut Perriloux loose, but obviously I don’t know the whole story.

  5. thespear Says:

    maroon 3, he is going to have to be out the likes of Russell Shepard,(Houston,TX) who is the #4 ranked prospect in the 2009 class. He had 34 scholarship offers including Michigan and USC. oh yeah, and he runs a 4.4….
    I just have a feeling Garrett going to have a few bench splinters

  6. thespear Says:

    beat out the likes of Shepard*

  7. rebelnate Says:

    I wish the best for the kid. Maybe he can go and really compete for the job at a national powerhouse like LSU. Plus spear if you think he is not that good you shouldn’t be worried about his playing time anyway.

  8. rebelnate Says:

    State will sweep Auburn this weekend.

  9. thespear Says:

    i couldn’t care less about his playing time, miss state lives on w/out Garrett, I was just drawing an opinion from the facts.

  10. rebelnate Says:

    Oh o.k. just didn’t sound that way. Sounded like a lot of pissing and moaning to me.

  11. thespear Says:

    no…. 0% pissing and moaning my friend, just stating that garrett is in the same lsu recruiting class as the 4th best rated player in the country. You must think that all us state fans do is whine and complain…. I, for one, never did bet my wallet on the idea of garrett saving miss state from its state of football mediocracy. Just funny how you can find moaning out of such an objective statement followed by an opinion….

  12. thespear Says:

    and i never said garrett wasn’t good, just raised the question: is he better than Russell Shepard…..sheesh

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