Blue 42, Blue 42 . . . Set, Hut


And with that, our day-by-day positon stories conclude with the quarterbacks.

What a week it’s been. Hopefully, you guys have learned something.

Also, I hope you caught our football tab in today’s Daily Journal. For those of you who don’t read the print version, it will be put online tomorrow.


12 Responses to “Blue 42, Blue 42 . . . Set, Hut”

  1. joekstewart Says:

    You saw glimpses of it last year, will Croom have Carroll run alittle more?

  2. carwwest Says:

    i just want to say thank you for not making the story all about lee like everybody else seems to be doing lately….some act like carroll was worthless or something last year and all this talk about lee taking over… if he really is better than carroll then so be it but he hasnt even taken a snap in the sec yet…carroll has proven he has the intangibles to win….i hope they both do succeed even though im not a fan of the 2 QB system so i hope croom uses them right…GO DAWGS!!

  3. sidsatch Says:

    I hope lee get prepared for the blitz if he has to roll out to get clearance to get off a pass. Defenses will already be stacked on the line for AD, and then when lee comes in, they will just blitz to not allow the roll out. Will we see just alot of quick passes, slants, and screens, or will the passing open up? All indication from opinions I have read here is short passing game.

  4. carwwest Says:

    i would be happy with screens and slants and stuff…we barely did that last year….half the crap we did to way to long to develop and bad things happened….shorter passes and a good running game open up the passing game…..

  5. skydawg706 Says:

    I to hope Croom lets Caroll run more – keep D of balance. I hope we are deep & strong at Q backs – knowing if needed number 2 is ready.

    Like to see tight end more on pass plays.

  6. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    I’m a believer in establishing the runnig game to open up the passing game, but in our case it will probably be reversed. Everybody knows we can run the ball and have two maybe three backs to do it with. The passing game is where it’s gonna have to be stepped up.

    QB, WR and TE play will be critical in my opinion. I have seen a lot over the years of balls being place where they need to be and the ball hit the ground. That’s not coaching or play calling. It rests squarely on the players.

    Our guys got a taste of winning, and if they don’t do the things to keep that taste that is their fault. I’m ready to get past the days of CC having to fire the team up to play. They are playing D1 football in the SEC. What else do you need.

  7. sidsatch Says:

    True, if Bell and company cannot be clutch receivers, then the o-line and running backs will take a lot of abuse from 8 in the box. But, the coaches must prepare a game plan, based on their opponent, to put those players in an opportunity to make plays.
    Ultimately they need to instill a thought process into the players to make plays and not just execute them. It is more than just running routes. It just seemed to me that the game plan never really changed a lot from game to game last year. They relied on the defense to keep them in the game and my concern is that our defense is not near what it was last year. Field goals won’t cut it, and MSU needs to be more of a thoroughbred than a mule offense. Do they really have the talent to play a faster paced game on offense?

  8. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    All I’m saying is that when they are put into position to succeed they have to make the play. I have seen receiver hit in the hands and the ball hit the ground. When are we gonna look at the players that make the plays.

  9. sidsatch Says:

    totally agree the coaches can’t catch it for them

  10. imabulldog Says:

    I completely disagree sidsatch…not really, Chris had an excellent point. I think Carroll is going to be able to open it up-due to his training, I see him running more and throwing deeper and stronger

  11. bamamanreturns Says:

    Mediocre QB + Below Average Recievers = One sorry passing game, the best thing you can say about Carrol is that he is a good game manager, which with MSUs recent QB history is definitely a good thing

  12. thingreenline Says:

    Mediocre QB. Bama has had plenty of experience with that the past few seasons, haven’t they?

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