Displaced Lions


I had a story today about Southeastern Louisiana, which has had to overcome quite a bit of adversity in recent years. Almost makes you want to root for them, doesn’t it? 🙂

The team originally planned to head to Jackson on Friday, but then decided it would just be easier to stay where it’s at. Probably not many hotel rooms down there.

Something I didn’t get into the story was how the Louisiana Tech game might inspire extra confidence in SLU.

“I don’t think it’s got much to do with it,” coach Mike Lucas said. “We’re trying to make it through this week.”

Running back Jay Lucas (no relation) said the Lions are doing OK. “It hasn’t been very difficult. We still practice the same, we still watch video, do everything the same. Just in a different place.”

Both Lucases think the experience has further galvanized the team. Maybe that’ll help them for a while in Starkville, but they’re going to be out-sized and overmatched. Start thinking about your predictions; I’ll start that thread later today.


4 Responses to “Displaced Lions”

  1. meridiandog Says:

    You bet they are having tough times and I hate that for them. And I know that if they could beat the Buldogs 44-0 they would do that and smile all the wayback to LA. We really need to score quickly – as in our first series – and then score every time we get the ball back. The O needs to make this job #1 and if the D scores, too – then so much the better.

    I would love to be accused of running up the score 40 points or more on a team without a home.

    If Sly is holding anything back for the auburn game, he needs to use it Saturday night.

    This game will be critical for him, and his replacement will not keep any of his assistants (other than Rocky – maybe) The game will be that important – maybe not for the players, but for CC it is life or death time.

  2. bantyrooster1 Says:

    If we lose Saturday, the crap will have officially HIT the FAN. This is a MUST win. 2nd game of the season and we’re already in a must win mode. Dang.

  3. joekstewart Says:

    What State needs for Victory this Saturday:

    1) FAN SUPPORT ABOVE ALL- Davis Wade should be sold out. If you have tickets, you have an obligation to go to the game. If you sold your tickets, BUY some more. What State needs is for their fans to be supportive. THey mistup and they know it. BUT what they need is for you to still believe in them. You have no excuse not to be their Saturady. I live in KNoxville and I would give anything to be at the game and cheer on my dogs.

    2) PLAY STATE FOOTBALL, translation- RUN, RUN, and RUN some more. State does not have a quaterback problem, it has a running back problem. We need to have a 4- running back system. Dixon needs to have over 100 yrds and the team needs to have at least 200 yds of rushing.

    3) LEAVE CARROLL IN- this season rides on Carroll.

    4) NO FANCY PLAY CALLING- State lost because of their play calling. 40- passing to 18- rushes by Dixon.

  4. skydawg706 Says:

    Man I do not want even to think about if State loses – see a big mushroom cloud in Starkville for sure – does not get any easier at this one. October 25th long way off.

    Coaches is going to have to make the calls and players execute them for sure – no excuses accepted. Time to play some SEC/State football like the game should be played – total domination – both sides of the lines – and no stupid penalities (self discipline).

    I expect Dawgs to bounce back against SELA, had time to shake off the lose and the cobwebs (know what to do) – got all the kinks out.

    Anxious to see how Eric Richards does.

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