Drum roll, please


The SEC has announced its 2008 award winners, and for the first time I remember, there is no MSU representation.

SEC PLAYER OF THE YEAR – *Gordon Beckham, Georgia
SEC PITCHER OF THE YEAR – Joshua Fields, Georgia
SEC FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR – Hunter Morris, Auburn
SEC COACH OF THE YEAR – David Perno, Georgia
* unanimous selection

1B – Justin Smoak, South Carolina
2B – Josh Adams, Florida / Ryan Wilkes, Kentucky
3B – Pedro Alvarez, Vanderbilt / Logan Forsythe, Arkansas
SS – *Gordon Beckham, Georgia
C – Bryce Massanari, Georgia
OF – Collin Cowgill, Kentucky
OF – Sawyer Carroll, Kentucky
OF – Matt den Dekker, Florida/ Brandon May, Alabama
David Macias, Vanderbilt
DH – Alex Avila, Alabama
P – Patrick Keating, Florida
P – Chris Rusin, Kentucky
RP – Joshua Fields, Georgia


1B – Hunter Morris, Auburn
2B – Alex Feinberg, Vanderbilt
3B – James Darnell, South Carolina
SS – Ryan Flaherty, Vanderbilt / Reese Havens, S. Carolina
C – Yan Gomes, Tennessee
OF – Avery Barnes, Florida
OF – Dominic de la Osa, Vanderbilt
OF – Kentrail Davis, Tennessee
DH – Phil Disher, South Carolina
P – Lance Lynn, Ole Miss
P – Trevor Holder, Georgia / Stephen Dodson, Georgia
RP – Scott Bittle, Ole Miss


1B – *Hunter Morris, Auburn
2B – *Josh Adams, Florida
3B – David Cunningham, Auburn
SS – *Josh Rutledge, Alabama
C – *Micah Gibbs, LSU
OF – *Kentrail Davis, Tennessee
OF – Whit Merrifield, South Carolina
OF – Brian Fletcher, Auburn
DH – P.J. Polk, Tennessee
P – Drew Pomeranz, Ole Miss
P – Grant Dayton, Auburn
RP – Russell Brewer, Vanderbilt

P – Jared Bradford, LSU
1B – Rich Poythress, Georgia
2B – Ryan Wilkes, Kentucky
SS – Reese Havens, South Carolina
3B – Jake Smith, Alabama
C – Brett Basham, Ole Miss
OF – Matt den Dekker, Florida
OF – Collin Cowgill, Kentucky
OF – David Macias, Vanderbilt


7 Responses to “Drum roll, please”

  1. msudogsrule Says:

    Embarrassing. I know injuries, people leaving, bad bounces, coaching change, etc. can put a damper on a season (or outright destroy one), but not one player selected? Then again, about the only players I can think of perhaps deserving are Hogue and Weatherford. C. Powers would have been if the hammy didn’t pop.

  2. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I thought Hogue and Weatherford would have a chance. But the injury to Weatherford really hurt him – literally. I’d say he’s a Top 3 closer for sure.

  3. theconquistador2 Says:

    If certain players would have stayed healthy we’d probably have a couple listed. Freeman was pretty stout before he went down as was Collins and Powers. Same with Weatherford. Had he been healthy and pitched more, he’d likely be on the list. Moore came on very strong in the second half of the season.

  4. bigdraws Says:

    What will happen with Brandon Turner?

  5. theconquistador2 Says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that he’s gone. Whether it’s his choice or not. He’s a good player, but do you take a chance on his hammy holding up or does he become the first “NCAA mandated dumpee” on this team?

  6. bigdraws Says:

    Another question. Whatever happened to the inquiry by the NCAA about our rule violation of practice times?

  7. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Brandon has some big decisions to make. I’m not sure if he’ll ever get over the hamstring.

    As for the NCAA, draws it’s still under investigation, but MSU has provided all of its findings, and I’m told there was NO wrongdoing.

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