Quarterback Shuffle


Here’s today’s story on Louisiana Tech QB Taylor Bennett. Speaking of quarterbacks, we could see four of them on the field Saturday. Tech coach Derek Dooley said he has “two No. 1s,” and Sylvester Croom plans to work Tyson Lee into the mix. Neither coach has a specific plan, like alternating series.

We heard from Croom earlier in the week on this. Dooley said having “two No. 1s” has become a necessity for most programs. Bennett’s backup is Ross Jenkins.

“The ideal thing is to have one guy who is phenomenal, and he’s the face of your program. That’s what Florida has, and that’s what Georgia has,” Dooley said. “The reality is, there’s not a lot of those guys out there. The reality is, it’s hard to go through 12 games without getting dinged up and hurt. So having those two variables, you better have two guys ready to play. That’s kind of the nature of the beast now.”

I would think that Wesley Carroll will be given a long leash. He was thrown into things last year and did a good job. Now that he’s been able to focus on mechanics and such, he should make a step forward. I don’t think a team like Tech will give Croom reason to yank Carroll for any other reason than wanting to give Lee some reps.

“He was going to be our third-string quarterback. We were going to bring him along slowly this year,” Croom said of Carroll. “We expect him to continue to be efficient, manage the game well. We expect him to make more big plays this year when opportunities present themselves.”


23 Responses to “Quarterback Shuffle”

  1. bigdraws Says:

    “I don’t think a team like Tech will give Croom reason to yank Carroll for any other reason than wanting to give Lee some reps.”

    You don’t think the dawgs will have any trouble with these guys? Many people think it’ll be a close game.

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    I’m not saying it couldn’t be close, but I’m just saying I don’t think Croom will panic and pull Carroll, unless he’s just horrible. State’s got a pretty good running game to lean on, so I don’t think Carroll is going to have to win the game. Like Croom said, he just needs to manage it.

  3. bigdraws Says:

    How do you think the sharade on the OL will effect the running game? And when should we expect some news on Sherrod?

  4. meridiandog Says:

    Coach Croom and Dixon have been working on seeing the hold and moving through it. I think the O Line wil be ok. We have no problems that healthier players wouldn’t help until the third game, when things will get tough on the line.

    I am like NewbieLocke. I think the Dogs will do just fine against LA-Tech, assuming they remember that they are playing FB from the first D or O play of the game.

    I look for Dixon and Christian to move teh ball well, and for MSU to use the pass only as much as required to loosen up the box a little. The D will come on strong again, just as the Bear would have wanted his student to run a game. Hopefully Special Teams (kicking especially) will show improvement.

    If we win 8 games doing that, no one will complain (OK lots of guys will complain but we need to remember that Fan is short for Fanatic).

    Question – Is Locke short for Lockerroom?

    I have a grandson, Trey, which is short for Trailerhitch. Why you’d name your son Trailerhitch is beyond me.

  5. meridiandog Says:

    “hole” seeing the hole

    Dumb fingers

  6. carwwest Says:

    i think it could be close but by the fourth quarter it should be game pretty much in hand….carroll should ok, as said earlier i highly doubt he gets “yanked” for any reason…hell he could throw 6 ints and not get yanked..cough cough….but seriously i think we might pass more than people think to see if we can move the ball effectively through the air in a game…..

  7. Brad Locke Says:

    We should know something on Sherrod today. Even if he doesn’t practice, I think they’ll find a way to get him into the game Saturday. Tech has only one returning starter on the D-line, and depth is a concern at linebacker, so I think State’s O-line will do fine.

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    By the way, Locke isn’t short for anything, but it’s easy to make nicknames from. Some of my favorites: Locke & Load, Master Locke, and of course, Locke-ness Monster. Feel free to offer your own. Hey, I just thought of one: Brain Locke. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

  9. theconquistador2 Says:

    I too think the game will be close for a while and we’ll pull away in the second half, but I’m still nervous about the game. I keep having flashbacks to the Maine game.

  10. carwwest Says:

    the game doesnt worry me that much conquistador….we are a completely different team than we were then….

  11. theconquistador2 Says:

    Here’s another…Goldie-Locke

  12. Clubfoot Says:

    make sure you don’t have Locke jaw when interviewing the players and staff

  13. imabulldog Says:

    Im torn on my thoughts right now..
    CC could really use the LA Tech game as a chance to see what the O can do, or he might just run it down their throat and beat them with physicality all day-I dont know. My guess, a mix of both-I see us throwing down field 7 or 8 times Saturday

    Go Dawgs!

  14. meridiandog Says:

    Jeepers, Mr Locke

    I was just picking on you.

    I’ll wait until the other guys assign you a nic-name and then decide if it is appropriate to call you that, or if I should just use “Trailerhitch”, or whatever I wrote.


  15. bigdraws Says:

    B-Locke Party!!!

  16. joekstewart Says:

    If Croom throws Tyson in the mix, it will be like the Gardner-Webb game. Carrol will control the game and Tyson will make the long pass. It will be a good game all around for the QB’s.

    I want to see the same rotation in the running, Dixon, Ducre, Elliot, Bonner.

  17. bully4prez Says:

    Lockelberry Finn

  18. bully4prez Says:

    Locke n’ Roll Hoochie Coo

  19. Brad Locke Says:

    Nice. Keep ’em coming, and maybe y’all can vote for your favorite. I was telling Double-G the other day that I feel like I need a nickname on here.

  20. theconquistador2 Says:

    Locke up your daughters

  21. Brad Locke Says:

    Amen on the second one, conquistador. I got three of ’em. I need a basement and a dumbwaiter.

  22. dc31 Says:

    Cell Locke B

  23. imabulldog Says:

    The Locke-ness monster

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