Monday Teleconference


As you now know, the highlight – well, lowlight – this morning was the news of Jamar Chaney being out for the season (fractured leg). Talk about a huge loss.

The other big news: Wesley Carroll is the man at quarterback. Said coach Sylvester Croom, “Wesley’s our quarterback. We’re gonna sink or swim with him.” He later added, “Right now we’ve got one guy I feel totally confident in.”

Tyson Lee will have to battle Chris Relf for the No. 2 slot, Croom said. However, Croom doesn’t regret playing Lee late in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s loss to Louisiana Tech. “No, it wasn’t a mistake to have Tyson out there. It may be your opinion, or the opinion of the fans, but all my decisions are based on practices going into the games.”

I’ll talk to Carroll and Lee this afternoon. Also:

• The Bulldogs practiced this morning, focusing on, guess what? Special teams. Every facet of it. As for the players’ collective attitude this morning, Croom said it was good and that they worked extremely hard, etc.

• OL Derek Sherrod‘s foot infection is gone, but he’s still day-to-day. Croom said it’s a matter of how quickly Sherrod’s incision heals up. As for the offensive line’s performance Saturday, Croom praised the play of several guys, including new center J.C. Brignone, displaced LT Mark Melichar, RT Quentin Saulsberry and LG Anthony Strauder.

• Croom said Robert Elliott, the redshirt freshman RB from Okolona, didn’t play because of the close score. “We didn’t feel like he was ready to play in pass protection, those kinds of things.”


26 Responses to “Monday Teleconference”

  1. spaceghost1 Says:

    Man, from bad to worse. This is turning into a nightmare season already. I guess this means Jones will take his place? Wow.

  2. dawgface52 Says:

    Lee went into Croom’s crapper if he’s having to compete with Relf for the #2 slot. I’m glad he has decided one one qb though. Carroll is the better choice though.

  3. fr8dawg Says:

    If Robert Elliot wasn’t ready to play in pass protection, then after a redshirt year plus spring and now fall camp, I think Coach just indicted himself. With all Robert’s talent after a year and a half of coaching if he’s still not ready, I think CC’s got to look inward on this one. I’m a Croom fan but I think he’s fumbled this one. Not to mention, at that point in the game, what we needed was speed on the ground. LT was dragging and if Robert gets past the line its a track meet. But all this doesn’t matter now. SELA is the focus.

  4. fr8dawg Says:


    Can you get some info on Eric Richard’s mystery injury? I think we need him in the worst way and quickly! Thanks.

  5. carwwest Says:

    huge loss in chaney..lets hope all the praise jones got in the offseason continues in the games….elliott should have played…dixon needs to take the blame for this game but im very glad he decided on carroll…lee was not the answer…this will be interesting year to say the least…

  6. desertdog2005 Says:

    New to blogging so please be gentle–I live in North Ala. Graduated from State in ’06. I read the blog every morning. Big State fan–am looking forward to this year. About the game, I saw somethings the offense did that looked good, but not great. Seemed to me it just did not get into a rhythm. The defense looked —lost to be honest. I think of our defense as stout and tough. The d-line got man handled too much of the game. Sure they put some pressure on the La Tech QB but I kinda expected sacks from the d-line w/out blitzing the LB. The LB and DB played too vanilla and I expected some of that from the first game. But when the game was on the line at the second half-I expected State to just push these guys around. Most of my family graduated from State as well as did my wife–we met in class. We all expected State to make a statement of this game. We believe in Croom and what he does…I was a student during the Sherill era and after I got back from Iraq, I finished during the Croom era. I have seen firsthand the differences. Croom is not just coaching these young men but developing them into respectable, positive role models and leaders for the future of Mississippi. I hope this game and I am sure Coach Croom will give these young me the kick in the butt they need. Oh forgot —special teams just sucked eggs big time (hands catch ball, hands hold on to ball) Rules 1 and 2 on special teams.

  7. cwhited0g Says:

    I’m a long-time blog stalker (and fan of the blog). I was thinking, ‘what rattles a QB more? Fear of throwing an interception or fear of being benched for throwing an int?’ I hope CC sticks with Carroll. For those of us looking forward to football season, I feel like the season just got a lot longer in the worst way!

  8. carwwest Says:

    great to have you often….lee must be in the dog house if he “doesnt know who the #2 Qb is”…..carroll is our guy but like i said before, we are going to have to progress leaps and bounds for it to be a good year…i hope we are up to it….GO DAWGS!!!

  9. nashdawg Says:

    “No, it wasn’t a mistake to have Tyson out there. It may be your opinion, or the opinion of the fans, but all my decisions are based on practices going into the games.”

    Coach Croom isn’t the coach he was perceived to be… Not only is that exactly the opinion of the majority of fans, but experienced NCAA head football coaches around the league. CC is a good man. Nothing personal. He just can’t lead a successful program on the field (consistently with quality assistant coaches) or off the field (refer back to all the players removed from the team).

  10. nashdawg Says:

    Chris Relf has been here much longer than Tyson Lee. What’s up with Croom?

  11. bikerdawg Says:

    Great to have you DD2005. This blog has a lot of great people but does get caustic at times.

    nashdawg, I don’t know how you are anyone else perceived CC to be. He had never been a head coach of any kind before coming to State. I think the administration was looking for someone that could get us off probation and establish some discipline. He has done that, at least so far. When he took over, the program was so far down that last year has to be looked at as something of a miracle. Not only that, but for two years, we were going through QBs like there was no tomorrow. One thing I agree with is that the coaches do not seem to get the team ready for the first game. Does anyone remember when we won our last opener?

    I think CC saw something on Sat. that made him think that Lee does not do as well on the field as he does in practice. I think he has also found that good/great JC QBs (both Relf and Lee) don’t necessarily translate into good SEC QBs.

  12. db33 Says:

    What a crock. Do you think when Miles puts Holliday in the backfield, or Meyer uses Harvin, that they are in there because they are proven BLOCKERS?? Croom, wake up! If you’ve got a gamebreaker, you put him in the game, run a sweep, a reverse, a screen pass, you get him the damn ball!

  13. skydawg706 Says:

    DESERT DOG…..welcome aboard…..and thanks for your service.


  14. spaceghost1 Says:

    Last I checked, the SEC is 10-1 so far with Tenn playing tonight. So, we officially have our SEC doormat title back. Heck, even UK beat the crap out of Louisville. Man, this has been a h*ll of a weekend. Us laying an egg, Bama and OM winning, and having to listen to relatives, who evacuated the coast and converged on my house, bickering about stupid stuff all weekend. Man, I’m ready to go back to work.

  15. 2thdoc Says:

    spaceghost, easy there with the getting back to work stuff… Every person will ask “how was your weekend?”

  16. imabulldog Says:

    get your heads up boyz, yall sound like my Grandpa, who ruins any bit of positivity in the room

  17. desertdog2005 Says:

    Thank you for the welcoming. skydawg706 thank you for your service, I too am DAV. Back to football, the QB situation as it were. JUCO’s are 80-90% of the time a band-aid. If they could have played in the SEC then they would have been recruited. Either they weren’t smart enough (meaning disciplined enough to consider how important their education is) or not blessed with enough athletic ability (being 5’10” myself, I understand how difficult it can be saying playing basketball or being a QB in a game) height does matter. The take away from Lee is he really should have enrolled at State as a freshman and tried out for the team-that would have allowed the coaches to develop him and use the playbook to enhance his abilities. Personally, I would put him in the slot like a Wes Walker and make a linebacker try to defend his quickness-the man’s got some movin’ feet. Carroll may not have 80 yard arm, but Leinhart didn’t either and he won a Heisman and a NC with it. Carroll have got the right stuff, I watched it last year–let him play within himself and let the 3 RB’s help. Play within yourself and lean on the defense…It may not be sexy, but it won the Egg Bowl, Liberty Bowl and Coach of the Year. I could care less if we were the first place offense. I want us to win football games and have the ability to put ourselves in position to compete for a SEC championship.

  18. spaceghost1 Says:

    Good point 2thdoc.
    imabulldog, please enlighten me on how losing to LaTech is positive.

  19. Brad Locke Says:

    What happened with Richards was, he aggravated that hip injury middle of last week but didn’t tell anybody. Then when he tried to warm up before the game, it was too painful to kick. Croom said had Richards been healthy, he probably would’ve punted some, too.

  20. theconquistador2 Says:

    We scored 23.4 points below the average for the other 10 SEC teams that have played and gave up the second most points. Turnovers killed us, but whose to say we would have scored had Smith or Bonner not dropped the kicks or had Carroll not thrown the Int’s? If’s and but’s…..

  21. carwwest Says:

    well i hope richards is healthy cause we need him to punt….anyone can average 30 yards a punt!!!…mcadams has been doing this for like 6-8 years now and he has gotten worse i think…pathetic….

  22. imabulldog Says:

    spaceG, I’m just saying get your head up- lots of ball left

  23. thespear Says:

    I despise Croom’s hardheadedness. With that attitude, you are just drilling holes in your boat. Hope Wes will help him swim

  24. dawg5 Says:

    My big concern during the game was the overall play calls. When we ran the ball, we gained 4-6 yds per carry. Dixon had 80 plus yards and was only used on a limited basis. Our “style of play” has always been ball control, keep it close, don’t make the big mistake, win the special team teams game. I agree. Robert should have seen some game time. You can’t get better sitting on the bench. La Tech was better prepared; seemed to want it more; better coached this game. Hopefully, we can turn this around quickly. Otherwise, it will be a long year. Especially with Ole Miss scoring 40 plus points……..

  25. Clubfoot Says:

    Just got back to KY from Ms and couldn’t wait to read what you all had posted. Feel a little behind, but what the crap was up with the running game? I hope that this was a wake up call, but I feel this will be the beginning of a long season. One thing I would have just about bet my 401k on was that the Defense would stand firm, but they were ran over. The offensive calls were suspect. Why not run, was it me or did our O line look good at run blocking. AD did look a little jumpy and needs to hit the hole, but he was getting it done. Why not run AD as fullback and elliot at HB? split them in the shotgun. (may have to bring out the ND box, just kidding). Please tell me this was a fluke and I am not looking at 2 or 3 wins.

  26. joekstewart Says:

    Thank God, Croom settled on Carroll. I hate the quaterback switches, State needs to establish leadership on offence and it should come from the quaterback.

    Minus the INT’s Carroll looked good. He looked like he knew what was going on. Tyson, if you watch the replay’s had no clue. Five times there were people open and he threw underneath for incompletes.

    Carroll is the future and we will sink or swim on him.

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