Morning coffee and football


Not a bad combination, especially considering how the temperature gauges have showcased three digits this week.

Yes. It was Breakfast at Mississippi State today, 7 a.m. style. And that’s good for a lot of reasons. For starters, it’s not quite as steamy and scorching that early in the morning. Second, I get to drive home in the daylight. And trust me, I’m all for that.

Anyway, Sylvester Croom was once again pleased with the overall effort this morning. He did say the players were a little ragged, but added that was somewhat expected considering they did practice late last night.

There were still concerns about the offense, but the defense once again looked sharp. Sounds like a re-occurring theme to me. But hey, it’s early. Remember, the first game is three weeks and two days away.

As for guys he singled out that made plays, he mentioned LB K.J. Wright, WR Delmon Robinson and DB Marcus Washington.

There are a few more injuries to report – DT LaMarcus Williams (shoulder), WR Jamayel Smith (heat) and OT Chris Spencer (concussion).

And according to compliance guru Bracky Brett, there is nothing new on the eligibility status of Trevor Stigers and Terrance Davis.

Finally, in case you missed it, I had a story today on Tim Bailey emerging as a leader.


28 Responses to “Morning coffee and football”

  1. dawgbones Says:

    Seems like a lot of injuries to be so early. More than usual?

  2. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Nah. About on par, bones.

  3. carwwest Says:

    it seems i keep hearing about delmon robinson….do you think he’ll get some PT this year and what about o’neal wilder??

  4. thingreenline Says:

    Last season, our offense would have put up better numbers if our guys could have done a better job catching the ball. Is that going to be a concern again?

  5. mrc188 Says:

    As for the offense, we have heard and keep hearing about new things being incorporated into the scheme and how that may be prompting more mistakes. It doesn’t seem that Croom is as deeply concerned about the offense as in years past. Even though they have struggled, stats mark definate improvement in points per game in 2006 and 2007 compared to 2004 and 2005. Last year we averaged 21.5 points per game. In 2005 that number was 13.9. Despite the pick-6’s our offense, in my opinion was not disfunctional, like it has been in years past. Still needs to improve, but is getting better with better personnel.

  6. imabulldog Says:

    that’d funny Carwest, I was going to ask the same thing!

    Sure am hearing his name a lot. Glad Bailey has stepped up, leaders in positions with big question marks are priceless. His leadership should be contagious and promote good competition.

    Go dawgs!

  7. 2thdoc Says:

    mrc188, until our offense breaks into the double digit rankings instead of triple digit rankings I’m gonna hold off on the improvement part. I’m am optimistic that we will be in the top 75 which isn’t saying much but would be a huge improvement. Passing yards per game has got to improve dramatically this year to get 7 wins.

  8. theconquistador2 Says:

    Here’s a quick statistical breakdown of the “improving” WCO.

    2004: 303.2 ypg and 15.7 ppg
    2005: 276.2 ypg and 13.9 ppg
    2006: 286.8 ypg and 18.4 ppg
    2007: 297.2 ypg and 21.5 ppg

    The points per game are slightly misleading since it includes defensive and special team TD’s.

  9. 2thdoc Says:

    theconquistador, thanks for reminding me how the entire 2005 season felt like a strong kick to the taters.

  10. Gregg Ellis Says:

    2th, how was vacation?

  11. dawgbones Says:

    Who gave Chris Spencer a concussion?

  12. 2thdoc Says:

    Good time Gregg. One last hooray before school. Back to the grind…or drill.

  13. dawgface52 Says:

    We need to average a minimum of 350 yards of offense. Another season of sub 300 yard offense, we won’t win half our games.

  14. db33 Says:


    I’ll say it sounds like a “recurring theme”. Go back & review your articles/blogs from this time last year….and the year before…..and the year before….and you get the point.

    EVERY YEAR the West Croom STINKS OUT LOUD and every year the defense is somewhere in between decent and very good.

    But, hey Croom thinks THIS is the year the offense becomes EXPLOSIVE? Right?

  15. jcdawgman18 Says:

    db33, pay attention to recruiting, then you’ll understand why we have stunk.

  16. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I also think some major injuries at quarterback have contributed to some of the problems as well.

  17. rwriffe Says:

    I agree JC. There is a very fine line between being ranked 115th in offense and being in the top 50 in offense. One good receiver and one decent quarterback could make all the difference in the world and due to injuries and lack of talent we had neither. Our recruiting seems to have turned a corner and I personally think that the offense will come around. We need to continue to have a little patience. People just don’t realize how far down our program had gotten.

  18. bigdraws Says:

    Football is won in the trenches. If you’ve got good linemen you can run the fb and give your qb a little time. Our qb’s got hurt bc our line couldn’t block.

  19. rwriffe Says:

    That is true. However, no matter how good your line is when the skill position players are mediocre the offense will not produce at a high level. when you look at our talent level at the skill positions it was non existent.

  20. rwriffe Says:

    Henig and company could have had all the time in the world to complete a pass and it wouldn’t have changed the fact that they were not SEC type talent and couldn’t get it done. Hell, we couldn’t get it done against the likes of Maine and Troy. We were pathetic. But again I say that Croom has turned that around and the talented players actually want to play for him.

  21. Coffee Quips - August 6, 2008 | Cafe Buzz Says:

    […] Morning coffee &#97nd foo&#116b&#97ll […]

  22. carwwest Says:

    it was a combination of lack of talent and lack of strategy….the west coast offense is supposed to allow the QB to throw, in general, short efficient passes which means the line does not have to block as long…they still have to block though….(henig was just not talented enough and he was injury prone)….but with these efficient passes, requires the wide outs and the RBs to make plays after the catch…..we havent had that in the past and im still wondering if we have that this year….we’ll see but i dont know…..but i was watching old state clips with madkin and grindle and even washington and love and you can tell those players just had so much more explosiveness than what we have now….i know that you really cant compare the two eras but still…we need SOMETHING, ANYTHING on offense this year!!!

  23. imabulldog Says:

    I’ll tell yall who I miss- Larry Huntington, old #22. Excellent Wr, return man, and even ok outta the shotgun. I miss players of his caliber

  24. rwriffe Says:

    Well, I may be fooling myself but when I look at the commit list for 2009 and at the class that just came in and compare them to the past 10 years I see a world of difference. Now, I know that not all of these pan out to be top notch players but at least it’s a start. The talent will make a huge difference. Do we need to revamp the offense? Maybe so. Like many have said, this year will be huge in understanding if the current scheme will work in the long term. If we don’t see sustained improvement then CC must make the change.

  25. BirdZ! Says:

    Ima, he wasn’t a game-breaker, but he caught the ball and hung onto it. Good, solid player. I liked him, too.

  26. bigdraws Says:

    Didn’t he have like a 50-yard td catch against Florida when State beat them back in ohhhhh, 1999ish?

  27. bigdraws Says:

    Bama and State rumored to be the leaders in the Chad Bumphis hunt.

  28. carwwest Says:

    yeah buphis said state and bama are his leaders over floride and lsu but he still wants to take a trip to florida….i hope we get him but it wouldnt surprise me if he went to bama….

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