That’s it for MSU


Now, they’re officially done.

With LSU’s 15-6 drubbing of Mississippi State on Friday night, the Bulldogs were eliminated from the SEC Tournament for the third time in five years.

State’s season will end a week from today when Arkansas visits Dudy Noble Field, marking Ron Polk’s final games as MSU’s skipper.

The Tigers and Bulldogs resume their series with Game 2 at 3 p.m. today.


11 Responses to “That’s it for MSU”

  1. dawgface52 Says:

    3 out of 5 years, pitiful. 😦

  2. cajundawg Says:

    “That’s Baseball!”… SHHEEEEESSSSHHHH!

  3. statefanatolemiss Says:

    If I know State, now that they are eliminated they will prolly win out. haha

  4. Gregg Ellis Says:

    LSU rarely sweeps MSU.

  5. bulldog38 Says:

    I calling for the sweep

  6. theconquistador2 Says:

    What a pathetic pitching staff. I never have understood why Polk lets the pitchers sit out there and get pounded. Bowen gave up 7 runs and was getting roped for the second or third inning in a row and he finally pulls him. He brings in Busby and his first pitch goes to the back stop and a run scores. We look really bad.

    Only 5 1/2 games left!!!!!

  7. methuselah1933 Says:

    me luv doggies dey hunt again

  8. themaroonandwhite Says:

    Gregg….you should win an award for your article about Polk. I don’t usually say stuff like that. It has to be greatly deserved. But, that piece was absolutely incredible.

  9. dadawg Says:

    I’d like to second “themaroonandwhite’s” comment concerning your column on Coach Polk. Great job! The man is more than just a coach, he is an institution in college baseball. Who ever follows him will have some big, big shoes to fill. I think you captured what Ron Polk is all about in your column today. Thanks for your work on celebrating this man’s career.

  10. nashdawg Says:

    Can someone post a link to that column? And give an update on today’s gm. Tks

  11. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words. Nashdawg, it’s actually a two-story piece and I have it on a new blog entry.

    I’ve been in Memphis all day for a soccer tournament, starting very early this morning, and haven’t until now been able to do a new bog entry.

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