Couldn’t Beat a YMCA Team


MSU practiced twice today. Coach Sylvester Croom was just a little hacked off about Saturday’s loss at Louisiana Tech. After he finished addressing the media this afternoon, he said he was done talking about Tech, forever. Moving on.

He went on and on about the mistakes his Bulldogs made. Here’s most of the diatribe.

“We haven’t had a game before now where we had 10 penalties, three turnovers, five critical errors (on special teams) – that’s 18 plays. You’re not going to win against a good YMCA team with 18 plays. We haven’t done that in the worst of times, and it’s real disappointing, because we did some good things.

“I hope that we got across to them today that in order for us to win, other people win different ways, but we cannot beat ourselves with penalties and turnovers. We can’t have the things that we can control – we have to control them. That’s the only way we won last year, and that’s the only way we’re going to win now.

“We eliminate one of those 18 plays, we win the game. That was 18 opportunities we wasted.”

There you go. I know Gregg would do his Blog Bag every Monday, but I’m going to wait until next week to get that going again.

Press conference is tomorrow. Maybe I can find something out about Southeastern Louisiana, which I hear has been practicing in Oxford this week due to Hurricane Gustav. By the way, I mistakenly wrote in today’s paper that SEL defeated Arkansas State on Saturday; it actually beat Alcorn State. My bad.

Quick question: What kind of performance will it take from MSU this weekend to make y’all feel a little better going into the Auburn game?


25 Responses to “Couldn’t Beat a YMCA Team”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    as yall know I’m optimistic still about our season… But, I want a complete blow out!!! Big #’s passing and rushing. Something to get this taste outta my mouth from this past weekend

  2. Clubfoot Says:

    Big blow out. Defense pitches a shutout. AD has 150+ and 2 TDs, Carrol has no interceptions. The offensive coordinator calls logical plays. The receivers run proper routes. No BS penalties. Relf comes in to clean up and shows some talent.

  3. dawgface52 Says:

    We could beat them 60 – 0 and I won’t feel good about it. La Tech will still be on my mind. Now if we get by Auburn, then I may think there is some hope for the year. But not until then.

  4. biloxi13 Says:

    Total Domination !!!!! All facets of the game. Control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Offensively, we need a tremendous effort on the ground AND in the air. Crisp passes and smart decisions by Carroll. As much as we need practice in the kicking game, NO Punts. Defensively, they should not gain a first down or enter our side of the field. Turnovers, force several and have none. Most importantly, ATTITUDE, these guys need to come out and show that (La Tech) was a fluke loss and they will avenge it with their CONCENTRATION, EFFORT and PRIDE.

  5. dadawg Says:

    I think the coaching staff has got to look at themselves as part of the problem. Not having a team ready to play is CC’s responsibility. I am a Croom fan and have been since his playing days, but something happened to this team in the second half that brought back some old memories of putting a team on the field not ready to play.

    I don’t think anything we do against SE Louisiana is going to prepare us for the SEC. I will be at the game Saturday and the rest of the games this season. Nothing changes for me. I am a Bulldog fan and I always will be, but this last one hurt.

  6. bigdraws Says:

    And SE louisianna is practicing at Ole Miss. Not sure what that means but there it is.

  7. 2thdoc Says:

    This game can’t make me feel any better about going into the Auburn game…but I’ll still be there for the nachos and smelly cups.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    Atta boy 2th!!!

  9. theconquistador2 Says:

    A win wont make me feel much better because of who we’re playing, but I want to see total domination. (ie LSU vs MSU).

  10. meridiandog Says:

    I am like the Doctor of 2ths. Nothing the dogs do will make me feel good about Auburn. 100-0 won’t make it happen, but I would take that.

    Last Saturday hurt badly because I thought we were ready to play fb and we weren’t. I decided not to post until today, but here it is.

    We traveled to Ruston the day of the game. Big mistake, because travel is tiring and th eplayers looked at Ruston like a Friday night highschool opponent when we were their biggest game of the year, and the biggest NCAA opponent ever to come to Ruston.

    CC and the staff decided to rotate QBs. I think this hurt Wes a lot, forcing him to compete during the game for a job that should have been his. He made mistakes that he might not have made if he had not been worried about keeping his job, which with last year’s performance should ahve been his. Lee? a good JC-QB. Wes? A proven Bowl capable SEC-QB.

    The D? Tired midway through the game? I can’t figure out why they ran out of steam. I have seen them play many more minutes in past games and still have energy, but not this year’s D-team. They need candy bars and RedBull or something.

    Our special teams have big big problems. I would like to blame the loss on Derek Pegues cutting class, but that is probably not fair, because special teams made too many mistakes in more positions than just at Derek’s spot.

    ADixon? ChristainD? These guys must run toward the line and through it. This east west stuff will never win a game. A running back must eventually (quickly) decide where the N/S place is and then hit the line hard. If there is no hole, then run over someone for three or four and quit losing 5. E/W never gets positive yards for a runing back.

    Coaches? Poor or worse… We tried to do too much. We left a second string QB in the game when he couldn’t take a snap from center without bobbling and failed time after time to execute.

    Then there were the mental failures. LA-Tech wanted this game a lot more than the Dogs. Mistakes, poor play and dismal coaching lost the Game for MSU and desire won it for LA-Tech.

    I hope last week was a lesson learned. If not, this could be a very long year.

    Enough whining. The Bulldogs are my team. If they lose I will still be there. It just hurts to see them lose to the LA-Techs of the world.

  11. dawgbones Says:

    Ditto what Meridiandog said! Pretty much sums up my sentiments. At the end of the day, the buck stops with the coaches! Croom did a horrible job getting this team ready to play. Took Tech for granted. And traveling down there on game day to save money – stupid, stupid, stupid. That loss will cost them a whole lot more than a travel day would have if they don’t reel off 3 straight wins in a row now. Season will suck if we are not 2 and 1 after Auburn. Right now, I’m not sure we won’t be 0 and 2 after Saturday.

  12. dawgbones Says:

    By the way Brad, ask Croom if he thought a good YMCA coach wouldn’t have outcoached him on Saturday.

  13. 2thdoc Says:

    We were returning kicks covering the ball with both hands like carrying a car bomb and Croom is scared to put Elliot in because the score is too close. I don’t like that he is not taking some blame and saying we lost because of 18 missed opportunities by the players. He is suppose to have them ready to go and have Elliot ready for key situations after 1.5 years.

    There are no excuses to make it better playing the LaTechs of the world.

  14. carwwest Says:

    yeah ive been noticing croom never takes responsibility for poor play and it is starting to get to me….but the elliott comment is grade A BS…play the boy or dont talk about it…..but did anybody watch the tenn-ucla game last night???….craft played a great second half for ucla because he was their guy, who says carroll cant overcome as long as he isnt scared of getting yanked for lee??…not saying carroll would have played great but i bet he would have played better than he did….croom, take responsibility and admit when you are wrong!!

  15. bamamanreturns Says:

    Sounds good Croom…only thing he’s wrong about is that the ONLY way State won last year was through sheer luck and circumstance…I really thought it was going to happen again Saturday night when that punt hit the La Tech guy in the back, but the offense was so inept that they couldn’t win even when La Tech wrapped it up and gave it to them.

  16. joekstewart Says:

    My biggest fears were realized Saturday. We played like we played against LSU last opener. We did not play State football. I honestly thought I was watching the Saints play last year. We have one of the best backs in the SEC. LA Tech could not stop him, look at the stats.

    I am glad Croom saw the errors they made:
    1) Poor Play calling
    2) Not prepared
    3) NO 35 carries for Dixion/Ducre

    State lives and dies on the run. LA Tech proved it. State killed themselves by not running.

  17. olemiss1581 Says:

    State is going to fire Croom and hire Tyrone Willingham. hahahaha bunch of loosers

  18. theconquistador2 Says:

    If you’re going to talk trash at least spell correctly. It’s losers not loosers. Freakin Ole Miss idiot.

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  20. skydawg706 Says:

    Total domination both sides of the lines……blowout…..opposing team does not score…..never cross the 50 yard line.

    Sorry SEL, but once game is over the only thing that can be said good about SEL – “at least their band put on a good show”.

  21. skydawg706 Says:

    Meridiandog – think you said it best. Nothing left to say. LA-Tech wanted this game more than the Dawgs — believed they could win.

    All I heard this year from CC & staff was we are going to run it down the opposing team’s throat……

    I failed to see how they took away our running game. Shortest distant between two points is a straight line ( or off the guards). Look at the stats -where did Dixon get the most yards – up the middle.

  22. olemiss1581 Says:

    well looks like State dropped off the check and hit the road…haha. I doubt they will win more than 4 games this year. The liberty bowl will be the only thing the bullpups have to show this decade. Better luck in the next lifetime, idiots….

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  24. bantyrooster1 Says:

    It doesn’t matter what the score is this weekend. A win will be good but after the loss at Ruston, it’s hard to imagine the ability to feel good about this team. They must win this weekend and then beat Auburn in order for the ship to be straightened out.
    SEC should kick us out for the way our staff failed to have the team ready for LA Tech. I’m more embarrassed than mad. Hell, I’m ashamed.
    The YMCA just called and demanded an apology from Croom. “We don’t want anybody to think we’re as bad as State” said YMCA director John Hancock.

  25. rwriffe Says:

    1581, go back to the hole you crawled out of you pathetic excuse for a rebel fan. This was one game and one game only. The real MSU team will be plenty stoked and ready with a guaranteed winning season and bowl game by the time they play ole piss and ole piss and nutt will be an afterthought after we kick their butts. At best they will be 4 and 8 with no bowl game.

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