Bring it on . . . It’s now official


In the world of college sportswriters, football began yesterday. In Memphis. With the start of Conference USA’s Football Blitz with the media.

I was there, primarily focusing on Southern Miss and first-year coach Larry Fedora.

Needless to say, it was an appetizer that wet the appetite. Now it’s time for main course, which begins Wednesday in Hoover for the annual SEC showdown.

Here is the schedule of events:
Wednesday – Florida, Mississippi State, LSU and Vanderbilt.
Thursday – Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss and Tennessee.
Friday – Auburn, Kentucky, Arkansas and South Carolina.


51 Responses to “Bring it on . . . It’s now official”

  1. bigdraws Says:

    It’s almost here boys!!

  2. bigdraws Says:

    Ole Miss makes the Missouri newspaper. Thought you guys might like this.

    Editor’s Note:
    Draws, hope you don’t mind that I did my magic to the link.

  3. dawgintheswamp Says:

    I am so ready

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Anytime GG (heels clicking in the air)

  5. farley662 Says:

    Got one question for you guys, ARE YOU REA………… GO TO HELL OLE MISS!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Hey Farley, I just filled your email box up. If you didn’t get them, lemme know.

  7. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Ah, yes. The unforgettable Deuce campaign.
    So much positive press out of Oxford these days./ Sarcasm off.

  8. jcdawgman18 Says:

    40 days till Bulldog Football, BTW.

  9. Gregg Ellis Says:

    40 days nothing. Try 13.

  10. farley662 Says:

    Got em all GG!

  11. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Well, 40 days till La Tech.

  12. farley662 Says:

    Any truth in the new logo thing GG? Their has been much talk about it on those two other places.

  13. theconquistador2 Says:

    Logo thing? What logo thing? Please tell me you’re referring to the football helmets?

  14. farley662 Says:

    They are talking about tweaking the logo from what I’ve heard. Got three pages of options. Know they have it on sixpack.

  15. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Yes, Farley. It’s something that is being worked on. I’ve been told, though, that the athletic department won’t be announcing the change. Instead, university relations will. Not sure when.

  16. farley662 Says:

    Will they change the uniforms????????????

  17. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Don’t know any of the details. It’s hush, hush right now.

  18. farley662 Says:

    It can’t be to hush hush. Got the logos in the trunk of the Van.

  19. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Hush hush on the actual design and changes. School not too happy those things leaked out.

  20. carwwest Says:

    i honestly am not a fan of any of those designs that have drawn up…..the interlocking “MSU” was the best helmet we will ever have….and those drawings look comical…..worse than arena football teams!!….even the “MS” from the baseball hats is better than those….i guess if they are going to have to change it, then at least keep the main gist of the m-banner logo but make it to where we can where a maroon helmet and have SOMETHING on our jerseys!!!….why cant we just go back to the miss. state on the jersey!?!?

  21. theconquistador2 Says:

    I heard sometime back that there may be some uniform changes, but I hadn’t heard anything about the logos. This could be great news if the changes are significant, but I will welcome any chages away from the current crap.

  22. tebmsu97 Says:

    Interlocking MSU, no doubt about it. I hate the M-State crapola.

    Countdown to football is in full swing. Less than 2 weeks until the pro pre-season kicks off and 17 days until the Black and Gold hits the field for the first time.

    I know it is just my July optimism, but I am getting pretty fired up about the Bulldogs this year. Our first 120 total yard game and much of that will fly right out the window, but until then I am all grins.

    We even made a new beer pong table this weekend to get into the tailgating spirit.

  23. theconquistador2 Says:

    Alright. I just looked at the designs and I’m with carwwest. Although some of them look better, I still don’t like them. I guess it’s the whole ribbon thing.

  24. bigdraws Says:

    “17 days until the Black and Gold hits the field for the first time. ”

    Go Chiefs!!!
    The only one I really like was the one with the sideways bulldog with the mat on his back.

  25. 2thdoc Says:

    My 2 cents would be “MS” because it is simple and looks more authentic to MSU.

  26. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I’m with you on that, 2thdoc.

  27. Braves Dawg Says:

    Same here.

  28. warbirdz44 Says:

    I think the unis we have now are the best we’ve had. Nice and classy. I was never a huge fan of the interlocking MSU.

  29. jcdawgman18 Says:

    2th, do that with the MS in white and the helmet maroon and I’ll like it. However, I have heard that Coach Croom likes the white because it is evidently easier for qbs to pick up receivers. However, I do not think this would be the case against teams that also have white. Therefore, I would love to see us use both. Use Maroon against teams like LSU, UT, AU, UF, etc., and white against teams that have dark helmets. But I like the MS on the helmets.

  30. bigdraws Says:

    warbirdz, I respect your opinion, but honestly you’re the only person I’ve ever heard say that.

  31. jcdawgman18 Says:

    warbirdz, you didn’t like the interlocking MSU? Are you serious?
    The uniforms we have now aren’t that bad, but the logo on the helmet is almost a brown and the socks aren’t that with white pants.

  32. jcdawgman18 Says:

    One question: What in the heck makes a uniform “classy”? It’s a uniform for crying out loud.
    I don’t really like any of the suggestions that I saw have been submitted. I like what we’ve got better than those.

  33. warbirdz44 Says:

    Just my opinion. I just think the M State logo is cooler than the MSU logo. They are both fine uniforms, I just like this one better.

  34. carwwest Says:

    i just miss the maroon helmets…..the little quarter sized m-state logo on the v neck is ridiculous…..our jerseys look like practice jerseys…..and the helmets have no character….they look like my old high school helmets where the just put stickers on them and dont even paint them….i wish i knew how to photoshop stuff so i could rig up a maroon helmet with the m-state or ms and something….but if they try to go with the over exagerrated m’s that are slanted or really pointy, im going to be pissed!!

  35. Braves Dawg Says:

    Some of those submissions remind me of the attempts OM made to replace Col. Reb. They should have just had a contest at my kids’ pre-school. There’s some pretty good artist in there.

  36. carwwest Says:

    and i know im starting to rant but the bulldog ones at the bottom dont even look professional…they look like the old school big dog shirts and american eagle crap sold ten years ago….

  37. bleedmaroon Says:

    This looks the best.

  38. BirdZ! Says:

    I’m not a big fan of many of the new ones, just leave it alone. As far as swapping maroon helmets and whte helments, I just don’t know about that. UK does it, but they are the only team that I can think of.

    THe jerseys are fine. What about the pants? I don’t like the two bold stripes down the side.

    Also, please kill me now. We need to be talking about football, not fashion.

  39. 2thdoc Says:

    I agree bleedmaroon. The “MS” is the only logo that fits us. Uniforms and colors are a different subject but if the logo that is chosen is the tried and true baseball logo then I will be very happy. I just haven’t heard anyone that doesn’t like it. Maybe I’m missing something.

  40. farley662 Says:

    I like the MState better than the MSU thing too. Those Nike unis with the black were horrible.

  41. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I’ve always found it interesting how fans are so passionate about uniforms. I wonder what would happen if Penn State or Alabama changed theirs.

  42. farley662 Says:

    Theirs are classic. Big difference. Ours pretty much always suck.

  43. carwwest Says:

    bleedmaroon, i like that ‘ms’ one…i wish i could see what it would look like in real life haha…..but our old nike unis were leaps and bounds better than our current ones….they are just sooooo plain….bama and penn state can pull it off because its tradition….ours just looks really boring and ugly….not too many teams can pull the plain look off like penn state and we cant… least give us some stripes on the sleeves or miss. state or something on the jerseys…..

  44. warbirdz44 Says:

    Hell they could wear pink uniforms for all I care as long as they win football games this season!

  45. 2thdoc Says:

    I know this is getting old but this is a uniform that emmadawg posted on sixpack. Pretty nice minus the helmet logo.

  46. imabulldog Says:

    if it was my choice, I’d use the interlocking MSU, but on the white helmets we wore in the snowbowl- I miss those unies.

    BTW, when I worked with the fball team 03-05, we tried the baseball MS out. So its not the first time its been in consideration

  47. carwwest Says:

    ima, did the MS not look better than what we are using now?? just wondering since you saw it first hand??….
    that one 2thdoc posted was pretty nice….hell i would be happy if we just had “miss. state” on the jerseys and just barely tweeked the m-banner logo helmet…..we do need something besides solid maroon….

  48. jcdawgman18 Says:

    2th, only one problem with the last one: That looks like Michigan State’s basketball deal on the helmet. But I liked the jersey itself.

  49. warbirdz44 Says:

    ima, those snow bowl unis were pretty mean! i would take the old helmets back if we kept them white with a maroon logo.

  50. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Warbirdz, you better get used to green

  51. John Feeney Says:

    Do not have be from the South too appreciate SEC Football. Gregg – glad to see your back and ready to share your insights. Each year seems one more SEC team climbs up the latter to shake the strangle hold from the giants.

    The West again will hold the key too Atlanta when all is said an done. Though I am a strong bama fan, watching the progressive strides of MSU can only add to great football. An beating anyone in the east has always been my focus.

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