Cohen giddy about Burroughs


Last fall, Sylvester Croom gave me a hard time when I asked him if he was “giddy” about his team. He laughed and said he had never been asked if he was giddy before. Then a couple of weeks later, after the win against Auburn, he told me in a press conference he was giddy.

Well, thoughts of giddy came up again this evening when John Cohen called me back to talk about the hiring of Lane Burroughs.

It was easy to sense the enthusiasm over the telephone. And he was “giddy” for several reasons:
• Having coached together in the past, they developed a knack for knowing what the other is thinking.
• And second, Burroughs’ recruiting efforts are well documented.

“Having that familiarity is important,” Cohen said. “You’ve got to be able to know what each other is thinking.”

As for the rest of his staff, Cohen added that everyone could be in place as early as Friday or as late as Monday night.

Oh, in case you missed it, due to the coaching change, all summer camps have been cancelled.


12 Responses to “Cohen giddy about Burroughs”

  1. bigdraws Says:

    I’m telling you. If the dawgs return to their place on top of the SEC for a couple of years. This could be as exciting as the 80’s to be a bulldog. Add on to the grandstand and the attendance record gets shattered once again. I know, chicken before the egg. If we take a big step forward here it could happen easily.

  2. nashdawg Says:

    You’ve got to be jokin’ No summer baseball camps at all? Hummm, started out by eliminating a most valuable recruiting tool.

  3. charleston11 Says:

    I’ll tell you what is giddy: Cohen SEC record, hummmmm

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Nash my friend, I like you. Let Polk go.

  5. 2thdoc Says:

    Draws, it may be a couple of years before we see Cohens potential but I reserved my families season tickets today. Should be exciting to see what a weightroom can do for a baseball team. It might take a few days to get the cobwebs out of there.

  6. nashdawg Says:

    Ahhh, draws…it’s a hard thing for me to do. As a freshman at State I sat in those old grand stand bleachers at DNF way back in the spring of ’85. I have watched MSU baseball with the same coach longer than any other. From what I have read, 99% of everyone else is A-okay with the events. Majority rules… I give! Have a good one!

  7. bigdraws Says:

    GG, has anyone talked to Raffo? How’s he handling this? I’m glad about the hire but I hate to see him put out in the cold like this. I’ve been wondering if he would have handled the program differently than RP. I think many are assuming it would be the same slump that we’ve been in the past few years.

  8. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    The one thing that I thought of draws. Everybody automatically assumed that Raffo would just be another Polk. But, when you not the head man, you don’t run the show. I’m sure he had his own idea of what he would like to do, just like anyone else that aspires to get to the top of the profession. I know I wouldn’t do everything the same as my boss, but right now I follow the path he wants us to.

  9. 2thdoc Says:

    Draws, I have read from others that seem to be close to him that he is really not wanting to talk about it, not handling it well, and has packed and is moving to Florida. He did say though that as an assistant you still do things the way the boss(Polk) has always done while he’s there. If he(Raffo) was head coach though he would have made his own changes to the program which would have differed from Polk. I took that to mean even differing styles.

    Cohen definitely the best for the job and Raffo will succeed somewhere. I don’t think as many of us would be so much against Raffo if Cohen and others were not available for MSU to hire. This years outcome really stuck in my mind as why MSU needed to not just turn the page but change books. There are several ways to do things and so far I like the first page of this one. Hoping for long read with a good ending.

  10. shmuley Says:

    Ellis, how bout not asking men with testosterone coursing through their systems whether they’re ‘giddy,’ OK? You might find yourself banned from the locker room.

  11. everydawghashisday Says:

    I’m not sure about Coach Cohen, but I think I would be scared to ask Coach Croom if he was giddy. Seems like that not a word he would want to use to describe himself. Bold move GG. I’d be afraid he’d run me.

  12. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Tommy has decided not to comment for the time being. I have a feeling if Pat McMahon gets the job at Central Florida, Tommy will join him there.

    As for the giddy comment, it really was funny watching Croom’s reaction. I caught him off guard. He likes that kind of stuff.

    He gives me a hard time, too. A couple of years ago during practice, it started to rain. Someone handed me an umbrella with flowers on it. I didn’t think a thing about it. During practice, Croom wheeled over to me in his golf cart and really gave me a hard time. It was hilarious.

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