McNickle: “MSU family has been so awesome to me”


Russ McNickle doesn’t know what his future has in store, but as for his time at Mississippi State, he has no regrets.

McNickle, who spent the past seven years at MSU as an assistant, including the past four as the Bulldogs’ pitching coach, said he has several irons in the fire as far job possibilities are concerned. He also said Central Florida is close to hiring a coach, and it isn’t him.

As for MSU, he thinks the future is bright with John Cohen at the helm, and he told all the recruits he could they should honor their commitment.

He also acknowledged he would have liked to stay at MSU on Cohen’s staff.

“I was hoping to get a call from John and given consideration to stay here as the pitching coach,” he said. “It didn’t happen, and I’m disappointed. But I understand. He’ll put together a great staff, and I told all the kids we signed I’m confident he’ll do that.”

McNickle said he has nothing but great memories at MSU during both his stints. As he pointed out:
• He went to Omaha twice.
• Two of his teams won the SEC tournament.
• As a graduate assistant in 1989, MSU won the SEC regular-season crown.
• Then there are all the NCAA regionals he was part of.
• He also recalled his days as a graduate assistant, when he threw batting practice to Cohen.

“I had a chance to win a lot of games and be a part of the tradition here,” he said. “The MSU family has been so awesome to me. I’ll miss that more than anything, and it gives me goose bumps thinking about those things. You know, a year ago today I was packing my bags for Omaha. Now, I’m packing up my office. But I think John is going to do a great job.”


4 Responses to “McNickle: “MSU family has been so awesome to me””

  1. statefanatolemiss Says:

    GG, I have a couple of baseball questions as I am sure others do. May be a good time for blog bag, the baseball edition.

    I”ll post mine here.
    1. Now that we have hired Cohen what roster changes will we see, if any? Will he have to run some players off due to the scholarship cuts? How and when will this be done without evaluations?

    2. Will we see any new recruits come in for this year? This includes maybe some Polk didnt recruit that Cohen will (pitcher from East Central High who’s name escapes me someone help) or maybe some that Cohen recruited for UK. Rumor has it that the Webb kid from Paducah is gonna play for Cohen at State or sign a pro contract. Can he get out of his scholly from UK?

    3. Will Brandon Turner stay and will he be healthy enough to return to his freshman year form?

    4. Will Rashun Dixon go pro(not likely I hear), and will he be allowed to play baseball and football at State?


  2. statefanatolemiss Says:

    Classy move by McNickle. He will land someone and be successful. Best wishes Russ

  3. jaybirdms Says:

    Nice comments by McNickle. His pitching staffs had a rough time over the past few years, and it was prolly best for him to move on.

  4. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Impeccable class by Coach McNickle. Even though I didn’t agree with him a lot of the time, especially this year, I appreciate the time he has put in at MSU.

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