Johnson not interested in leaving Vandy for MSU


Vanderbilt pitching coach Derek Johnson said is happy where he’s at and will not leave Nashville for the same position on John Cohen’s staff at Mississippi State.

Vandy baseball spokesman Thomas Samuel said Johnson told him there was nothing to the story about him leaving, and that he plans on staying with the Commodores as long as he is wanted.


20 Responses to “Johnson not interested in leaving Vandy for MSU”

  1. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Well, my guess then is Meridian Community College coach Chris Rose. Bet this happens pretty quick.

  2. msfan20 Says:

    I hope not. When the playing field got level for MCC baseball the great coach Rose and Company dropped down to Earth in hurry and next year they are getting out of the Miss Juco asso again. He also has a lot of players transfer out of his program to other JUCO’s and a lot of them end up having a great season at the school they go to. Andy Wilbanks and Chase Porch are two of those right off the top of my head. (Rose may have not been there when Wilbanks played.)

  3. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Rose has only been there like 2 years. Meridian Community College has been the launch pad for coaches to move on lately.

  4. Braves Dawg Says:

    I hear Farley has also denied any interest in a coaching position. He wouldn’t be able to coach in Oxford anyway and he’s intimidated by Polk’s ejection record.

  5. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Hey, I am sure Farley could catch up. Have a little faith!

  6. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Ya’ll quit picking on Farley. That’s not nice.

  7. jbuzz74 Says:

    msfan20, please dont talk about what you do not know or understand. wilbanks was way before rose’s time, and porch left because he was not content with just being a pitcher. He wanted to play shortstop as well and MCC had a eastcoast showcase shortstop. Rose has been head coach for two years and pitching coach one year before that. In his three years total at MCC. They have won the central division of MISS JuCO all three years and also the state tournament twice. They are leaving the Miss Juco becuase unlike other Comm. Colleges they have no recruiting district and are were being limited to only one player from each of the recruiting districts. MCC is also moving back up to division on JUCO ball which is both more difficult and more competitive than D2. In his coaching carrer Rose has never i repeat never had a single pitcher who has had to have tommy john surgery and no pitcher has had a arm related injury that was not pre-existant. IF Coach Rose is available, Cohen would be crazy not to offer him the job.

  8. jbuzz74 Says:

    Rose also has had the same problem as most D1 schools, four of the top five signees from last season were drefted and went pro, they were all pitchers. no other school could have won the state tournment in miss juco with that happening when your 1-4 starters get drafted and leave. also who wouldnt want that recruiting ability for MSU.

  9. jbuzz74 Says:

    And as to the transfering out of mcc most are because of playing time or the lack there of. MCC also has lots of D1 (even from MSU) who transfer back down to JUCO and they go to MCC. (Brent Tanner, Cavanaugh from USM, Garrett Haris from USM, Jordan King From USM, Tyler McMullin from Ole Miss; all this past season)

  10. jaybirdms Says:

    OK, we got it already.

  11. Gregg Ellis Says:

    jcdawgman, I see you started a three-page thread on Gene’s Page. That’s impressive.

  12. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Which one was it? I almost started some cyber-fights with some pretty civil discussion the other day….LOL

  13. Gregg Ellis Says:

    About the coverage of Polk’s comments. It amazes me that people rush to read comments such as those on Polk when it’s about other places. But when it’s there own school, it’s different.

  14. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Yeah, my point was just simply that we need to be ready to accept him back if he changes his mind, which I expect he will and believe he already is in the process of doing. There is too much for both sides to lose. Course the people who haven’t liked him lately anyway are all over him, never want to see him again, stuff like that. I just don’t think we should waste all that tradition because of one afternoon if he decides to change his tune. It got kinda heated between some folks, though.

  15. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Yeah, in my column today I said that he needs MSU and that MSU definitely needs him. Hopefully, the healing process is underway.

  16. Braves Dawg Says:

    Polk would be a great ambassador for MSU baseball. I wouldn’t have a problem with him if he wanted to come in out of the cold.

  17. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Just read the column. Good stuff, GG.

  18. bigdraws Says:

    I just hope RP reads it.

  19. Braves Dawg Says:

    Great read GG!

  20. everydawghashisday Says:

    I agree with the whole article, and hopefully RP will come around. I wonder if RP will have anything to say about the baseball camps being cancelled…

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