Mike Richey . . . Greg Byrne . . . Kiwanis


I just returned from lunch at the Kiwanis Club here in Tupelo, where Greg Byrne was scheduled to be today’s guest speaker.

Unfortunately, Byrne wasn’t able to attend due to a death in the family back in Oregon. So in his place Mike Richey, associate AD for the Bulldog Club and ticket operations, came out of the bullpen and earned the save.

I’ve known Mike for years, yet I had never heard him speak until today. I must say, I was impressed.

Not only was he informative, he was entertaining as well. I judge speakers on their ability to mix in timely jokes, and Mike succeeded in that area.

So, what did I learn and what would you be interested in as a Bulldog fan? Several things.

First, construction is in full swing with the new HD video board that’s going to be both large and impressive. He asks for everyone to “Pardon Progression” during the construction phase. Second, the new 35,000 square foot academic center is near completion, with a tentative move in date set for September.

There’s also 1,000 new Bulldog Club members, season tickets sales for football are already of ahead of where they were for all of last year and discussions are ongoing in regards to where the location for the basketball practice facility will be built.

He also talked about Byrne’s five principles, something I’ve posted on here many times. But Richey also added the three things MSU fans can do to help:
• Join the Bulldog Club
• Buy season tickets
• Get others to joint the Bulldog Club and buy tickets

It was a packed crowd on hand today, probably more than normal due to Byrne being scheduled to speak.


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