Discipline . . . Details . . . Determination


In case you are interested, those are the three words on the back of the football players’ workout shirts.

The three Ds, you might say.


4 Responses to “Discipline . . . Details . . . Determination”

  1. bully4prez Says:

    they have the same kind of shirts at Alabama too.


    the staff think its going to be pretty effective. All the players are going around the locker room asking each other, “Whats mine say?”

  2. BirdZ! Says:


  3. thingreenline Says:

    Gregg, I’ve been behind lately. I checked out the athletics page on State’s website, but couldn’t find much detail. What big changes do you see resulting from signing with Learfield?

  4. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Money, money, money. Nearly twice as much.

    Fans won’t notice a thing.

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