Wheels on the bus go round and round . . .


Yep. It’s back to school today for Mississippi State.


And with that comes routine, at least as far as the football team is concerned.

Practices begin at 4 p.m., and every day us media hacks know what the focus will be in practice, when the breaks are and when it’s time to “take it to the house.”

There’s just something about that routine we can all appreciate. Creatures of habit, I guess. Plus, it also means we are that much closer to the games. Finally.

As for today’s Daily Journal, I have a story on the linebackers. On Sunday, it was the running backs, in case you missed it. On Tuesday, we’ll take a look at the receivers.


15 Responses to “Wheels on the bus go round and round . . .”

  1. BirdZ! Says:

    Enjoy the postion stories, GG.

    You voting in the AP poll this year?

  2. bigdraws Says:

    I wonder if Pegues will show up for class this morning. You know Croom’s gonna be on the prowl today. No telling whose class he’ll show up in.

  3. Gregg Ellis Says:

    No, BirdZ. I don’t have the vote. Mississippi gets just one, so it rotates between the college writers.

  4. luckydog20 Says:

    Hey Gregg, Why does Knowshon Moeno (RB for Georgia) have on a Mississippi State Baseball cap in todays Daily Journal?
    He must be a Coach Cohen fan

  5. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Saw that. No clue. Interesting though.closet bulldog? Oh wait …

  6. BirdZ! Says:

    “No, BirdZ. I don’t have the vote. Mississippi gets just one, so it rotates between the college writers.”

    And for this year, that would be……..????

  7. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Jim Mashek of the sun herald, I think. Not sure. Just know it’s not my turn.

  8. biloxi13 Says:

    Jim Mashek with Biloxi’s Sun Herald gets the AP vote this year. http://www.sunherald.com/mashek/

  9. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Well, there you go, biloxi13.

    Jim’s a good guy. Too bad he’s a Redskins fan. At least he likes the Yankees.

  10. biloxi13 Says:

    Jim is a good guy. We have shared a few adult beverages. He gives the Dogs some love down here despite big pressures from Southern Miss and LSU.

  11. bigdraws Says:

    “We have shared a few adult beverages.”
    What, did you have two straws sticking outta the same glass? GG, Yanks are on the ropes. Had to win yesterday just to win one from the Royals this weekend. Tisk, tisk.

  12. BirdZ! Says:

    Thanks GG and biloxi13. I was just curious.

  13. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Draws, Yanks took two of three.

  14. bigdraws Says:

    Oh, they must’ve came back late in one of em then. Everytime I checked scores this weekend they were losing except for yesterday.

  15. Gregg Ellis Says:

    Yeah. It took 13 innings on Saturday.

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