Eight . . . Yep . . . I said it


Eight wins last year and a bowl bid. Not shabby.

But that was last year. Now the question begs: Can Mississippi State do it again?

In today’s Daily Journal, I break down the schedule and come to the conclusion the Bulldogs can win eight games.

Call me crazy and disagree if you wish.


36 Responses to “Eight . . . Yep . . . I said it”

  1. BirdZ! Says:

    You’re crazy.

  2. bigdraws Says:

    Too quote the movie stand by me…..

    “Looney, looney, looney…..”

  3. joekstewart Says:

    I think it is possible, 8 is almost certain. Seven to me would be a disappointment. Nine is very possible.

    I have told everybody, there are only three games I am worried about- Auburn, LSU, and UT. I think we can beat 1 out of three.

    The schedule is nice to us this year. And the SEC is becoming more wide open every year.

  4. 2thdoc Says:

    I think we beat Arkansas this year but who knows…we’ve been pretty lucky last year with injuries excluding qb’s and that in itself with throw a couple of SEC teams way off of their expectations.

  5. tebmsu97 Says:

    I think we have a better shot at the Hogs than Auby, but could see the rest of your prediction hold. We aren’t clear favorites in many (if any other than SELa) games and most will come down to a handful of plays. This team COULD win 9/10 games, but could also end up winning 5. For me the bar is set at 7-5, (4-4), anything more than that and we are building on last year.

  6. BirdZ! Says:

    I think 8 is possible. Possible.

    7-5 or 6-6 seems the most probable to me. I looked at the schedule during the summer and said we would win 8. As the season gets closer, I am backing off that prediction now.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    I completely agree GG-but disagree on one game-Arky, think we beat them and enjoy a butt whoopin’ Ive been waiting on for years

  8. bigdraws Says:

    He’s got us 4-0 going into LSU. I’ll take it right now. Makes me feel good about the team, hearing this from somebody whose seen em practice everyday.

  9. imabulldog Says:

    Alright, lets hear those Rebel fans complaints and jokes!!! 🙂

    …Give it a little while, if you type it…they will come

  10. bigdraws Says:

    Bamafan will be dissapointed. He heard we were predicting 9 wins.

  11. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Alright, here’s my take. Think the dawg will have a winning season, but, but,but,only if the offense carry their share of the load. Would also like to add one more take here: GO REBS!!!!

  12. imabulldog Says:

    Go Dawgs JB!

    Can’t wait guys. Gettin those butterflies already

  13. farley662 Says:

    I’m gonna wait on booking it GG. Won’t surprise me if we lose this weekend.

  14. tcfan Says:

    Ole Miss: Throw out the records. Cliche, I know. But look at last year. Who would have thought the Rebels would have kept it close. They more than kept it close, only to blow it in the closing minutes. It’s likely to be another back-and-forth affair, one that will be decided again on a special teams play. The Dogs haven’t won in Oxford since 1998. Finally, the streak ends in several nail-biting overtimes. W, 43-41 (8-4, 4-4).

    Maybe a win for the Bulldogs (although I say the Rebs take it) but the theme for this offseason has been the LACK of offense, but 43 POINTS! Our defense was HORRIBLE last year and we gave up 17 to MSU (I know I know the MSU offense has improved blah blah).

    Bulldogs go 6-6 IMO. Independence Bowl bound.
    That’s pretty good compared to the average OM fan’s prediction for their rival.

  15. db33 Says:

    The only reason we won 8 last year was getting critical pick six’s and special teams plays. Those aren’t things you can plan for or count on. Sure we beat Alabama & Auburn, but most reasonable people know that if we played them 10 times we’d lose 7, 8.

    So, has the offensive play calling improved? Are we going to be more unpredictable? Is THIS the year that we become a feared offensive team? I think I know the answer to all those questions, and it starts with a “N”.

    Therefore the question goes to this, will we again get the breaks? That’s not a question anyone can answer.

    As to GG’s predictions, I don’t see us beating Auburn. They are going to be the best team in the West, and possible top 10 nationally.

    Realistic to expect a win: La Tech, SLU, MTSU
    Tossups: UK, VAN, ARK
    Can win on the road: GT, OM
    Expected losses: AUB, at LSU, at TEN, at ALA

    I’m saying 6-6.

  16. oxfordrebel Says:

    I agree with db33 100%, he hit it on the head, give that guy a gold star

  17. Gregg Ellis Says:

    I love the optimism here. LOL!

    TCFAN, the 43 points was based on several OT periods.

  18. db33 Says:

    Thanks (I think).

    Here’s an excerpt from a Mobile AL article that tells me all I need to know about our offense:

    Carroll can joke about the liberal climate at MSU, but he knows coach Sylvester Croom remains conservative in his approach to most things – especially offense.

    “Coach says it’s sort of an old-school offense, even though it’s the West Coast,” Carroll said. “It’s just managing the game for the first 31/2 quarters and then winning it at the end.”

  19. dustydawg Says:

    I agree with Joek, 2 out of thre against the “big” three can happen. It would be best against a western division team rather than Tennessee. I disagree with both you Alabama and Arkansas picks GG.

  20. dustydawg Says:

    Thank GOD I don’t have to take the field with Farley or DB!

  21. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I don’t really know if this Old Professor was at OM or MSU:
    There was an old professor who started every class with a vulgar joke. After one particularly nasty example, the women in the class decided to walk out the next time he started telling a vulgar joke.

    The professor got wind of this plot, so the next morning he walked in and said, “Good morning, class. Did you hear the one about the shortage of prostitutes in India?”

    With that, all the women stood up and headed for the door.

    “Wait, ladies,” cried the professor. “The boat doesn’t leave until tomorrow!”

  22. meridiandog Says:

    Beat Auburn?

    Love you man!

    IMO there will be four losses to leave us 8-4.

    Alabama, TN, LSU, and (someone else).

    I also believe we will take Auburn. No one gives us any credit for Hunger, and Sly will have the guys ready by the third game.

    The end of the year will see us as a two QB team, with a beautiful running game and a pass threat from both QBs that allows us to run the ball.

    “If you make a hole, they will run through it.”

    “If we get a chance we will throw to it.”

    “MSU will find the endzone this year. When we don’t, we will kick for 3.”

    I sound like that Field of Dreams voice, don’t I?

  23. bamamanreturns Says:

    Why not 9? That’s what I heard on SE Drivetime (not affiliated with SEC Drivetime, Bulldog Drivetime or the Sprtsdrive).
    The D has some critical pieces to replace and the O is actually worse.
    Auburn is going to WRECK MSU…no one holds a grudge like Tubbs, he will be gunning for the Dawgs. And I don’t think they can pull it off, but going to La Tech for your opener is a little scary, especially with MSUs history of opening games ref. USC, LSU, Oregon(ouch that was a horrible game)

  24. thingreenline Says:

    But Tubbs won’t take the field, bamaman. But, if those ears could be on the O-line, even Michael Davis wouldn’t be able to run past ’em.

    I’m not gonna make a prediction on the Auburn game yet. But, I do believe we should be able to beat Arky. Bama will probly have our number this year, though. Too many questions remain about the offense to predict some games. If we can produce an offensive comparative to how we played Kentucky last year, I’ll be happy.

    And what is your fascination with the drivetime stuff, bamaman?

  25. bamamanreturns Says:

    Obsession is it is August, we have no college football yet, but its so close you can taste it and there is limited sports talk in MS, and the one question I have is “How does anyone expect me to work in this environment?”

  26. thingreenline Says:

    My prediction is 6-6 or 7-5.
    It all depends on how well we do in the back-to-back matchups with Auburn and GT. If we were to lose both of those, followed by a lose to LSU, it’s an uphill battle from there. But, nothing that can’t be dealt with. The last two games, as always, will be a major deciding factor. The Arkansas game is a must-win.

  27. imabulldog Says:

    Im more worried about payback from Bama than I am Tubby. Especially considering it’ll be 4 years straight that they havent scored an offensive TD.

  28. imabulldog Says:

    I say we beat Tech, there are a lot of GT fans that dont even see themselves beating us

  29. carwwest Says:

    i can agree with your list gg….i think a loss to auburn and victory over arky will be more probable…..but ive been saying it and im not going to change it now…..4-0 out of conference…4-4 in conference…8 wins another bowl….

  30. nashdawg Says:

    Firm wins: La Tech-by 21; SLU-by 35; MTSU-by 17

    Probable wins: UK-by 10; VAN-by 17; ARK-by 7; GT-by 3; OM-by 1 (Nutt causes too many problems over the years)

    Tossup wins: AUB-by 2; ALA-by 3

    Losses: at LSU-by 1, at TEN-by 1

    10-2, most likely 8-4

  31. imabulldog Says:

    I think Vandy will drive us crazy all day, but result in a W for us as well. They might be bowl caliber this year

  32. joekstewart Says:

    Hey guys this is not 2007! We did not loose many guys this year on either side of the ball. We know what these guys are capable of doing (just ask Bama, Auburn, Kentucky, and Ole Miss).

    This year luck is on our side, just look around the SEC:
    LSU- NO quarterbacks
    UK- NO Woodson
    Hogs- NO offense
    Bama- NO defense
    UT- NO Ainge/Cutcliffe
    Auburn & Ole Miss- new coaches, new offenses, learning experiences

    The SEC is getting more wide open every year. Who know Kentucky would be ranked number 6 last year? Or Vandy in the last 4 yrs has beaten every East team except Florida? Or State would beat UK and AU at home and Bama all in the same year. The SEC is getting more competitve every year.

    I remember last year after the WVU, everyone was downing State and Croom. Just look what they did, 3-1. Have faith in Croom, have faith in our dogs.

  33. dustydawg Says:

    Joek hits the nail on the head again.

    I would go to battle with you any day! You’ve got the attitude.

  34. dc31 Says:

    Why is Auburn getting so much respect? We dominated them the entire game. With ANY improvement on offense, we should handle them again.

    If we start 2-0, that should be one of the rowdiest games EVER at Scott Field

  35. carwwest Says:

    i dont know if we dominated auburn alst year but they were just terrible on offense and we won on the line of scrimmage…but i agree about the rowdiness….it is going to be crazy!!

  36. bclark2202 Says:

    We don’t play arkansas till the end of the year. Every year they start out slow and get their stuff together at the end. Plus, we can’t seem to ever beat them, so as much as I hate it, I believe arkansas will win

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