Ranking the SEC


I know, I know. It’s early. But hey, the Top 25 polls are already out. So, why not rank the SEC.

The following are how I see the 12 teams with just a little more than two weeks to go until the season openers. Feel free to provide your own ranking.

Drum roll, please . . .
1. Georgia
2. Florida
3. Auburn
4. LSU
5. South Carolina
6. Tennessee
7. Mississippi State
8. Alabama
9. Ole Miss
10. Kentucky
11. Arkansas
12. Vanderbilt


86 Responses to “Ranking the SEC”

  1. jwbreb Says:

    1. Ole Miss
    2. Florida
    3. LSU
    4. Alabama
    5. Augurn
    6. Georgia
    7. South Carolina
    8. Tenn
    9. Miss State
    10. Arkansas
    11. Kentucky
    12. Vandy

  2. whitmack Says:

    you sir, are a moron!

  3. dawgface52 Says:

    jwbreb still smoking left handed cigarettes I see. I like your ranking Gregg but I would move SC down about 3 spots.

  4. bclark2202 Says:

    jwbreb, I admire your dedication to your team, but it is too early in the evening to be smoking the kind of stuff you are, to come up with that list

  5. bclark2202 Says:

    well dogface52, we have the same thought, but you can type faster than I can

  6. Gregg Ellis Says:

    jw, if that happens, man, I’ll definitely give you your due props at the end of the year.

  7. jwbreb Says:

    Thank you. That is one of the nicer titles. We all do have our opinions and hope.
    It goes along with team loyality.

  8. jwbreb Says:

    Thanks Gregg.

  9. bigdraws Says:

    Georgia lost another player today. I’m just not sold on em. If something happens to Moreno or if Stafford doesn’t have a real good year they’re toast.

  10. bigdraws Says:

    Isn’t the qb from South Carolina also unproven?

  11. jwbreb Says:

    Georgia got the death sentence when pre-season nationally rated #1. The only two team that I can remember that made the wire-to-wire run was FSU and Ohio State. Could be more, I just remember.

  12. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Draws, just about the entire SEC is comprised of unproven quarterbacks. The most I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  13. bigdraws Says:

    Why is everyone so high on SC?

  14. bigdraws Says:

    Hey GG. Red Sox just scored 10 runs in the first inning. Yuke made two outs. 2k’s.

  15. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Sorry, draws. I don’t know of this thing you refer to as Red Sock.

  16. bigdraws Says:

    Sure you do. They won the world series last year.

  17. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Didn’t watch the WS. Therefore, the Yankees didn’t lose it and the Red Socks didn’t win.

  18. bigdraws Says:

    We know one thing for sure. The Yankees dang sure didn’t win it 🙂

  19. farley662 Says:

    1. Georgia
    2. Florida
    3. Auburn
    4. LSU
    5. South Carolina
    6. Tennessee
    7. Alabama
    8. Ole Miss
    9. State
    10. Kentucky
    11. Arkansas
    12. Vanderbilt

  20. bigdraws Says:

    Looks like Farley can answer my question. What’s the big deal about South Carolina this year.

  21. farley662 Says:

    They have a proven coach. I see 7-8 wins with their schedule. And they have Ellis Johnson,

  22. bigdraws Says:

    So, Szaben’s not proven? He’s won more recent national championships, got a senior qb and you’ve got him in the second tier of the SEC. What about the players? That’s what I’m wondering about. Spurrier hasn’t done a lot since leaving Florida.

  23. bigdraws Says:

    Not trying to be a smartass either. I just don’t know a lot about their players. I want to know what all the hooplah is about since their qb is such a big question mark.

  24. farley662 Says:

    They have John Parker dimwit as a QB.

  25. bigdraws Says:

    Well Tommy Beecher is a former member of the scout team who a was looking for a transfer but his mom talked him out of it. So it’s obvious farley doesn’t have my answer. Anyone else?

  26. bigdraws Says:

    BTW GG, real pitchers dual. 14-10 red sox. 8 for the rangers in the 5th.

  27. db33 Says:

    SC will be pretty good but now where GG & Farley are rating them. They won’t be GA, FL, or TN in their own side.

    We agree on the top 4, but I’ve got a different #1:

    1) FLA – Defense struggled last year, not this year. Tebow, Harvin, & SC transfer Moody, are you kidding me? GATORS RETURN TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
    2) GA – off field troubles, high expectation pressure, they’ll be great but not as good as the Gators
    3) AUB – Franklin’s offense will be the story of the year + strong D puts Tubs in Atlanta
    4) LSU – If Hatch is above avg., look out
    5) TN – Crompton, Foster, Taylor, good defense
    6) ALA – senior leader, stout defense, Tide will roll
    7) MSU – As always the West Croom is the anchor holding us back
    8) OM – Injuries force them lower, Nutt will have a good year
    9) SC – QB issues, Boyd gone, avg. defense,
    10) ARK – Petrino offense will be great, defense terrible
    11) UK- losing Pulley + bad defense = losing season
    12) VAN – maybe last but will scare teams as usual

    I think my top 10 can conceivable go bowling if they take care of biz out of conf.

  28. farley662 Says:

    And our QB situation is much better? WC can barely throw the ball 30 yards!

  29. carwwest Says:

    1. UGA
    2. FL
    3. Tenn
    4. Aub
    5. LSU
    6. MSU
    7. Bama
    8. USC
    9. OM
    10. UK
    11. ARK
    12. VAN

    i think just as many go bowling as last year…..

  30. msu21 Says:

    Off the subject…But gg you’ve seen the first couple of weeks of practice up close, so what would you say the chances of Tyson Lee overtaking the starting role of QB from Carroll? I think the chances are much more greater than people think! Just wanted a professional opinion on the matter please…

  31. tcfan Says:

    1) Auburn
    2) GA
    3) FL
    4) LSU
    5) USC
    6) Bama
    7) Tenn
    8) Ole Miss
    9) State
    10) UK
    11) Arky
    12) Vandy

  32. tcfan Says:

    when you put the parenthesis with the eight, it always makes that emoticon by the way.

  33. tcfan Says:

    BTW, chiming in on the Lee/Carroll situation, if you start seeing Carroll struggle, don’t be surprised to see Lee. I personally think he’s a great addition to State and I wish OM would’ve offered (if they didn’t). He was a great QB at ICC.

  34. bigdraws Says:

    He’s undersized and can’t throw out of the pocket are the knocks on him. Not that there will be much of a pocket anyhow.

  35. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I’ve been impressed with Lee, but I think the bottom would have to fall out for Carroll to lose his starting job.

  36. 2thdoc Says:

    GG, what would be the “bottom” needed to fall out? 6 picks in a game or broken collar bone

  37. tebmsu97 Says:

    Well played Doc…

    1 UGA
    2 FLA (Ton of injuries moves them to 2)
    4 LSU/AUB (I think LSU is slightly better overall, but has to go to AUB)
    5 Tenn
    6 Bama
    7 MSU (Until we show we can move the ball, I see us #4 in the West)
    8 SC
    9 OM (I think they move up if healthy)
    10 Ark
    11 KY
    12 Vandy

  38. db33 Says:

    Good point Farley about QB, but I think we’re much deeper at TB than the ‘Cocks. I think we shape up better on defense too. No doubt they’ll put up better numbers on offense, as will most everyone else as usual.

    But, look at their schedule. They play NC State AND Clemson out of conf. Their only “gimme” is Wofford. They might take NC State at home, but Clemson is a top 10 team and I don’t see them winning there on the road. Plus they have TEN, GA, FLA, & LSU. Which one do they beat? With Clem that’s 5 losses.

    No margin of error for the visor boy. 6-6 with their schedule will be good. It’s brutal compared to ours.

  39. Gregg Ellis Says:

    db, it’s not as if MSU has an easy schedule, either.

    LSU, Tennessee and Alabama on the road. Along with Georgia Tech.

  40. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Hey GG, you want to get into our fantasy league? Won’t cost you a thing.

  41. mrc188 Says:

    Gregg, my SEC 12 is identical to yours.

  42. BirdZ! Says:

    Here you go GG. I see nubmers 6-9 probably having very similar years.

    1. Florida
    2. Georgia
    3. LSU
    4. Auburn
    5. Tennessee
    6. South Carolina
    7. Alabama
    8. Mississippi State
    9. Ole Miss
    10. Arkansas
    11. Kentucky
    12. Vanderbilt

    And here’s my opinion about it.


  43. db33 Says:

    Never said it was. But, by comparison, there’s no comparison.

    SC non-conf: NC State, Wofford, UAB, at Clemson
    MSU non-conf: at LA Tech, SE LA, at GA Tech, Middle Tn State

    GT is tougher than NC St at home, but Clemson is a top 10 team, preseason #1 in the ACC.

    at OM – both travel to Oxford, that’s a wash
    ARK – both get the Hogs at home, that’s a wash
    TEN – SC gets Vols at home, MSU goes to Knoxville, adv. SC
    UK & VAN – MSU gets both at home, SC has both on the road. Adv. MSU
    LSU – SC gets LSU at home, MSU goes to Baton Rouge. Adv. SC

    The conf. differences:

    MSU vs. AUB at home, SC vs. GA at home – almost a tossup, but adv. MSU. GA is the #1 team in the country starting out.
    MSU at ALA, SC at FLA – no comparison, the Gators in the Swamp hands down is the harder game.

    GG, ours isn’t easy. But, would you trade with the ‘Cocks?

  44. db33 Says:

    I see it in groups:

    FLA, GA, LSU, AUB – class of the league. I like the Gators.
    TN, ALA – Next tier under those 4, very strong teams just not contenders.
    SC, MSU, OM – A step below the top 6. SC & MSU both travel to OM in huge season deciding games.
    ARK, UK, VAN – Enough talent to scare people but non-factors this year.

  45. carwwest Says:

    i agree with db, i think the cocks are in for a 6-6 season….that schedule is a lot harder than ours…but you never know this IS the SEC…

  46. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Sure, Chris. As long as there isn’t a lot of work to do.

  47. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Shouldn’t be to much work. Gonna be auto draft. All you gotta do is set pre-rank for the draft if you like and set your roster every week.

  48. bully4prez Says:

    1. Florida – Way too much offensive fire power that very few opposing defenses could slow down. Plus, defense should be much improved.
    2. UGA – Preseason injuries could hurt their depth. I’m still not sold on Stafford. Still too much talent not to challenge Florida.
    3. Auburn – new spread offense could take some getting used to but the Tigers still have their smothering D. Plus, Tubs knows how to win the big games.
    4. LSU – only chink in their armor is their QB. too bad thats a pretty big chink. capable teams will take advantage of that.
    5. Tennessee – same as above. minus the coaching and some talent. Losing Cut will hurt.
    6. South Carolina – good coaching can only take you so far. and that’s not too far in the tough Eastern Division this year.
    7. Miss. State – despite last year’s record, Croom and Co. still flying under the radar. Not necessarily a bad thing.
    8. Ole Miss – The Dark Horse this year. Nutt will surprise some teams. however, their defense will cost them some games.
    9. Bama – i still think Bama is a year or 2 away. may make a little noise this year.
    10. Arkansas – Petrino is an offensive genius but E did not equal MC 2 on Einstein’s first day of school. He’ll have the hogs going in a couple of years.
    11. Kentucky – you can’t replace Woodson that easily. It will be a while before the Wildcats have another run like they did.
    12. Vanderbilt – No surprise here. Also no reason to bump the Commodores up.

  49. jmbulldog Says:

    1. UGA
    2. UT
    3. Florida
    4. Auburn
    5. LSU
    6. STATE
    7. Alabama
    8. South Carolina
    9. Ole Miss
    10. Arkansas
    11. Vandy
    12. UK

    I may be the only person picking Vandy ahead of UK, but they really have more talent than UK and UK has no quarterback, Vandy has a couple of guys that can manage the team.

  50. BirdZ! Says:

    I’m out fellas. Y’all have a good one.

  51. BirdZ! Says:

    Wrong blog. Sorry GG. You can delete both of these.

  52. Gregg Ellis Says:

    You have a good one, too. BirdZ.

  53. John Feeney Says:

    questioning rankings of who’s where is nice. It does seem the SEC has the potential of having a Conference Champion with 3 or more loses. Great for the league, bad for National Rankings. Which favor the Big 10 and Pac 10 when they run the table unless they stub their toe on some want-to-be.

    No one here will run clean. Each week will provide a new story. Is Alabama going to run out of gas again? Is Arkansas just going to show up? Is Tuberville going to do something else besides beat bama? Is MSU going too start the party by slapping Auburn. Will the Vols run or pass for points? Can Ole Miss win a game? Will the Gamecocks beat Fla, Ten or GA?

    Throw the rankings out, this could be the best season in a long time….

  54. Gregg Ellis Says:

    John, I agree. I tell everyone to brace themselves because it’s going to be a wild and crazy ride. Fun, fun, fun.

  55. deutschearmee Says:

    I’m out fellas. Y’all have a good one.

  56. riesenoberweite Says:

    Shouldn’t be to much work. Gonna be auto draft. All you gotta do is set pre-rank for the draft if you like and set your roster every week.

  57. BirdZ! Says:

    Gut, dass Sie könnten Besuch Idiot

  58. BirdZ! Says:

    One more thing:

    Ihre Frau ist eine Ziege

  59. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Tear down that wall

  60. bigdraws Says:

    Or, put it back up. We really don’t give a @#^% what yall do.

  61. John Feeney Says:

    Gregg – going to step-out give your potential MSU season predication.

    Nick better close the season or get the truck ready. Their @
    Georgia out of the gate, @ LSU, before MSU – and that other team, at home, maybe looking @ BCS Game

  62. rebelnate Says:

    Fenney the Weeney in the house

  63. Gregg Ellis Says:

    John, I will. Prolly next week.

  64. rebelnate Says:

    What about Mitch Moreland killing A- ball pitching this year. He will be in the majors one day.

  65. tndawg Says:

    farley 662 – your lack of intelligence continues to amaze me. I’d be willing to bet you’ve never accomplished anything significant in your life, yet you want to criticize MSU college athletes based purely on YOUR perception. These “kids” have already done more than you’ll ever do by performing on the college football field while performing in the classroom. They are not professional athletes. Based on your comments on this site I’ll offer you an old saying “It is better to let people think you are an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

  66. farley662 Says:

    And who the hell are you? It’s an opinion moron. That’s the point of the blog. Believe me, I’ve accomplished more in the last two months than most people will in a lifetime. You’ve proved you know nothing about me. Ask the people on this blog about me. They know that I’m not sold on Croom. I don’t have to be. He’s easily the most overrated coach in the country. He had one mediocre season and you people want to think he’s the messiah. I don’t have to agree with every opinion. Neither do you. Don’t talk like you know me. Your one of those fans that make me embarrassed to be a State fan sometimes. All is not roses in Starkville. Look at the offseason. Pegues gets a DUI, the shootout at the OK Coral, and then Pegues getting suspended. I don’t have to be a rah rah rah fan. Look at things on a national scene. We don’t matter. Our offense is a joke to everyone, including our fanbase. If you want to further this conversation come to my blog. GG’s is not the place. farley662.wordpress.com

  67. Here’s your post asshole « THE VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER Says:

    […] Here’s your post asshole tndawg Says: August 15, 2008 at 5:35 pm […]

  68. Braves Dawg Says:

    Being a college athlete does not make one accomplished. I think you should heed your own advice.

  69. 2thdoc Says:

    tndawg, you are entitled to your opinion as is farley. This blog is about sports and what fans think about MSU both good and bad. If everyone agreed there wouldn’t be much to discuss. Let it rip if you got a gripe or an opinion about MSU…I think GG would agree.

  70. dadawg Says:


  71. Braves Dawg Says:

    are you birds cousin?

  72. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Agree, 2th.

    Now everyone . . . deep breath.

  73. bigdraws Says:

    Bout to go pick the paper up out of the driveway GG. This better be worth walking in the rain for.

  74. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I said the same thing, draws. Lemme know what you thought about the last paragraph of my story.

  75. bigdraws Says:

    What, about the dogs or the scoring points?

  76. Gregg Ellis Says:


  77. farley662 Says:

    What story GG? Looked online and wasn’t sure what you’re talking about.

  78. farley662 Says:

    Never mind. Tonka and Champ. Do the dogs come when called Bully or when called Tonka and Champ?

  79. bigdraws Says:

    If they’re like my dog they only come when they here the word “dinner!!!”

  80. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Some dude emailed this morning to tell me how stupid it was to write that. He said he’d be more interested in reading about backup manages and trainers.

  81. bigdraws Says:

    I love bully. Glad you put it in there. Hell, it was only about 3-4 sentences long. It isn’t like they had to add a page over it. (eyes rolling)

  82. farley662 Says:

    Opinions? Dogs? Keep to the facts! We must all hold hands and sing Kumbaya! Don’t you know that people only want to hear about what makes them happy? Not like writing about other things interests people or could win you awards and such!

  83. farley662 Says:

    Forgot to ask, was he from Tennessee? They don’t like that kinda thing up there I’m told.

  84. Gregg Ellis Says:


    Now, got a favor to ask. Can ya’ll start commenting on the new blogs. I’m too lazy to have to keep scrolling down and reading your comments.

    Pitiful, I know.

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