The AP Top 25 poll says . . .


1. Georgia (22) 0-0 1,528
2. Ohio State (21) 0-0 1,506
3. USC (12) 0-0 1,490
4. Oklahoma (4) 0-0 1,444
5. Florida (6) 0-0 1,415
6. Missouri 0-0 1,266
7. LSU 0-0 1,135
8. West Virginia 0-0 1,116
9. Clemson 0-0 1,105
10. Auburn 0-0 968
11. Texas 0-0 966
12. Texas Tech 0-0 786
13. Wisconsin 0-0 771
14. Kansas 0-0 707
15. Arizona State 0-0 631
16. Brigham Young 0-0 590
17. Virginia Tech 0-0 578
18. Tennessee 0-0 509
19. South Florida 0-0 496
20. Illinois 0-0 483
21. Oregon 0-0 366
22. Penn State 0-0 293
23. Wake Forest 0-0 227
24. Alabama 0-0 89
25. Pittsburgh 0-0 85
Others Receiving Votes
South Carolina 84, Fresno State 83, California 59, Utah 53, Cincinnati 44, Florida State 41, Michigan 36, Boston College 32, Rutgers 32, Michigan State 21, Boise State 17, Arkansas 14, North Carolina 14, Connecticut 10, Tulsa 7, UCLA 6, Oregon State 5, MISSISSIPPI STATE 4, Virginia 4, Arizona 3, Nebraska 2, Notre Dame 2, Hawaii 1, Washington 1.


25 Responses to “The AP Top 25 poll says . . .”

  1. farley662 Says:

    Arkansas with 10 more votes than us? Really?

  2. farley662 Says:

    And Ohio State? Buncha Yankees vote? Not the baseball kind. They suck too bad to get votes!

  3. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Yeah, Arkansas getting that many votes leaves my scratching my head, too.

  4. farley662 Says:

    I just noticed Bama. How the hell are they ranked? People in the state of Alabama should not be allowed to vote in these things. Like Saban said, when you lose to teams the likes of ULM and us, you have some serious work to do.

  5. farley662 Says:

    And the fanbase wonders why everyone else hates them. This sums up the whole fanbase.

  6. farley662 Says:

    And watch how dang confused Nutt looks during the Hotty Toddy. I think he knows one word.

  7. bigdraws Says:

    I’m not so sure LSU should be that high either. I really think Auburn’s the team to beat in the west this year. We’ll have to see about that new offense. But Kodi Burns was very impressive.

  8. thespear Says:

    GG, talk some sense into your fellow media!

  9. db33 Says:


    LSU has a ton of talent back. But, I agree with you about Auburn. And, mark it down. Auburn’s offense will we AWESOME. I think they’ll end up the league’s #2 unit behind Tebow & the Gators.

    Auburn’s got a stable of backs. Two high quality QB’s. Great OL. Unproven but very talented WR’s. And, now they’ve got a great system in place.

  10. farley662 Says:

    But what about Bammer guys? 12 national championships and such.

  11. db33 Says:

    Bad as I hate to say it, I look for a better year out of the Crimson Turd this year. Wilson is a good QB, an experienced senior. Grant, Upchurch, Coffee, they’ve got good backs. Some ? marks at WR, but they say Julio Jones is going to be a stud. They’ll have a good defense, not great like some Tide D’s have been, but it’ll be strong. They are a notch below AUB & LSU, and a notch above us & OM.

    Think about last year, up 9-3, on the 1, about to head into the locker room 16-3. Game over with our offense. That 100 yd. return flipped everything. I don’t see us winning like that over is Tuscaloser. We’re going to have to show up with a much improved offense to come out with 3rd straight win.

  12. farley662 Says:

    I agree db. But #24 preseason after the year they had last year? That’s Bammers voting for Bammers. Unless my memory has failed me, we did beat them and Auburn last year and got 4 votes. I’m calling shenannagins!

  13. bigdraws Says:

    Plus, don’t underestimate the loss of a guy like Wallace Gilberry. That guy was as good as they come on the line of scrimmage.

  14. farley662 Says:

    And Jimmy Johns. That guy sure could train dogs to fight!

  15. bigdraws Says:

    What a waste.

  16. farley662 Says:

    Like Freddie Millons. Going to Bammer will do that to you.

  17. bulldog38 Says:

    Those votes were for Petrino not Arkansas

  18. db33 Says:


    People can say “just win baby” and that’s all that matters. Reality is, when you are talking about rankings and which bowl is going to invite you, etc. HOW you win is HUGE. You better put ups some points, be fun to watch. Teams that seem to just get a break or two and eke out a win don’t give the watching public the impression that they are a “great” team.

    Don’t think for one second that had ALA not beaten La-Monroe, putting them at 7-5 just like us, or SC not found another win, that we wouldn’t have been the team sitting home for the holidays last year. The Music City took UK for the 2nd year in a row. Why? Andre Woodson & that offense.

    Winning is what matters most, but it isn’t all that matters.

  19. farley662 Says:

    Good point db. Maybe we can actually average 20 points a game this year. Is that too much to hope for?

  20. bigdraws Says:

    Like your thoughts db. Enjoy reading your posts.

  21. farley662 Says:

    You like him cause he said he agreed with you. That never happens.

  22. bigdraws Says:

    Good point.

  23. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Not to sound like a homer and follow the lead of everyone else but the only problem I can see with that poll is Alabama. How do they make it on anything other than name and coach alone. I don’t care about whose coming back or came in. In the words of former Arizona Cardinal Coach Denny Green, “They are what we think they are”

  24. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    What happend to the blog bag GG?

  25. rufuswasafan Says:

    I’m not a fan, however, I think Nebraska will end up in the top 15?

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