Undisciplined Dawgs


Ever since the postgame press conference last Saturday night in Ruston, La., the dominant theme concerning the Bulldogs has been discipline. Coach Sylvester Croom said after the game, “We are an undisciplined team, no doubt.”

He reiterated that sentiment throughout the week. At Tuesday’s press conference, he spoke at length about it.

“(Instilling discipline is) something you have to do. The only way I know to do it is when a guy lines up offsides, a guy fumbles the football, those type things, you do grass drills, which we have done. But we’ll do even more, and continue to do that. Insist in every area that coaches and players, in the little things that absolutely nothing, even the most minutest of things, that you just can’t let anything go.

“You have to be a lot more diligent to make sure that nothing, even things that may seem insignificant, that players adhere to those little things, and that it becomes habit.”

It sounds as if Croom has had some revelation. You’d think he’d have picked up on such discipline problems in the preseason. But, perhaps last year’s success glossed over some things in his mind. I think a simple lack of focus is the source of most of the discipline problems last week – the interceptions, the fumbles, the penalties, the missed tackles.

“One thing we could’ve done better is we could have been more mentally focused,” WR Brandon McRae said. “We made a lot of stupid mistakes.”

LB Dominic Douglas: “We had a lot of missed tackles, a lot of missed assignments.”

QB Wesley Carroll: “We just got sloppy.”

Blame who you want – I think all involved share it – but MSU had better hope the Tech debacle was nothing worse than a wake-up call; that deeper problems, with more complex solutions, don’t exist.

Receivers coach Pat Washington said, “The most important thing is, what we do in practice, we’ve got to take it from practice to the game field on Saturday.” Last time out, that was easier said than done.


11 Responses to “Undisciplined Dawgs”

  1. dadawg Says:

    Discipline comes from the top down….

  2. skydawg706 Says:

    Ture it comes from the top – but like everything else – once the game starts – coaches cannot run, tackle, catch for them. Got to keep your head in the game – and remember what they are called – football “team”, play like one. Sticking to fundamentals of the game.

  3. dadawg Says:

    CC grew up in a disciplined home, in a disciplined football program, under a disciplined coach…he knows what discipline is. His job is to demand discipline from his coaching staff and the staff from the players. There may be a disconnect in there somewhere?

    I was a fan of Croom’s as a player, he and I are the same age. I have followed his career for a long time. I want him to succeed. Believe me. I will be at all the home games, and maybe a road game or two. Win or lose, as long as we are competitive and play with discipline, you will not hear complaints from me.

  4. spaceghost1 Says:

    I think we are in trouble. I was at the LSU game last year, and even though the score was 45-0, I walked away with some hope. Our defense played well in that game, considering we kept giving the Nat’l Champs the ball deep in our territory. I thought we at least had a chance to get better. I don’t have the same feeling about this team. Our special teams play was horrible. Think about it, our punter, kicker, and punt returner in the LaTech game are all Seniors. I know that Pegues is back and will take over the punt returns, but not having him in the game exposed us big time. If he gets hurt… Also, not losing Mike Brown, albeit to his own stupidity, and now Chaney, is going to be tough to overcome. In any case, I’ll be at the game tomorrow. Go Dogs!

  5. spaceghost1 Says:

    Meant to say losing Mike Brown instead of not losing. I wish we didn’t lose him!

  6. skydawg706 Says:

    dadawg, I like CC stand on discipline also. Something State has been lacking for a long time. Looking back at the Bear years, you can see what CC learned and how lack of it can affect not only the game but the team.

    I will be there with my cowbell and wearing the colors proudly….

  7. spaceghost1 Says:

    Then why didn’t he address discipline before the LaTech debacle? Did he not know and just found out Sat night? Sure looks that way, and that’s a problem.

  8. dadawg Says:

    “There may be a disconnect in there somewhere”

  9. nashdawg Says:

    At least Coach Washington puts out a glaring reality— “The most important thing is, what we do in practice, we’ve got to take it from practice to the game field on Saturday.”

    (I’m standing and screaming, ’bout time someone in the “administration” concurs with my sentiments.)

  10. dawgface52 Says:

    I’m watching the Auburn/USM game and the Tigs don’t look that impressive. If we can get things turned around today and over the next week, we should be able to compete with Auburn. But we will know more by the end of the day.

  11. maroon3 Says:

    I’d love to beat AU again this year, but their D looks tough to me.

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