Croom Teleconference


Some tidbits from this morning’s chat with coach Sylvester Croom:

• TE Marcus Green (hip) won’t practice today and will be day-to-day status. K/P Eric Richards (hip) will probably get a shot this week to help the tendon that’s irritating him, which would leave him on the sidelines this week.

• “I think they realize enough to know the celebration was over as of 7 o’clock this morning. As soon as we came in (for a meeting), they started thinking about Auburn right then.”

• On replacing Jamar Chaney at MLB: “Karlin Brown probably played better than Jamie (Jones) did the other day, and he probably should because he’s been here four years. He’ll probably get the nod this week. Jamie didn’t hurt us, but he wasn’t as active as we like our middle linebackers to be.”

• On playing Auburn this week: “We’ve got to play as good as we can play. I don’t think we’ve come close to that yet. We can play a lot better.”

• On Auburn’s spread offense: “With these spread offenses, I’m always more worried about the run than I am the pass. If the spread offense can run the football, you’ve got real problems, because the passing game is already going to stress your defense. We have to be able to eliminate their running game, and we’ve got to gang pursue and gang tackle and get their guys down when they’re in the open field.”

• On OL Mark Melichar: “He was very, very sick until about the week of the Louisiana Tech game. He lost about 15 pounds. He hasn’t regained his strength yet, that showed up the other night.”

• Young guys who impressed Croom on Saturday: DB Charles Mitchell, RB Robert Elliott, DT Josh Jackson and WR Delmon Robinson.


3 Responses to “Croom Teleconference”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    On Elliot, I know people have been saying for 2 years that he can’t pas block-but his first play in the other night-he about flipped a guy when he took out the guys legs trying to get to Carroll.
    He also looked really well in the open field on that screen play. He looks to me like he needs a little more weight in muscles and he will be a stud player

  2. maroon1white Says:

    McCrae is a beast! If Carroll had just a second or two more hold on the line those two could be really scary. The 3-yard lob pass to the corner of the end zone…beautiful. ima, i told my buddy during the game the same thing elliot is quick and moves great in traffic but he’s light. 15 lbs would suit him perfect. I could only find two bads from the game. McCorvey’s 2nd and 3rd down playing calling in the first couple of series, and Lee not getting the second string guys in the end zone. Other than that, I think we’ll be ready for Auburn.

    GO DAWGS!!!

  3. db33 Says:


    Karlin Brown hasn’t been there 4 years. I saw that quote elsewhere and he said he’d been playing MLB for a “full year”.

    Brown is a soph.

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