Spies at Scott Field?


Sylvester Croom said the offense didn’t run all the red zone plays when the offense got inside the 20 during Saturday’s scrimmage.

Why? Well, while the scrimmage was supposed to be closed to the public and media, Croom did invite former players, recruits and family members of the current players.

And with today’s technology, Croom said he wanted to be careful.

“We didn’t use a lot of stuff we normally use down there, basically because there are too many cell phones and cameras out here.”

Now that’s just funny. Perhaps the NFL’s spygate has trickled down to the collegiate ranks. Who knows. Maybe there needs to be a CSI: Starkville. I’m game.

Thanks, Bill.


11 Responses to “Spies at Scott Field?”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    when I worked with the team I escorted 3 or 4 people to their cars, more during Sherills tenure tho

  2. rufuswasafan Says:

    Everyone has to be careful. Information gets out quicker and quicker each day. What recruits were present?

  3. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Happen to see “Gibbs” and “Ducky” roaming around it could suggest that something covertly and suspiciously is taking place.

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Luckily the shuffleboard club was on the other side of town JB. I think we’re clear.

  5. Braves Dawg Says:

    Nah, saw Dan Akroyd nd Chevy Chase though.

  6. farley662 Says:

    Remote controlled helicopter?

  7. bigdraws Says:

    Braves, did BB King ask them if they wanted a Pepsi???

  8. jmbulldog Says:

    Saw some stats from the scrimmage and Lee was 14-20 with over 100 yards and 2 TDs. I know its only a scrimmage and Im not a big fan of quarterback controversies, BUT….anyone think Lee will be starting at QB some time this season?

  9. thespear Says:

    i dont think he will be startin jm, but he will be playin, no doubt. I’ve seen him play in person and he is an athlete. He has a knack for avoiding pressure!

  10. db33 Says:

    Croom is actually not practicing parts of our offense for fear of spies with cell phones and cameras??? Now, that’s funny right there. I don’t care you who are, that’s funny.

    Put 8 in the box, shut down Dixon, and come after Carroll. Especially when we are lined up in the dinosaur I. My mother could gameplan for us.

    But, maybe he’s changed. Maybe THIS is the year we’re going to be wide open, creative, unpredictable, explosive, imaginative. Maybe THIS is finally going to be the year where we are actually feared on offense.

    Personally, I’ll believe it only when I actually see it. And, even then I might not.

  11. Braves Dawg Says:

    No draws, but Chevy was taking notes on a piece of paper in an arm sling and another behind an eye patch.

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