Live from Hoover . . .


It’s SEC media days.

Good morning, all. I hope you are ready for some serious blogging. Today, my goal is 10 different blogs. Get ready,

To start off the day’s festivities, we’ll get a state of the SEC address from commissioner Mike Slive, then football really kicks off with the Florida Gators and Urban Meyer on the podium.

After that, it’s Sylvester Croom and Mississippi State. As I mentioned earlier, linebacker Jamar Chaney and quarterback Wesley Carroll are the two players representing MSU.

In other news . .
• Yesterday, I asked you to name this year’s biggest game. In overwhelming fashion, you chose Auburn. Good arguments were made, ones that were hard to disagree with. I also thought you guys made strong cases for the other games you chose.
• Check out ESPN, ESPNnews and ESPNU throughout the day and you’ll see live updates on media days.
• And tonight on Maroon to the Max, you can check out Croom’s comments to us media hacks.


2 Responses to “Live from Hoover . . .”

  1. BirdZ! Says: is also providing live video of Media Days.

  2. jcdawgman18 Says:

    BirdZ, thanks!

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