Getting Closer …


Feels weird to not be out at a high school game tonight. College football Saturdays ain’t a bad tradeoff, though.

Depth chart update: Backing up Mark Melichar, who’s replacing injured Derek Sherrod at LT, will be Chris Spencer. Backing up Quentin Saulsberry, who’s replacing Melichar at RT, is Addison Lawrence.

If you haven’t left for Ruston yet, or if you’re going to stay home and watch the game on ESPN2, be sure to pick up a GameDay section in the morning. All sorts of goodies to get you ready for the big opener.

I’m at the office now, helping the guys get out the section. I’ll check back tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Getting Closer …”

  1. 2thdoc Says:

    Brad you are probably getting baptized by fire today getting thrown into the SEC beat but that’s got to be pretty exciting. First game of the season, Ruston and hurricaine traffic, learning the ropes in the pressbox and all that is new for you.

    It could be worse…your first game coverage could have been at the Georgia Dome during the SEC basketball tourney running from a tornado.

    Have fun today and pop Gregg on the head for us.

  2. meridiandog Says:


    It all starts 10 hours from now.

    SOme advice for your first road trip covering the BullDogs.

    Avoid the casinos in V’burg. Save that money for your kids

    Stick with diet drinks. A gguy has to watch his figure. I have mine outwhere I can see it. You’d like to avoid that.

    Have a hot dog for the blog buddies. But only one … ok maybe two, but be conservative with the mustard, and try to keep it off your shirt. Pickle relish is girly stuff. Stick with just mustard.

    If you chew, Be considerate of others with where you leve your spit cup.

    Try not to jump up and down too much whenthe MSU-Dogs do something really worthy – must remain professional – or as professional as a sports writer should be, which actually is not all that rofessional, so forget the last piece of advice

    Have a good time today, and forget what your editor says. It is fine to use lots of adjectives in your write-up.

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