Live from Tupelo . . .


Well, survived media days, and fortunately I return home free of any subpoena. Not everyone can say that.

Interesting three days, but I wouldn’t say any major news was revealed, other than Phillip Fulmer’s subpoena and the fact this event may move to Atlanta or Nashville.

As for the real news, it starts next Saturday when players report.

As for me, this is my last free weekend until Christmas, so I’m going to enjoy it. Unless major news unfolds, I’ll see you guys on Monday. Of course, there will be stories in the paper on Saturday and Sunday. They’re already written and on hold.

Have a great weekend. Feel free to post any grilling recipes. Who knows, I might even try one.


31 Responses to “Live from Tupelo . . .”

  1. nashdawg Says:

    Double “g” man—enjoy your weeknd with the family! As Farley would reiterate and reinforce, your family is the jewel of life. Nothing on this earth replaces that quality time spent together. Unfortunately, many in this rush, rush pace of life take it for granted…


  2. 2thdoc Says:

    Good to hear from you Nash. I hope your Dad is doing ok.

  3. bigdraws Says:

    Same here Nash. GG, go to Tony’s and get you a lb of shrimp ($10.99 shelled and deveined). Light the grill. Put em in a marinating container. Drizzle them with olive oil than give a generous shake of Old Bay and Cavenders. Put em on a grilling skillet for about 3-4 minutes on each side. Enjoy.

  4. dawgbones Says:

    If you can find some fresh tender okra (only the small tender ones) put them in a plastic bag with a couple teaspoons of olive oil and kosher salt. Shake them and let them coat well and then remove and grill (preferably in a grilling pan) for a few minutes. Can cut up squash and zucchini and do the same but the okra is a treat if you get the tender stuff.

  5. buzzardroostus Says:

    Get some Boneless Pork Country Style Ribs. Sprinkle them with Tony Charchere’s Creole Seasoning. Then baste them with olive oil. Throw ’em on the grill over medium heat. They’ll be done in about 15 to 20 minutes. I like ’em just the way the are or you can put your favorite BBQ sauce on ’em.

  6. bigdraws Says:

    Scallops wrapped in bacon and skewered. If I gave you my rib recipe I’d have to kill ya.

  7. thespear Says:

    i guess i will throwin in my grillin favorite…..

    Buy some boneless chicken thighs and cutt off the thick fat. Then cut into small square pieces. Season with your favorite seasoning. Get some green peppers onions and pineapple and cut them into squarish shapes as well… Put them all on a skewer and grill them slowly…. (called pinchos in Puerto Rico) Then if you can find some, buy some green plantains, Kroger usually has them…. Only want them if they are very green tho. Peel and cut them into large pieces about an inch or two thick…. Throw them into a skillet of hot grease for just a min or two, until they turn yellow. Take them out carefully and smoosh them flat with a plate or other flat object…. Throw them back in and let them darken a little on each side…. Mix a little thousand island and tabaso up for dippin, baste your skewers in the same dip or in some spicy bbq, and you will be eating a fine fine dinner (plantains flattened and fried are called tostones)

  8. aladawg Says:

    I will have to try your recipe spear sounds delectable. Got a boston butt thawing in the sink. It goes in the smoker with a dry rub and mesquite chips first thing in the AM. About 6 PM will skewer some fresh veggies to put on a different fire and open the Boones farm to breath a little. We will dine at 7. Might have to put a chicken on the top rack so I don’t have to cook on Sunday.

  9. 2thdoc Says:

    Breakfast delight recipe:

    Turn south on Gloster St. until past the hospital, turn right into Connie’s drive thru, order Chicken biscuit with gravy and a blueberry donut.

  10. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Maybe we should do a recipe book for charity or something. You guys are awesome.

    2thdoc, I like your recipe. Guys, those all sound great. The only problem is that it’s raining cats and dogs. Haven’t seen rain in six or seven weeks and the last Saturday I’m off it’s raining. Figures.

  11. bigdraws Says:

    LOL 2th!!

  12. nashdawg Says:

    Tks for asking guys! Dad is not coming alone too well. Man, it’s a tough daily experience taking care of your parent…that is unable to do anything for himself. Changing him, etc…humbling, fellas! I was looking at pictures from his 79th birthday in December ’07. Smiling, talking with all his friends and family…then a mere 4 months later, the stroke hits and he looks like death! Gone. No speech, no movement on his own, on a feeding tube, bedridden! Shocking how quickly life can throw you a curve!

    Our family is still strong, supportive and in prayer. When one loses all hope, then there is nothing else to live for… That may be the world’s mentality, but not ours!

    I am looking forward to the fall season of football. Double “g” man, I look forward to your news every day.

    One question…my brother, who lives and pastor’s in Fulton, went over and meet Mr. Cy Young a week or so ago. I never knew that he lived in the Belmont area. Have you ever meet him and/or did a story on him? He is in his 90s. Lives alone and has a history of experience from the 1930s MLB world!

  13. nashdawg Says:

    Oh, he still has a keen mind and very knowledgeable…just a little difficulty in his hearing!

  14. 2thdoc Says:

    Nash, I can only follow your post by saying that we are praying for your entire familly to find comfort in celebrating a wonderful man that is your Dad.

  15. imabulldog Says:

    take a rebel, baste him with a coat of Dixon, cover him with Pegues, and then kick the crap out of him with Carlson, wrap him up with Chaney, and in 17-14 minutes in the dawgpound you get a bright shiny golden egg

  16. dawgbones Says:

    Nice recipe ima but I was thinking it took only 8 minutes. I do know this, if you try to substitute a call for a 4th and 1 punt, it will cost you the entire dish.

    I think 2th wins on the recipe. I think that is where I’m headed now.

  17. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Nash, hopefully football will allow you to momentarily escape reality. As for Cy Young, that must be his son. Because the Cy Young the award was named after died in 1955.

  18. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Seriously, how many of you watched the arenabowl? I did, at least bits and pieces. Hey, its football.

  19. db33 Says:

    ala, what temp do you try to keep that boston butt at all day? Do you have a water pan in there? Nothing but dry rub on the butt?

    Recently slow cooked a butt on my gas grill but it was just fair. It’s not BBQ without a smoker.

  20. bigdraws Says:

    You don’t have to have a smoker to do bbq. But you do have to have a large grill. If you’re doing it on a grill, wrap it in foil for the first few hours. It’ll be very tender when you take it out. Then just smoke and baste it for as long as you want too. When you take it out of the foil try to keep the fire at about 200 deg.

  21. dawgintheswamp Says:

    GG, I caught the last 28 seconds I had forgot is was on. What I saw was good, got me in the mood even more for football season. Was the whole game as good as the last few seconds?

  22. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Not really swamp. Now draws, I thought you didn’t like foil.

  23. dawgbones Says:


    Heard our football trainer was in NMMC and had 3 plus heart blockages, not sure about surgery. Have you heard anything?

  24. nashdawg Says:

    You’re right, Gregg…must be his son.

  25. nashdawg Says:

    Ummm…I am getting really slack on doing my research. Cy Young and his wife, Robba Miller (maiden name) did not have any children. Not for sure who this gentleman is, but he gave my brother an official MLB autographed baseball, signed Cy Young and it was cased!

  26. bigdraws Says:

    Never said that GG. I just wouldn’t use it on scallops.

  27. tebmsu97 Says:

    Too late for this weekend, but here is a family favorite during tailgate season. Get a sack of oysters shucked to the half shell. Put them on the pit with a moderate to low temp, you can use gas if you want but coals give them a much better flavor. Get some onions, garlic, bell pepper, green onion, and celery and chop it fine. Sautee the veggies in butter until they soften up a bit then take em off the heat and add more butter, salt, pepper or something like Tony’s. Cook the oysters on the grill until the liquid in the shell is almost gone, then top them with a spoonful of the butter sauce, a pinch of italian bread crumbs and some mozarella cheese. Cook then until the cheese melts.

  28. 2thdoc Says:

    tebmsu, You better not tell people where your tailgating is taking place or you will have several uninvited guests. That sounds awesome.

  29. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Bones, that is Paul Mock. Great guy and I was told last night he is doing much better.

    As ima would tell you, I’m sure, there are few in this world like Paul Mock. He’s a great person and a lot of fun to talk with. The man can have a conversation about anything.

  30. tebmsu97 Says:

    Doc, single game RV parking lot LSU/MSU (only game I am certain to be). Find the us and the oysters are on me, I could use a little bulldog backup down here in BR.

  31. aladawg Says:

    I don’t use water with big hunks of meat like butts or loins > 5 lbs.

    Dry rub only unless it is chicken or turkey. Then be creative most anything works from Brining to dry to marinate.
    Caution: celery comes through in the meat if brining.

    Poultry needs a water bath to keep from cooking too fast.
    I like to keep the temp between 200 and 250 for all meats. An 8 hour smoke takes 2- 3 kettles of wood and charcoal. I start the next kettle when the one in the smoker drops to 220 or so

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