En Route


Gregg and I are headed to Ruston. I bopped him one time for you, doc. We’re trying to listen to the LSU game, but GG’s XM keeps going out. LSU just scored.

Lot of traffic on 55North. Glad the hurricane won’t affect our game today.

Thanks for the advice, guys. 🙂 To reciprocate, if y’all need a good place to eat, try Sundown Tavern downtown. More later.


3 Responses to “En Route”

  1. thespear Says:

    LSU 31- App State-0, 17 secs left in first half

  2. 2thdoc Says:

    It was raining in the swamp but Florida about to kick it off.

  3. nashdawg Says:

    Brad, tell double-g man to contact XM and request the Ferrites that will help with the interference. They will ship them to him free of charge. I was experiencing the same problem, contacted them and was informed that Ferrites (which clips onto the power cord of the XM device and another one clips onto the antenna line) will solve the issue.

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