Notes & Numbers


Here are some bitter leftovers from Saturday:

Tay Bowser‘s blocked extra point kick was the first one in four years for MSU. The last time? Against Maine. Maybe they should de-emphasize that drill.

• Speaking of 2004, that was the last time Louisiana Tech kicker Brad Oestricher had made a field goal. He made three Saturday, from 48, 28 and 50 yards. Don’t know his story, but I’m sure it’s an interesting one.

• Coming in, WAC teams were 1-9 vs. SEC opponents over the past 10 years, with the average margin of victory 27.9 points.

• The last SEC team to fall victim to Tech, before MSU, was Alabama in 1999. The Crimson Tide went on to win the SEC championship that year. So hey, there’s something.

• Tech had the ball for 10:28 of the fourth quarter. For the game, MSU won the time of possession battle, 31:26-28:25.

I’ll check back after Sylvester Croom‘s 10 a.m. teleconference.


9 Responses to “Notes & Numbers”

  1. cbizzle08 Says:

    Jamar Chaney had surgery on his broken ankle Sunday night… That is going to be a major hit to the defense.

  2. dawgface52 Says:

    Yup. That will hurt. Hard to find many positives right now.

  3. db33 Says:


    You make several statements in today’s article that the outcome would’ve been somehow different had Dixon gotten more carries. I saw AD get 2 good runs all night, a 31 yarder and a 12. Those other 17 carries went for around 2 yards a pop. The OL wasn’t opening him any holes. The LAT defense was stacking 8-9 on the line, as will every other team we face.

    What I want to know is where were the sweeps & screens to faster TB’s like Elliot & Bonner? Weren’t they supposed to add a new and exciting dimension to our offense? Weren’t they going to provide that home run ability we don’t have with Dixon & Ducre?? I think the run/pass mix was just fine, 40 pass, 30 run. It’s what we did in those 40 pass. Some I liked, the WR screenouts seem to have finally gotten into our playbook. But, there was a lot lacking.

    Another ? Where were the designed runs by the QB? The zone read play is only effective when you actually DON’T give it to TB and occasionally run it. The LAT defense just keyed on Dixon and Carroll/Lee never ran it themselves.

  4. bamamanreturns Says:

    Or maybe MSU should focus on NEVER blocking extra points since they clearly only happen in embarrassing losses

  5. cnd46 Says:

    Bamamanreturns, I know that we aren’t that good, but here’s a question for you. Why won’t Lord of life and all Saban play say West Virginia or Ohio State or Texas? And another question that I never get answered by Bama fans, has Saban taken the place of Jesus Christ yet?

  6. bamamanreturns Says:

    …or Maine…or the ’72 Dolphins. What’s your point? I believe WVU would be a bigger rout than Clemson. Look who OSU and Texas played for openers…I don’t think they would want any. Alabama and Clemson was the biggest opener in the nation…PERIOD. Plus, don’t believe I mentioned Saban or Alabama, jealousy is a horrible thing.

  7. cnd46 Says:

    You never answered my question, has Lord Saban taken the place of Jesus Christ yet, or is your head so far up your butt that you can’t see that. And I differ that it was the largest game-that would be UCLA and Tennessee.

  8. cnd46 Says:

    And what about your loss to La-Monroe last year, was that Shula’s fault. He beat them the year before, but I regress. Nothing good ever comes from T-town.

  9. cnd46 Says:

    Sorry Brad, I just hate Bama fans that come out of the woodwork when they win one damn game

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