Rough day for Jamont Gordon


Sixty picks, and not one featured Jamont Gordon.

Thursday’s NBA draft has come and gone and Gordon nor Charles Rhodes were drafted. As for what this means for Gordon, I’m not sure.

It’s still unclear if he signed with an agent, and even more unclear is his eligibility status. Well, you know what I’ll be working on tomorrow.


14 Responses to “Rough day for Jamont Gordon”

  1. db33 Says:

    That’s the million dollar question. Are his grades in order for him to return? I’d think that they aren’t. That would mean that he’d have to sit out the fall games, get eligible, and return in January to play the SEC season and whatever postseason games, if there are any.

    Another sad case of a kid listening to the wrong people. If you aren’t a sure fire 1st rounder, or projected by EVERYONE as a high 2nd rounder, then YOU STAY IN SCHOOL and try to improve your stock. Period. Maybe it’s just not something they will allow themselves to hear, I don’t know.

    If he’s blown his shot to return by missing those classes, then this gets even sadder for Jamont.

  2. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Agree, but nearly every expert said he was a second rounder. Heck, Jay Bilas was high on him as a second rounder.

  3. db33 Says:

    Doesn’t matter. Unless you are projected by everyone as a first rounder or at worse a tweener, then it’s not worth the risk. The last 20 picks are always all over the map. The teams are looking at size & athleticism, potential, and that’s about it. Most don’t make the team. Most play in the NBADL.

    Only 1st rounders get guaranteed money anyway. 2nd rounders have to make the team or they don’t even get paid.

    If you are a senior then it’s the only hope you have. But, if you are an underclassmen & aren’t in that top 30-35 player list by everyone, then work your tail off your senior year to get there.

  4. Tom Says:

    Can’t believe some of the guys who went before Jamont and Charles. Oh well, hope free agency works out.

  5. tcfan Says:

    It’s a bad situation. As an Ole Miss fan, I still feel for Gordon. He was the #1 available pick for like the last 15 picks. I really thought San Antonio or Detroit would take him at the end for his defense, which seems to be their trend of players.

    The way Gregg talked at around late March, early April, Jamont had quit going to class. If he didn’t complete his courses, which I don’t believe he did, and even if he did, he missed a whole lot of classes and his grades probably were fair at best. I see a team quickly getting on the trail to sign him as a free agent and him taking the $$$ quick.

  6. db33 Says:

    Probably is what will happen tcfan. BUT, even if he isn’t eligible to play this fall, he could get his grades in order the fall semester and be eligible for the spring semester, just in time for the 16 SEC games and postseason.

    But, the main problem now is that he’s verbally agreed to sign with an agent, some cancer named Charles Grantham. He’ll get Jamont some tryout, some free agent deal contingent on him making the team, which undrafted free agents RARELY IF EVER do. He’ll sign with Grantham offically, and that will permanently close the door to return to MSU.

    That will be the final bad decision for JG.

  7. thespear Says:

    JG was predicted to go in every mock draft I saw. Looking forward to see what happens with him! Some of those picks were so absurd, I feel for JG

  8. tcfan Says:

    I agree thespear, some of the picks I saw were ridiculous. What’s even worse than that is all the picks teams picked of international guys who probably will never come to the USA.

    On the NBA Draft Preview, JG was one of the top six guards in the WHOLE draft according to Jay Bilas. Not saying he should’ve gone anyways, but I could see why he stayed in the draft.

  9. db33 Says:

    You guys have got to realize that this happens every year. The top 15 picks are never a big surprise. The next 15 come from about a 20-25 player pool. Once you hit pick 40, there is no telling who might or might not get taken. I never once saw Jamont Gordon projected as a first rounder or in the top 5-10 picks of the 2nd round. And, if you aren’t projected in that top 35-40 players by everyone, and I stress EVERYONE, it needs to be one of those total consensus type deals, then you DO NOT stay in the draft if you have any college eligibility remaining.

    We can only hope this Grantham guy hasn’t gotten him to sign yet. Jamont can still return to school. He can use this senior year to cut down on his TO’s, maintain his assists, and improve his shooting percentage. IF he does that, he will be a late 1st, early 2nd, rounder next year. It would take a monumental improvement to rise higher than that.

  10. thespear Says:

    I wish it was as easy as you put it, dlb.

    like tc pointed out, Jay Bilas is a big JG fan…. Bilas is no doubt one of the most highly reguarded sportscasters when it comes to college basketball….. not meaning to get off on a tangent, but sometimes i wonder how much these espn guys really know, Bilas pointed out that Shan Foster is really going to have to extend his 3 point range past the college level…. I know the NBA 3 is a big transition, but doesnt Foster hold some 3 point records?(sarcasm) I just wish Bilas could have seen the game between Vandy and our Dawgs when Foster was netting some long long loooooong bombs!

    Basically i think this draft comes down to the high number of underclassmen and international players getting chosen…. Besides JG, a lot of good talent was left undrafted at the end of the night

  11. db33 Says:

    It does every year. It’s sad to see some of that talent be underclassmen. Underclassmen who, like Jamont, never were considered one of the top 30 or so players in the draft. Underclassmen who stayed in anyway and ignored that.

  12. tebmsu97 Says:

    Sucks for JG, but I just felt like the writing was on the wall. I wonder if teams back off of a guy who retains his eligibility so they don’t waste a pick on a kid who may not even come to the league, seems unlikely but possible. I wish it was a little more like baseball, don’t declare anyone eligible for the draft, let teams pick whoever they want, and then let the kids decide to take the offer or not. Maybe with only 2 rounds that is not possible, but it would take the pressure off of some of these underclass kids and not cut as many careers short. Oh well, wish we could get him back, but I don’t see it happening. Good luck to ya Jamont.

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